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Entertainer Episodes 5 & 6 Recap

Hello friends, hope you've all had a phenomenal week. The sun is starting to shine in Minnesota and the weather is responding, so things are going great for me. Let's check in with how things are going with our Entertainer band.

After the shocker that Jin Woo may be the real culprit in Ha Neul's case, Suk Ho meets up with him to see what really happened. Jin Woo can't remember. He was drugged after his showcase and came back to conciousness after everything had already gone done. Suk Ho is now turn. If he reveals the real culprit, Jackson's careers are over but also Entertainer will never be left alone by KTOP.

Suk Ho agonizes over what to do, but finally decides that he's just bringing down. He starts by telling Yeon Soo that the band is breaking up and gets him a job as a tutor. Yeon Soo is only grateful to him. Then he tells Kyle who is predictably very upset. He doesn't even care about the job that Suk Ho found him as a two-year substitute guitarist for a popular band.  Kyle calls Ha Neul to find out what he thinks, but Suk Ho hasn't told Ha Neul yet.

Being a smart kid, Ha Neul puts the clues together. He knew that Suk Ho went to Kstar and then finds out that Jackson was in Busan that night. He realizes that somehow Jackson was involved in framing him and that Suk Ho knows. Ha Neul goes to see Suk Ho and Suk Ho tells him that it's his fault that Ha Neul will never be able to make it. Because Suk Ho has the ire of KTOP.  Ha Neul tells him not to ruin his dream, but Suk Ho can't bring himself to keep the band going. 

Geu Rin finds out what's going on but she and Ha Neul decide to trust Suk Ho believing he'll come around. Meanwhile, Min Joo takes matters into her own hands and goes to ask for a loan from her dad, who turns out to be a mega-rich CEO type to pay off Suk Ho's debts.

Kyle gets in trouble with his new bandmates and ends up in the police station. Geu Rin comes to the rescue and acts the big sister part when she's more concerned with the fact that Kyle got slapped than with the fact that he pushed someone else. And things take a scary turn for Yeon Soo as Chan Hee gets injured (mildly thankfully) and he gets fired when he goes to tend to him.

Min Joo comes to Geu Rin and tells her she's starting a record label and that Entertainer is going to be a band again.  Geu Rin moves her and Ha Neul along with Kyle, Yeon Soo, and Chan Hee to Seoul where they all get a house together.  Now they're move of a family than a band. And 6 months have passed without any word from Suk Ho. Ha Neul sees him while out one day and tracks him down to some fishing docks. When Suk Ho sees him he can't help but cry.

Episode 6
Ha Neul simply asks him to come back, but doesn't push him. Everyone is putting in their time working jobs to support themselves while waiting for them.  Suk Ho decides to come back but the first person he tells isn't the kids, but Joo Han, his friend turned nemesis at KTOP. He tells him coolly that Entertainer's back together and he can play dirty if he wants because they can take anything that's thrown at them.

Min Joo cries upon seeing Suk Ho returns and the band rushes to Mango's office when they get the news that he's back. They're all so happy to see him that they don't even chastise him for leaving. Suk Ho takes Geu Rin aside to tell her what a good job she did taking care of the kids while he was gone. It turns out that the guy the band is renting their rehearsal space from is an old friend of Suk Ho's. But the guy freezes up when he hears the name of Ha Neul's brother. Something's going on there.

The band is having difficulties finding a drummer that fits them, until Suk Ho comes across a college kid named Jae Hoon playing an old kit at a music store. The kid is a momma's boy, so his caveat is that she can't find out, but other than that he's super excited to join the band. Even when Kyle tells him about everyone's tainted pasts, he thinks of them as a band of unique characters. So the band is complete.

They start rehearsals and take some pictures and now they've got an album to promote. Suk Ho knows he's going to be blocked from it being aired by KTOP so he has to try to be creative. He realizes his best chance is a particular station, but unfortunate the director there is someone he treated poorly when he was an assistant.  He goes there to ask for help anyway. While he's psyching himself up in the bathroom. An unfortunate toilet user requests Suk Ho's help when he runs out of toilet paper and then gives him some advice about getting on his knees to beg when necessary.

Suk Ho takes the advice, but the director does not seem to budge and he's sacrificed his pride for nothing. However, the bathroom guy walks buy as happening as something about him (the fact that he's a notable actor) tells me it was more than just a random encounter. Suk Ho leaves slightly humiliated. Geu Rin witnesses the people in the building mocking him and begins to feel sorry for him.

After Suk Ho gets back to Mango, he finds out that the Director had decided to let them perform on the station. BUT THEN Man-Shik (the songwriter) shows up and tells them that KTOP has threatened to not let any of their singers on their show. Kyle and Jae Hoon can't help wondering why KTOP is so set against them. 

Min Joo convinces Suk Ho to go to a counselor to help deal with all the stress he's under, which he does. Kudos to this show for facing down the stigma of getting counseling.  Geu Rin finds and feels even worse for him for everything he's going through.  Suk Ho manages to get in touch with Jackson's fan club president and get pictures from the night of their showcase in Busan which shows something strange, a drugged Jin Woo being lead out by Ji Young and something even stranger, Joo Han watching from a distance.

The episode ends with Suk Ho's friend the owner of the rehearsal space approaching the CEO of KTOP and telling him to leave Entertainer alone. Revealing that Ha Neul is the brother of Sung Hyun. And that the CEO is the one that killed Sung Hyun.

That's where we leave off this week. Hope you'll keep watching with me. You can follow along with all my Entertainer recaps here. Until next time, embrace the drama, friends!

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