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Doctor Crush Episode 4 Recap

Oh boy, oh boy, friends, do things get interesting as we find ourselves in the present day world of Doctor Crush. Old friends and rivals reunite. Will things resume where they left off or are the older, more mature versions of their characters ready to take over? Let's find out.

We start by seeing Hye Jung in a jewelry store picking out a gift and getting into her nice car. It's clear she's done well for herself, although she makes it known that she never started a family and has been single all along. It turns out her run-down with the mob boss also happened to be her first day in the hospital and already her underlings know not to mess with her.

Seo Woo rides with her crush/colleague Dr. Yoon Do back to the hospital. On the way there, she reveals she froze because of the trauma she had when she was in high school where she almost died in the fire because of a 'bully'. Perceptively, he assumes that she did something mean that caused the bully to confront her. When they get to the hospital he performs surgery on the woman from the restaurant, but is also furious with Hye Jung and demands to see her after his surgery is complete. She goes across the street to wait at a cafe, which turns out to be run by Soon Hee and they're still the best of friends. It's friggin' adorable, really, how close they still are. It was Soon Hee that Hye Jung had picked up a gift for in the jewelry store. If you don't have family, friends are the only ones you have to treat after all.

Yoon Do is irritated at Hye Jung's insolence and doesn't believe he should have to chase her down to a cafe, so he calls her back to the hospital and she obliges him. He demands to know what she was thinking, especially since it was her first day. She tells him it was necessary to save the man's life and he says that it's yet to be seen if that was the case.

As Hye Jung's leaving, Seo Woo comes into the office and is more than surprised to see Hye Jung there and less than happy. The two have a brief discussion in the hallway where Seo Woo accuses her of coming to the hospital because Ji Hong will be coming there.  By the look on Hye Jung's face, it appears as though she didn't know this, but doesn't bother arguing with Seo Woo. As Hye Jung's walking away Seo Woo yells out to Hye Jung and tells her not to forget that Ji Hong is married to In Joo. WHAT!?!

Meanwhile we see Ji Hong on a plan, in first class, flying back from somewhere when the woman next to him collapses. He gives her medical attention, as he's back to being a sexy doctor, and informs the pilot that she needs to get into surgery within 5 hours or she will die. Hye Jung is attending to her patients in the hospital, when they get the news that an emergency patient is being helicoptored in.  When the helicopter touches down, Hye Jung is stopped in her tracks to see Ji Hong emerging and he is shocked to see her too.  They greet each other and the first thing he asks her is if she's married or has a boyfriend and he's happy that the answer to both questions is no. 

He gets ready for surgery and is curious as to what Hye Jung's role at the hospital is and lets her know that he's been looking for her for the last 13 years. He goes into surgery with Hye Jung there to assist him and it becomes clear to him that she has become a neurosurgeon. While Hye Jung and Ji Hong are busy in surgery, the hospital director reveals to the other doctors that Ji Hong was never married and that it was just a rumor. We get to see a flashback of Ji Hong and In Joo apparently breaking up, with her telling him that he's had someone else in his heart and implies that it's Hye Jung. He doesn't deny it. It looks as though both Hye Jung and Ji Hong have had only each other on their minds for the last 13 years

After the surgery, Ji Hong's a bit flirty with Hye Jung but she is having none of it because she still thinks he's married, which only confuses him.  Seo Woo's dad and grandfather are trying to convince the board to build a new Senior center, believing that it will make them a lot of money, but the board turns them down.

The doctors in the hospital are having a conference to determine if it was necessary for Hye Jung to bring the mob boss into emergency surgery without waiting for Yoon Do to show up and it turns out that, based on the facts, it was.  Ji Hong is there to witness this little triumph for Hye Jung and then to introduce himself to the other doctors. It is announced that Yoon Do and Ji Hong will be teaming up to work with Hye Jung and Seo Woo and it is up to them to choose their partner.

