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Top 10 Cases of Second Lead Syndome

Hi friends! Anyone who knows my Kdrama habits knows I have a propensity to fall hard for the second male lead. I'm a Kdrama realist, however, and realize that very few of them are going to make it into the golden circle of second leads that get the girl. Still, a girl can swoon. And there are some dramas that beyond all logic gave me strong SLS (Second Lead Syndrom). So I thought it'd be a good time to go into my list of the top 10 strongest cases of second male lead syndrome that I've had.

Before I go into this list, I just want to put a few disclaimers out there. First of all, is that there are going to be some spoilers. Secondly, this is based on my own personal experience. So it's really all up to my emotions and how I felt watching that drama. It'd be boring if everyone's opinions were the same, would it?

When I came up with this list I chose the dramas with the love triangles that gave me the most angst. There are some dramas out there where I felt like the second male lead was fantastic, but just not a good choice for the girl. For example, in She Was Pretty, there's no arguing that Siwon's character was not absolutely phenomenal but he just wasn't meant for the female lead. So without further ado here are the top 10 dramas that gave me the worst cases of SLS.

10. Flower Boy Next Door

In Flower Boy Next Door, I believe that the female lead, Dok Mi, should have chose the caring and handsome second male lead Ji Hoon. He'd been respecting her boundaries and taking care of her from a distance for so long and he really understood her. Whereas, Enrique, while cute and charming was more into breaking into her bubble than respecting her wishes. It worked in her case, but that can b disastrous in real life to someone who has social anxiety. But, the reason that I put this SLS as number 10 on my list is because a lot of the drama/tension between these Dok Mi and Ji Hoon was more in my head than reality. They were both too shy and quiet for anything to ever happen. Lol. Also he didn't let his feelings be known until it was too late. So in the end it was Enrique that broke down her walls and forcefully dragged her out of her comfort zones that won over her heart.

9.You're Beautiful

You're Beautiful gave me a very strong case of SLS, but the reason it's low on my list is because Shin Woo didn't confess to Go Mi Nam until it was far too late. Even though he never gave any clear indication to his feelings, he seemed to expect her to just know how he felt. He held all the misery inside himself and waited until she was completely in love with Tae Kyung before she had any idea that Shin Woo loved her too. Who knows what would have happened if he had confessed earlier? She'd probably have still fallen for Tae Kyung but it would give this case of SLS a lot more validation. So in this case, I have to say you snooze, you lose Shin Woo.

8. Pretty Man

Pretty Man is a drama where I believe Bo Tong definitely should have chosen Jang Woo in the end. He was completely perfect for her and always respected her. He saw her and appreciated her from the beginning.  But the problem was that Bo Tong only ever had eyes for one man, Ma Te, and basically just waited it out until he 'loved' her back. But when he did finally love her back it was really irritating. Ma Te had been using her and had treated her pretty awfully.  He didn't deserve her in the least bit, but the thing was she didn't care. She was happy just to finally have him.

7. Goong (Princess Hours)

ChaeKyung was treated so horribly in the palace pretty much all the time by everyone except for Jeong Hoon. Sure, he was a bit creepy to be honest. BUT he was the only one looking out for her.  While the chemistry she had with Shin was off the hook, he was the biggest A-hole. Granted,I can't say she made the wrong choice in the end by turning her heart towards Shin. After all it was too late; she was already married and ended up being happy with Shin. However, I think if she ended up with the Jeong Hoon her life would have been a lot simpler and stress-free.

6. Wild Chive and Soybean Soup (12 Years Reunion)

This is a weird drama to include on the list, I know. It's kind of obscure, but I'm always honest in my lists and this drama was on of the ones that gave me some serious SLS. While the show starts off strong telling the half of the story that takes place in the past, once you reach present day the story kind of abruptly ends and there are so many loose ends. If the drama would have finished off stronger, it'd bee high on my recommendation list and maybe higher on cases of SLS. Now Jang Woo didn't have a chance to fight very hard for Gook (probably because the drama was cut short), but he took care of her so tenderly after she got in an accident and had a miscarriage. And recognized her right away when he saw her 12 years later whereas Joon Soo was very shallow and kind of oblivious.Younger Joon Soo may have been the right match for Gook, but as he got older he became a tool and so this is one drama where she definitely should have gone with the second male lead.

