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Entertainer Episodes 3 & 4 Recap

Hi again friends! Been a week already.  I'm combining this week's episodes of Entertainer into one post since I've already watched them both and it seems silly to post them separately considering. So let's get right into it.

Episode 3
Geu Rin and Suk Ho show up just as Kyle and Ha Neul are performing and they knock it out of the park after Ha Neul gains his confidence. Suk Ho is surprised when a guitar player that he one met at a karaoke bar, Yeon Soo, comes and finds him after learning that he's starting his own company.  Suk Ho tells him he's already got a guitar player, but it turns out Yeon Soo plays bass too.

It's a match made in heaven until Yeon Soo shows up the next day with a kid in tow. His kid! He has a 5 year old son, Chan Hee that takes to Ha Neul immediately, but Suk Ho is not down for having a dad in the band and neither is Kyle.  Ha Neul disagrees and reminds Suk Ho that he's a criminal.

After some soul-seraching, Suk Ho gives in and invites Yeon Soo back into the band. Kyle's not happy, but he wants to be in the band and he knows there's not much he can do. He, Yeon Soo, and Chan Hee go to Busan to practice with Ha Neul since he's a student and can't make it to Seoul as frequently as they need. After practice, they go over to Ha Neul's house, but some local kids have defaced the gate with the words 'rapist' and 'perfect'. Kyle freaks out and realizes what it means and goes back to Seoul, but Yeon Soo takes Chan Hee and they paint pictures over the graffiti. What a great Dad. That's such a great lesson to teach your son.

Kyle goes and complains to Suk Ho who basically tells him that he can either accept it or Suk Ho will help him join another band.  Kyle gets mad and tells Min Joo who isn't happy.  Things are getting messy for Suk Ho on other fronts as his old subordinate, Joo Han convinces the record company that borrowed Suk Ho money to retract it. 

We get a glorious cameo from Park Shin Hye who plays a manager and visits Mango (Suk Ho's company) with Min Joo. Min Joo urges Suk Ho to drop Ha Neul like he's hot. But Suk Ho's a loyal mofo and considers no such thing. That doesn't stop Ha Neul from overhearing. 

Geu Rin asks to see Suk Ho and tells him she wants to be Ha Neul's manager. Ha Neul has something to tell Suk Ho as well and that is that he's leaving the band. He gifts him a Nirvana CD and box of caramels as a parting gift. We see a flashback to Ha Neul's older brother, Sung Hyun, Suk Ho, and Ha Neul all hanging out when Ha Neul was a kid.  Suk Ho was going to make Ha Neul a star. That day Suk Ho taught Ha Neul about Nirvana. and caramels were a favorite treat of Sung Hyun.

Episode 4
Suk Ho has figured out who Ha Neul is now and digs through his things to find the same CD that he showed to Ha Neul that day 10 years ago. He is confused now about how Geu Rin is related to Ha Neul because she wasn't in the picture when he knew Sung Hyun.

Kyle finds out that Ha Neul quit the band and so he goes to meet up with Suk Ho in Busan to convince Ha Neul to come back. But when they get there Ha Neul won't see him, but Geu Rin lets them crash at their house while Ha Neul's at the center. Suk Ho confesses to Geu Rin that he originally had dishonest intentions with Ha Neul and wanted to use him, but not anymore. Now he's going to make him into a star.

Geu Rin tells Suk Ho the whole story of what happened the night Ha Neul was accused of assault. He went to a place he used to meet up with Ji Young and saw her being groped, but someone hit him in the head from behind. When he woke up the cops were there and he was accused of being the culprit. Geu Rin asks Suk Ho to look into what really happened with Ji Young after seeing her at his old company. He says he will and gives her a box to give to Ha Neul as her first task as manager to get him to rejoin the band. Kyle confronts Ha Neul about quitting, calling him arrogant for deciding for other people he doesn't want to hurt them all the while ruining everyone's chances at success.

Suk Ho starts snooping around at the company and learns that Ji Young joined the company and displaced a member of a group that was about to debut.  He knows that means she had something on them. Ha Neul receives the box from Suk Ho which had the same Nirvana CD from 10 years ago along with a contract that young Ha Neul signed in marker saying he would make a CD with Suk Ho. Ha Neul breaks down, sobbing at the memory and from missing his brother.

Suk Ho finds Ji Young and confronts her, but she doesn't reveal any information. He confronts Joo Han who seems nervous, but says he doesn't know what Suk Ho is talking about. Suk Ho is getting really anxious to find out who framed Ha Neul because things seem to be pretty serious. At home, Ha Neul still seems stubborn about not rejoining the band. He and Geu Rin are watching TV and see Ji Young debuting on TV. They're aghast and upset. But Ha Neul still doesn't find the gumption to join the band again so Geu Rin threatens to move out and we find out her parents died when she was in 8th grade and Ha Neul's parents took her in. Since then all she's cared about is making them proud and taking care of Ha Neul. This seems to move Ha Neul and he agrees to go to Seoul. He's back in the band.

With urging from his CEO, Joo Han tells Suk Ho he'll reveal the real culprit behind Ji Young's assult. They meet up and Joo Han tells him the culprit is about to walk in and when the door opens, in walks Jin Woo. Jin Woo, if you recall was the leader of Jackson, Suk Ho's band and the apple of his eye. He though of Jin Woo as his whole family and the episode ends as Suk Ho realizes the implications and starts to get furious.

There's so much drama, but I love it.  I'm hoping the romance goes in an unexpected way in this drama because I feel absolutely no chemistry between Jisung and Geu Rin. I actually think her and Yeon Soo would make the perfect couple. She'd be a great mom to Chan Hee and they're both so adorable. Anyway, that's just my opinion. There's still lots of drama to come on this drama. Until then, embrace the drama my friends!

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