Wednesday, April 20, 2016

I've Missed You

Hellllllloooo friends, I'm back! Sorry to take a month-long unexpected hiatus.  Truthfully, I was considering giving up Kdrama blogging. I kept reading a lot of negative and angry comments about Kdramas on different sites I write for and it was really getting me down.

I really love Kdramas, but the purpose of them is entertainment. I watch them to enjoy myself and if there's a Kdrama I don't enjoy I  know that there is someone out there who does and so why would I ever hate on it? I kept reading comments from people who felt it was their job to tell others how crappy a drama was and criticize those who liked it. I've only ever had positive experiences here on my personal blog and I thank my friends for that, but elsewhere I was exhausted by the anti-fans. I realized I needed some time away from Kdrama blogging for a bit.

 But after a month away, I've realized how much I missed all the positive interactions I've had with people talking about dramas. That the good does outweigh the bad. And mostly how happy being part of the Kdrama family makes me.  So I'm back spur of the moment with a new drama club, new memes, and even some new recaps. I'm not sure if I'll be doing individual recaps for the whole series, but to celebrate the premiere of Entertainer tonight, I'll have my first recaps and memes for you later this evening.

It's great to be back friends! Embrace the drama.

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