5. Flower Boy Ramen Shop

Another drama where I say she made the wrong decision. In real life  Lee Chung Ah who plays the female lead Eun Bi made the right decision by dating actor Lee Ki Woo, who plays the second male lead Kang Hyuk. However, in the drama she ends up choosing Chi Soo, a high-schooler and also one other students. All the while she had a tall, sexy man who could cook and was kind and that she actually liked that was interested in her.  This has got to be one of the worst Kdrama decisions of all time. She admits to having her heart flutter for Kang Hyuk, yet she still chose to be a cradle-robber. This is one noona romance I can't support. Let them graduate at least!

4. Heirs

While I'd definitely experienced second lead syndrome before Heirs, this was the first time I experienced it so intensely. The bully, Young Do, becoming the second lead? It was new for me. He was more than just cold, he was straight-up cruel to the other students. And yet even more than just a second male lead, he become an incredibly desirable second lead? He was dangerous and sexy and brooding and it was the perfect storm. The chemistry between Young Do and Eun Sang was crazy explosive too. Now I can't blame Eun Sang for never even considering him romantically After all, he was a little unstable and had done some awful things, but damn if it didn't make me wish there was a longer storyline where he could make amends and they could end up together.  In the end Eun Sang only ever looks at the Tan, but I don't know a Kdrama fan alive that wasn't rooting for Young Do. My apologies, Lee Min Ho but in my opinion you're no match for a Kim Woo Bin.

3. Cheer Up!

This second lead syndrome was so surprising.  Ha Joon is another angsty chaebol who at first you write off as a side character, but then BAM! he becomes the second male lead. He makes the quick transition from troubled, angry, suicidal loner to a sensitive, kind, knight in shining armor who rushes to rescue the female lead, Yeon Doo, before the male lead, Yeol, even realizes something wrong with her.  As compelling as Ha Joon was (and believe me he was very compelling), I thought Yeol was the right man for Yeon Doo. They had off-the-charts chemistry, frankly they were soulmate. And what was really awesome is that there wasn't that much drama about the love triangle. He Joon conceded that his friend was the right man and was grateful for the friendship he had from both Yeon Doo and Yeol.

2. Boys Over Flowers

Okay, I know, I know. But this was the very first Kdrama I watched and I had never experienced second lead syndrome before. This drama destroyed me. I've said before that I refused to watch Kdramas for four months after I first watched BOF. Jan Di even says in the drama that the second male lead, Ji Hoo, is her soulmate and the male lead, Jun Pyo, is the one that she ends up marrying. Personality-wise the Ji Hoo fits her better. They have more in common intellectually, but there is just something about Jun Pyo and Jan Di that fits together so well. Maybe it's the whole opposites attract thing, but they were made for each other and eventually after hours and hours of crying I came to realize that. Then I cried because of all the obstacles they faced together.

1. Nail Shop Paris

What a happy coincidence that the drama that gave me the strongest second lead feels is one of the very few where the second lead gets the girl! I remember thinking to myself, there's no way I'll survive if Yeo Joo doesn't accept Kay. My emotions were running high. I was prepared to get SO angry with her. With more conviction that I had ever felt, I knew that Kay was the right man for Yeo Joo. He was perceptive and caring and loved everything about her. He was even willing to admit he loved a man until he found out that she was a woman.  Alex didn't even consider her at all until he found out that she was a woman and that she had a crush on him. In fact there was very little romantic interaction at all between Yeo Joo and the male lead, Alex, at all. You can imagine how elated I was when Yeo Joo did choose Kay. It almost felt as if I had super powers-willing her to choose the second lead. Lol. But seriously thumbs up to these writers for doing things differently and also for writing such a great second lead. 

So there you have it, friends. Those are the 10 dramas that gave me the strongest second lead feels. How about you all? Any dramas that made your heart jump when that second male lead came on the screen? Let me know! Until next time, embrace the Kdrama, friends!!!

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Entertainer Episodes 11 & 12 Recap

Happy Sunday, friends! For my US friends, I hope you're all enjoying this Memorial Weekend while taking the time to remember and honor those lost while serving our country.  The memorial part of Memorial Day unfortunately gets overlooked a lot. Anyway, things have been moving right along with Entertainer with some major emotional developments this week-at least on my part. So let's break it down.