Seo Woo expresses interest in working with Yoon Do but Hye Jung says she doesn't care. It'll be interesting to see who teams up with whom. Seo Woo has a meeting with the director where she tries to convince him to get rid of Hye Jung as an employee. It's kind of ridiculous to see that after 13 years her pettiness is still in tact. The Director feels it's just as ridiculous as I do and dismisses her.

Hye Jung tries to get access in the computer's system to her grandma's files from 13 years ago, but finds it's restricted.  Oh, it looks like Hye Jung's return tot his hospital is to get justice for Grandma's death. Yoon Do approaches Hye Jung and while it appears he won't apologize at first, he does end up apologizing.  He could end up being a decent Second Male Lead.

After Ji Hong has a reunion dinner with his dad, he goes to find Hye Jung and gets her contact info from the cute, redheaded doctor at her work that follows Hye Jung around. Ji Hong finds her at the gym, boxing.  Firstly, he makes sure she knows that he is not married. He says something to annoy her and when she tries to attack him, he's able to block it.  After the last time, it seems he's taken some training to defend himself against her.  They end up tussling and their wrestling match ends with him on top of her and both of them looking at each other in a hot and steamy moment. Ooo, can't wait for next week.

- One part of me is annoyed at Yoon Do for throwing a tantrum about Hye Jung operating, but I guess I kind of get it. This new surgeon hasn't technically even started yet and you get there to find her in surgery without your permission.  I actually think that their dynamic will be really fun to watch. He may be prickly, but he did actually apologize to Hye Jung for wrongly criticizing her.

-What type of 31 year old (I assume they're 31 now, right) woman still holds a grudge like that from when they were teenagers. Certainly not one who's intelligent to become a neurosurgeon, right? Ugh, I guess intelligence doesn't always translate to maturity. Ready for Seo Woo to grow up real quick.

-I was kind of hoping for a tiny bit more from Ji Hong and Hye Jung's reunion, but I'll take it.  They've both clearly been thinking about one another and it's nice to see that the chemistry is still there.

-It was probably inappropriate for Ji Hong to feel the way he did about Hye Jung when she was his student, but the important thing is that he didn't act on. You can't really control how you feel. His feelings were obviously legitimate considering he never got married and he still has feelings for her. The fact that the first thing he asks her is if she's married or dating and is glad that she isn't tells a lot.

-I like that the little redhead doctor at the hospital has a crush on Hye Jung, it's cute and she needs someone on her side.

-As far as the mentor/mentee pairing at the hospital, I'm honestly very excited to see who will end up with who. Honestly, I'm rooting for a Hye Jung/Yoon Do pair-up, because I believe that Hye Jung and Ji Hong are going to be together no matter what and I think her and Yoon Do will have some great scenes if they're paired up together. That and we'll get to see more of Seo Woo's crazy.

-What kind of revenge is Hye Jung planning? It definitely adds that exciting element of intrigue into the story.  Is she going to bring Seo Woo's dad down? Is she going to do something sketchy and sneaky or is she going to take him down using the proper channels? It'll be a test to see exactly how much she has changed.

-Hye Jung seems to make a fantastic doctor. She cares a lot about her patients and her bedside manner isn't bad. Even though she was teasing the mob boss, he was asking for it and he didn't really seem to mind either. 

-If Ji Hong has been looking for Hye Jung for 13 years, does that mean that she's been hiding from him? And did she know that he was going to be at her hospital or is this a wrench in her plan? Only time will tell I guess.

Well this drama continues to get more and more interesting and I've yet to be disappointed. Now it's the torturous part of waiting a week for the next episode! Ugh, the tortures of simulcasting.  But in the meantime if you're behind, you can catch up on all my Doctor Crush recaps here.  Until next time, embrace the Kdrama, friends!

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Doctor Crush Episode 3 Recap

Happy Tuesday friends and future friends! How are y'all doing today? Good, I hope. I watched Episode 3 of Doctor Crush last night and am mere minutes away from starting Episode 4 tonight. But in the meantime, should we talk about episode 3?  I've yet to be disappointed in this drama, although I have to say my heart was ripped out and stomped on this week. Prepare to be crushed if you haven't yet watched the episode.


Episode 2 ended with Seo Woo passed out and a blazing fire having started in the warehouse.  Episode 3 resumes as Seo Woo is taken away in an ambulance and Hye Jung and Sung Hee are taken away in a policy car. Someone needs to be charged with arson according to the cop, and with Hye Jung's track record it's immediately assumed that she did it.  Grandma doesn't hear her phone ring to come to the station on Hye Jung's behalf and even though Sung Hee tries to tell the cops it was technically her that accidentally started the fire, her dad is there and pulls her away before she has the chance to.

So Hye Jung is put behind bars and is being prosecuted for arson. Seo Woo, is still in the hospital with a few blisters and although she passed out before the fire started, claims Hye Jung started the fire to try to kill her.  Sung Hee calls Ji Hong and tells him about what happened. He runs to the hospital to check on Seo Woo first.  She tells him it's all his fault and won't relent in her accusation that he likes Hye Jung.

Ji Hong goes from the hospital to visit Hye Jung in jail. He brings along first aid equipment, figuring she was injured as well and it turns out that he's right as he finds a burn on her arm that she got while actually trying to protect Seo Woo from the fire. He treats her wound and she tells him she thinks it's best if he doesn't come anymore, that he should distance himself from her as they've both already been trying to keep their distance since Seo Woo's accusations started flying.

To try to protect her as much as he can, he has already turned in his resignation and asks his friend to help her get a lawyer, as he knows it'll make her look bad if he does it himself.  He leaves her to be taken care of by his friend and makes plans to move out of Grandma's and go back home.

The first thing that Grandma does when she finds out about what happens is go to visit Seo Woo and her family in the hospital to beg forgiveness for what Hye Jung 'did'. This would leave one to believe that Grandma thinks Hye Jung did start the fire. But in reality, it seems that Grandma is just trying to do whatever she can to save Hye Jung. Grandma brings tonics and gets on her knees to beg forgiveness. She's shocked to find that Seo Woo's dad is her own doctor/surgeon. Seo Woo says it's okay, but Seo Woo's mom is less empathetic and screams at Grandma to get out.

When Grandma goes to visit Hye Jung in jail, she brings her food to eat. It's so so heartwarming to see how much she cares about her. Hye Jung tries to act tough, but Grandma knows she's having a rough time. Grandma tells Hye Jung that she knows that she didn't start the fire and that she should stand up for herself.  Hye Jung spends what appears to be a few days in jail.  Grandma comes to visit Hye Jung again and tells her that she won't be able to come the next week where she reveals to Hye Jung that she has cancer and is going into surgery. She tells Hye Jung this so that she feels motivated to get herself out of jail.  Grandma ominously tells Hye Jung that she's not going to die and is trying to show her how much she wants to live and that Hye Jung should want to live just as much.

It does motivate Hye Jung to want to get out of jail, but there's really nothing she can do. She knows it was an accident and doesn't believe that Soon Hee should have to pay the price when it was Hye Jung who wanted to go there in the first place.  However, Soon Hee does not believe it is right that Hye Jung be in jail for a crime that she technically committed so she sneaks off to go to the police station to tell the police what really happened. 

Her dad catches her just as he's confessing and asks her if Hye Jung is really more important to Soon Hee than her family and Soon Hee says that she is. That Hye Jung is the only person in her life that has ever treated Soon Hee like she's a human being, that Hye Jung actually likes her.  It hurts Hye Jung to see Soon Hee taking her place in prison, but again there's not much she can do. She goes to the hospital to tell Seo Woo that Soon Hee is now in jail and to ask her what happened, why she started to hate her. Seo Woo reveals she's not sure why, but that she just started to hate her.  Hye Jung again says she'll do anything to make their relationship better, but Seo Woo isn't interested.  