Episode 11
The episode starts after Suk Ho and Ha Neul have just released the article about Ha Neul being falsely accused for sexual assault to prevent Ktop from releasing it first.  The rest of the band is worried about Ha Neul and it hurts them equally to know that people are saying bad things about Ha Neul.  They all agree to go online and not read the comments and just focus on practicing.  Meanwhile, Jin Woo's guilt is eating him up and he wants to come forward and reveal the truth. He manages to get a copy of the video that the wormy manager has of him 'committing the crime'.

Despite the agreement, Ha Neul eventually breaks down and reads the comments, all calling him a liar and a pervert and he takes it pretty hard. So hard that he ends up in the hospital after collapsing.  Kyle, Yeon Soo, and Jae Hoon hearts are breaking at the amount of grief that Ha Neul is going through.  Man Sik and Smiley try to think of a way to cheer up the members after all the negative feedback they've been getting and so they prepare a surprise fanclub meeting.

The members pick Ha Neul up from the hospital and go straight there, not knowing what they're heading into and are moved nearly to tears. Suk Ho is proud of his friends for doing this for their kids and glad that they have something to lift their spirits.  Unfortunately little Chan Hee also had a performance at school that Yeon Soo obviously wasn't able to attend because of the unexpected fan feet. So Min Joo goes instead to make sure Chan Hee has someone there. Then afterward Min Joo brings Chan Hee to the fan meet.

Ha Neul thanks his fans for their encouragement, expressing what a difficult time he'd been having when he breaks down on stage and the rest of the band too thinking of the difficult time he's had when the fans start shouting encouragements to him. It's really touching. Except there's one girl in the audience who just stares at the band on stage. Suk Ho panics when he sees Chan Hee there, because the fans don't know that Yeon Soo has a son. Suk Ho is about to bring Chan Hee out of the theater,  when Yeon Soo sees Chan Hee silently smiling at his dad and encouraging and knows he can't deny him.  With a nod of approval from Suk Ho, he tells all his fans that he's a father and has Chan Hee come on stage.  Everyone is proud of Yeon Soo, especially Min Joo who thinks it's a manly move.  Ooooo...I think I've found my OTP in Min Joo and Yeon Soo. Surprisingly, even Kyle is happy that Yeon Soo claimed his son hinting that maybe Kyle's own family denied him. It seems that he was likely adopted.

Suk Ho holds a press conference where he's going to reveal that Ha Neul was set up, but not name any names just yet. Jin Woo shows up to the conference and announces that it wasn't Ha Neul and instead was him and while he won't make any excuses he shows the video showing someone there setting it up and says there's more to the story.  At the same time Ktop holds a conference saying Jin Woo is the culprit and Ji Young/Luna only lied because she was scared of him.  So Ha Neul's name is cleared, but of course Suk Ho doesn't feel good about because Jin Woo is still being framed. And I don't feel good about it either because I've grown to like Jin Woo and I believe the fault is entirely Ji Young's.

The episode ends as it starts to rain that night and Geu Rin goes to greet Suk Ho with an umbrella, a green umbrella. Get it? G-reen, Geu-rin? They sound similar. Anyway, that one took me awhile. I'll have to admit there is some palpable tension between the two now and I'm no longer anti their relationship. Still, it was devastating to watch Ha Neul from a distance seeing their romance begin to blossom.

Episode 12
In Episode 12, the strange woman from the fan meet comes to see Min Joo at the Mango Entertainment office. It turns out, she's Chan Hee's mom and wants to meet up with Yeon Soo. Meanwhile, Yeon Soo gives some advice to Ha Neul about his feelings for Geu Rin.  He reminds her that she thinks of him as her brother and so a sudden announcement will be shocking. He needs to set the mood and go on a date with her to warm her up to the idea.  Min Joo delivers the letter from Chan Hee's mom to Yeon Soo and he's torn about what to do.

Suk Ho goes to see Ji Young at Ktop. He shows her the pictures he has of her dragging Jin Woo out of the club on the night he 'assaulted' her and tells her he will release them publicly if she does not give him the video that her little brother took showing how creepy manager Joo Han helped set everything up that night.  He also sees Joo Han while he's there and tells him there's no avoiding the fact that he's going to prison.  Ji Young and Joo Han both know that the CEO is going to throw one of them away, but they're both hoping it's going to be the other.