Hye Jung goes home and crawls into bed next to Grandma.  When Grandma wakes up the next morning she is so grateful to have Hye Jung free that she hugs her and weeps.  Hye Jung is with Grandma as she goes into surgery. She reassures Hye Jung that it's not that big of a deal and they're stopping it before it gets big and becomes a real problem. She tells her that her doctor knows what he's doing.

If you're getting a bad feeling about this friends, you're not alone and you're right to have that feeling.  Everything feels off about the surgery and we see into the surgery room where what looks like a pretty standard procedure all of a sudden starts to go very wrong indeed. The doctor, Seo Woo's dad, comes out and very bluntly tells Hye Jung that her grandma has died. He doesn't say sorry and he doesn't look very sorry as he rushes off to his dinner plans with his family.

Hye Jung, of course, is absolutely devastated. The one person in the world who believed and loved her unconditionally is gone and without a logical explanation.  Her dad and step-mom show up where her step-mom proceeds to taunt her and tell her it's her fault that Grandma died while her dad just stands there quietly. 

It also turns out, that they accepted money from Grandma's doctor as a result of her dying from the surgery. Hye Jung is furious, she points out how this is a sign of them making a mistake that caused her death. She sense something fishy and she goes to the hospital to confront the doctor.He is haughty in front of her and tells her that he did his best.  She accuses him of being negligent and says he should be ashamed of himself. But what can she do really? He already paid off her parents. 

Ji Hong has just found out about Grandma and rushes to the hospital where he finds Hye Jung just leaving.  He tries to comfort her, but again she says it's best that he stay away from her. She doesn't really mean it, but she's trying to protect him. Truth is, it seems they both do have feelings for each other but know better than to act on it.  He asks her if he should really go and she says yes. She walks away and he stands there a bit shocked.  It takes him a minute to come to his senses and realize he should run after her, so he starts.

But meanwhile, Soo Chul (Ji Soo) pulls up on a motorcycle, hands Hye Jung a helmet, and asks if she wants to get away. She gets on his bike and they ride away together. Presumably, that is the last time that Ji Hong ever sees Hye Jung as the next scene kindly informs us that we're now '13 years later'.

We're back to the scene in the hospital where Hye Jung beats up the gangsters.  But we also see that Seo Woo has gone to medical school and has a crush on her sunbae who is seemingly cold to her. They see a woman collapse at a restaurant and they go back to Sunbae's hospital, which also turns out to be Hye Jung's hospital. He's irritated that Hye Jung is in a surgery room, when it wasn't cleared with him and he's the lead surgeon.

The last scene of the episode, shows Hye Jung in surgery on her mob boss patient.

My Thoughts:
-WAHHHHH!!!! GRANDMA!!!!! Not to be dramatic, but I mean I was downright sobbing.  So devastating. Even though I knew Grandma's death was coming, it didn't make it any less painful. She was the one person in the world who loved Hye Jung unconditionally. Their relationship was so pure and loving. By losing Hye Jung's grandma I feel like I lost my own grandma.

-I was on the edge about Soon Hee. I didn't know if she was going to stick by Hye Jung when times got tough of if she would bail and take Seo Woo's side, but I was so proud of her for telling the truth and taking the blame. Taking a serious look at it, she's probably one of the best examples of a true friend that I've seen in a Kdrama.

-Ji Hong doesn't have the best way with words. Certainly, he could have thought of something to say that would have been at least somewhat comforting to Hye Jung after her grandma died instead he just stood there like a doofus.

-One thing frequently witnessed in kdramas is a horrible mom producing an equally horrible daughter.  Seo Woo seems to be conflicted about the awful side of her and I really do hope she grows because the nice side of her is really enjoyable as a character. She's cute quirky and I would love to see her lose that hard jealous edge that caused her to do some regrettable things to someone who was once a friend. I'm hoping when the storyline moves to the future, that we'll see her have some remorse for how she behaved and maybe even on her father's behalf. I imagined Hye Jung might have a hard time forgiving her, though, as her dad killed Grandma.