Jin Woo decides that he and Chan Hee will meet up with Chan Hee's mom. Geu Rin has spent the day going from radio station to radio station on Entertainer's band's behalf and Suk Ho is disappointed that she hasn't been in the office all day. Eventually, he does see her and while their romantic feeling haven't been announced yet, it's strongly implied when they both agree to see each other every day even if they're busy. Their relationship has become very flirty in the office. Meanwhile, Ha Neul gets Geu Rin to agree to take him to go see the stars as a means of getting her to go on a date. Of course Geu Rin doesn't know this so she is planning on taking Kyle and Jae Hoon too.

Yeon Soo isn't able to come as he has plans to meet up with Chan Hee's mom. They meet up with her in the park and don't tell Chan Hee that she's her mom. While Chan Hee plays, she explains to Yeon Soo that her mother had pressured her to return home and one day she was having a bad day and her mom was waiting and she couldn't take it anymore.  Yeon Soo tells her not to feel bad, that he felt bad for taking her away from her life when she was in her prime and that he and Chan Hee are living good lives now because of the people they're surrounded by.  She reveals that she's getting married.

They have a final meal together and while they're eating, Chan Hee's mom pours water for Chan Hee and cools off his food. He watches other mother's do the same around the restaurant and being a smart kid it seems as though he makes the connection. Chan Hee is sleeping when they arrive outside the Mango office and she leaves. When he wakes up, he starts sobbing asking where his mom went, saying he knows she was his mom. Yeon Soo starts sobbing too and it's really the most heartbreaking scene ever. Why did she even come into his life at all if she was only going to leave again right away?
Min Joo comes out to see Chan Hee crying and pushes Yeon Soo out of the way so that she can comfort Chan Hee herself. Chan Hee tells her that his mom isn't coming back and she's so sad for the little guy and just holds him.  Yeon Soo is crying too and so Min Joo puts a hand on him for comfort as well. After they've cried it out, Min Joo tells him to not focus on why she left.  She tells him how cool he is and what a great guy and father he is. I'm telling you these two (three really) are meant to be.

The CEO had tried to convince Ji Young not to fall prey to Suk Ho's threat and promised he would throw out Managaer Joo Han and protect her so as it nears Suk Ho's deadline it looks like she's not going to send the video. But Ji Young, realizing what a slimeball the CEO is knows that once he throws Joo Han out, she's next. And so she sends the video to Suk Ho.

Meanwhile, Geu Rin and Ha Neul along with Kyle and Jae Hoon are at an observatory looking at the stars.  Ha Neul takes her aside and presents a set of couple rings to her and tells her they should date.  And our episode ends on that skin-crawling cliffhanger. Seriously though, how creeped out would you be if a guy that you though of as your brother one day tells you "let's date". Hopefully, she handles it better than I would. We'll have to wait until next week to see. Until then, you can catch up with all my recaps on Entertainer so far here. What are you guys thinking of this drama so far? Let me know! And until next time, embrace the Kdrama friends.

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Entertainer Episodes 9 & 10 Recap

Hello friends! Hope your week went swell and that your weekend goes better.  Coming back at you this week with some short recaps and, as always, memes!!!  Entertainer continues to go places I wasn't expecting and really avoids the big Kdrama cliches. I'm loving the relationships and the attitude of these character. So without further ado, let's do some recapping.

Episode 9

Ha Neul confront Jin Woo now that they both know that the other knows.  Jin Woo indicates that he thinks he's a victim too and leaves. Ha Neul leaves shortly after to find Jin Woo having a bit of a breakdown so he calls Jin Woo's insurance company to come get his car and bring Jin Woo back to Seoul in a cab where Suk Ho takes care of him from there.  Later, Suk Ho and Ha Neul share a touching scene where Suk Ho tells Ha Neul that he's the same as a little brother to him and they hug. It's adorable, tear-inducingly adorable.

Meanwhile, Geu Rin is going around trying to promote the band in any way that she can. Jae Hoon is still absent after being taken away by his mom. Suk Ho goes to see Jae Hoon to make sure he still wants to be in the band and then to Jae Hoon's mom to convince her that it would make Jae Hoon happy, and eventually to Jae Hoon's dad. Jae Hoon's dad feels guilty for how Jae Hoon's had to live his life and encourages him to run away and back to the band. Jae Hoon decides not to, but when the band shows up at his school, he decides to go with them instead of his mom. He's following his dreams and being in the Entertainer band is something that he really loves to do.

Jae Hoon moves in with Geu Rin and the rest of the band. Now they really are all like a family. Geu Rin goes to see a festival organizer about having the band perform at the festival, when the organizer is running late. Suk Ho finds a picture that he drew of himself standing out in the rain that Geu Rin added onto so that he had an umbrella and tells him she'll be his umbrella. He goes to where Geu Rin is and it's clear that he has definite feelings for her now and the episode ends as we see him looking at her longingly through a window.

Episode 10

The festival organizer has been delayed, so it looks as though Geu Rin and Suk Ho will have to spend the night (different rooms, thankfully). Ha Neul finds out and isn't happy. He want to get to Geu Rin at any cost. Yeon Soo confronts Ha Neul about his feelings for Geu Rin and suggests he confesses before it's too late.  Suk Ho overwhelmed by his newly discovered feelings for Geu Rin heads back to Seoul early.

KTOP's CEO is going crazy over the fact that he hasn't been able to take down the Entertainer Band yet and orders his minion to find a reporter to release the story of Ha Neul's arrest and sexual assault. Meanwhile, the festival organizer agrees to have the Entertainer band perform, but Geu Rin is still unclear as to what type of festival it is. Another reporter warns Suk Ho that their is a reporter investigating Ha Neul's arrest and that the story is going to be released.

After discovering evidence that Ji Young's brother was at the scene of the crime the night of her alleged assault, Suk Ho confronts her and she panics although denies he was there. She calls her brother and tells him to deny it.  Suk Ho also meets with her father, who was suspicious of the whole crime to begin with and now is urging Ji Young to tell him what really happened.

The band shows up at the festival to find it is a festival for the elderly. Still, they get on stage and play and when the Senior Citizens don't seem into it at first, Suk Ho has them speed up the tempo and play the song trot-style, which is a big hit. The festival organizer records them and posts the video online which leads to a huge boost in the band's popularity and people begin to recognize them in public.

Suk Ho tells Ha Neul he has something to tell him and presumably tells him about the article going to be released. Next we see the Entertainer band show up at a TV studio to film. As they are there the article about Ha Neul was released, but by a different reporter than they suspected and that is because Suk Ho and Ha Neul decided to release it themselves. As to whether it'll help or not we'll have to see.  The rest of the band is concerned for Ha Neul and is worried about going on stage, worried that it's too much for Ha Neul and that he's hurting. But Ha Neul feels even stronger for having the support of his bandmates.

The episode ends as we see the band walking toward their performance oozing coolness and knowing full well that it could be their last ever.

The friendship in this drama continue to touch me and I can't wait to see where they go from her.  You can follow along with all my memes and recaps for Entertainer so far here.

Until next time, don't be a stranger, be a friend!

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Entertainer Episodes 7 & 8 Memecap (Recap)

Sorry friends, I've gotten a bit behind on my recaps. I still intend to recap this week's episodes, but as last week's episodes are no longer fresh in my mind instead I'll do what I've come to call a 'memecap'. Essentially that includes just posting every single meme I created from the two episodes from last week (episodes 7 & 8). I apologize if you were looking forward to the recap, but you can tell most of what happened from the memes alone. You can looking forward to this week's recap later on this week. Until then, enjoy the memes.

Make sure to check out all my recaps so far for Entertainer here.

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Entertainer Episodes 5 & 6 Recap

Hello friends, hope you've all had a phenomenal week. The sun is starting to shine in Minnesota and the weather is responding, so things are going great for me. Let's check in with how things are going with our Entertainer band.

After the shocker that Jin Woo may be the real culprit in Ha Neul's case, Suk Ho meets up with him to see what really happened. Jin Woo can't remember. He was drugged after his showcase and came back to conciousness after everything had already gone done. Suk Ho is now turn. If he reveals the real culprit, Jackson's careers are over but also Entertainer will never be left alone by KTOP.

Suk Ho agonizes over what to do, but finally decides that he's just bringing down. He starts by telling Yeon Soo that the band is breaking up and gets him a job as a tutor. Yeon Soo is only grateful to him. Then he tells Kyle who is predictably very upset. He doesn't even care about the job that Suk Ho found him as a two-year substitute guitarist for a popular band.  Kyle calls Ha Neul to find out what he thinks, but Suk Ho hasn't told Ha Neul yet.

Being a smart kid, Ha Neul puts the clues together. He knew that Suk Ho went to Kstar and then finds out that Jackson was in Busan that night. He realizes that somehow Jackson was involved in framing him and that Suk Ho knows. Ha Neul goes to see Suk Ho and Suk Ho tells him that it's his fault that Ha Neul will never be able to make it. Because Suk Ho has the ire of KTOP.  Ha Neul tells him not to ruin his dream, but Suk Ho can't bring himself to keep the band going. 

Geu Rin finds out what's going on but she and Ha Neul decide to trust Suk Ho believing he'll come around. Meanwhile, Min Joo takes matters into her own hands and goes to ask for a loan from her dad, who turns out to be a mega-rich CEO type to pay off Suk Ho's debts.

Kyle gets in trouble with his new bandmates and ends up in the police station. Geu Rin comes to the rescue and acts the big sister part when she's more concerned with the fact that Kyle got slapped than with the fact that he pushed someone else. And things take a scary turn for Yeon Soo as Chan Hee gets injured (mildly thankfully) and he gets fired when he goes to tend to him.

Min Joo comes to Geu Rin and tells her she's starting a record label and that Entertainer is going to be a band again.  Geu Rin moves her and Ha Neul along with Kyle, Yeon Soo, and Chan Hee to Seoul where they all get a house together.  Now they're move of a family than a band. And 6 months have passed without any word from Suk Ho. Ha Neul sees him while out one day and tracks him down to some fishing docks. When Suk Ho sees him he can't help but cry.

Episode 6
Ha Neul simply asks him to come back, but doesn't push him. Everyone is putting in their time working jobs to support themselves while waiting for them.  Suk Ho decides to come back but the first person he tells isn't the kids, but Joo Han, his friend turned nemesis at KTOP. He tells him coolly that Entertainer's back together and he can play dirty if he wants because they can take anything that's thrown at them.

Min Joo cries upon seeing Suk Ho returns and the band rushes to Mango's office when they get the news that he's back. They're all so happy to see him that they don't even chastise him for leaving. Suk Ho takes Geu Rin aside to tell her what a good job she did taking care of the kids while he was gone. It turns out that the guy the band is renting their rehearsal space from is an old friend of Suk Ho's. But the guy freezes up when he hears the name of Ha Neul's brother. Something's going on there.

The band is having difficulties finding a drummer that fits them, until Suk Ho comes across a college kid named Jae Hoon playing an old kit at a music store. The kid is a momma's boy, so his caveat is that she can't find out, but other than that he's super excited to join the band. Even when Kyle tells him about everyone's tainted pasts, he thinks of them as a band of unique characters. So the band is complete.

They start rehearsals and take some pictures and now they've got an album to promote. Suk Ho knows he's going to be blocked from it being aired by KTOP so he has to try to be creative. He realizes his best chance is a particular station, but unfortunate the director there is someone he treated poorly when he was an assistant.  He goes there to ask for help anyway. While he's psyching himself up in the bathroom. An unfortunate toilet user requests Suk Ho's help when he runs out of toilet paper and then gives him some advice about getting on his knees to beg when necessary.

Suk Ho takes the advice, but the director does not seem to budge and he's sacrificed his pride for nothing. However, the bathroom guy walks buy as happening as something about him (the fact that he's a notable actor) tells me it was more than just a random encounter. Suk Ho leaves slightly humiliated. Geu Rin witnesses the people in the building mocking him and begins to feel sorry for him.

After Suk Ho gets back to Mango, he finds out that the Director had decided to let them perform on the station. BUT THEN Man-Shik (the songwriter) shows up and tells them that KTOP has threatened to not let any of their singers on their show. Kyle and Jae Hoon can't help wondering why KTOP is so set against them. 

Min Joo convinces Suk Ho to go to a counselor to help deal with all the stress he's under, which he does. Kudos to this show for facing down the stigma of getting counseling.  Geu Rin finds and feels even worse for him for everything he's going through.  Suk Ho manages to get in touch with Jackson's fan club president and get pictures from the night of their showcase in Busan which shows something strange, a drugged Jin Woo being lead out by Ji Young and something even stranger, Joo Han watching from a distance.

The episode ends with Suk Ho's friend the owner of the rehearsal space approaching the CEO of KTOP and telling him to leave Entertainer alone. Revealing that Ha Neul is the brother of Sung Hyun. And that the CEO is the one that killed Sung Hyun.

That's where we leave off this week. Hope you'll keep watching with me. You can follow along with all my Entertainer recaps here. Until next time, embrace the drama, friends!

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