-I don't think I'll ever get tired of Hye Jung's fighting scenes. I want to give another round of applause to Park Shin Hye. I would have never imagined she could pull them off so very well.

I'll see you again soon with episode 4's recap but in the meantime, you can keep up with all posts Doctor Crush related here on my Doctor Crush homepage. Until next time, don't be a stranger, be a friend!

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Doctor Crush Episode 2 Recap

Hello again so soon friends. Episode 2 of Doctor Crush is out and wouldn't you like to know what happened? Well let me recap it for you.

When we left off it appeared as though Ji Hong may hit Hye Jung as that's what she requested for her punishment. He doesn't. He tells her he doesn't even like her, so he's not going to do something he hates (violence) for her sake. It was a good move on his part.  As Hye Jung is leaving, the principal's daughter, whose name is actually Soon Hee, comes up to her and clings to her again. She tells Hye Jung that she just really likes her and eventually Hye Jung wears down and agrees that Soon Hee is cute (in a completely platonic way).

Hye Jung is leaving school when outside waiting for her is Soo Chul, the hottie who rescued her from the club and she tells him to leave her alone. Soon Hee tells Hye Jung that she can help her find a uniform. Meanwhile Grandma finds out that Ji Hong is Hye Jung's teacher and asks him to take care of her and disregard her past as a teacher.

Soon Hee buys a new uniform for herself and gives Hye Jung her old one.  Hye Jung seems to have warmed up to Soon Hee and even starts to laugh and smile.  It's a nice change to see on her.

On her way home, Hye Jung crosses paths with Ji Hong and suddenly a pregnant woman collapses to the ground. They both rush to the woman and her young son. Hye Jung comforts the boy, while Ji Hong breaks out the medical training that Hye Jung didn't know he had. He gives her first aid while the paramedics are on their way and nearly has to give her surgery. You can tell that he's nervous about it. He obviously had a bad experience in the past.

The paramedics show up and they both go to the hospital where Hye Jung stays with the boy until the father arrives and Ji Hong watches through a window as she goes through surgery and both baby and mommy come out safe. The father tells Hye Jung how great she is and that he wants to name his own daughter after her- someone who helps others.

Hye Jung is grinning ear to ear on the way back to their town and Ji Hong seems a bit exhausted. Hye Jung seems to have made up her mind to becoming a better person after going through that experience. She starts by going back to the record store to pay for the CD she stole, but it seems Ji Hong already went back and did that on her behalf.

She goes to see Ji Hong and asks how she can become a better person. Since he's a teacher, he tells her the answer is obvious and she realizes that means studying. She asks Soon Hee who the best student in the school is, who in turn asks Seo Woo to help Hye Jung study. 

Seo Woo seems hesitant at first until Soo CHul and some of his thug friend show up. Soo Chul's trying to flirt with Hye Jung, but his friends start harassing Seo Woo.  Hye Jung stands up for her and when the guys chase after her, they run away together. 

 Soo Chul leads the guys off the trail to try and protect Hye Jung and after that it seems like Hye Jung, Soo Chul, and Seo Woo have become the three best friends that anyone ever had and Seo Woo agrees to help her study.

Seo Woo finds Ji Hong and confesses that she likes him and tells him that's why she's helping Hye Jung study, because he likes warm people. He tells her not to live her life doing what she thinks other people want her to.

Seo Woo helps Hye Jung with just the basics of learning how to study, but from there Hye Jung kicks it into gear. She studies nonstop and Ji Hong can't help but notice her dedication and begin to admire her for it. 

When exam time comes, Seo Woo acts encouraging toward Hye Jung, until it turns out that Hye Jung has scored the highest score in class.  Now Seo Woo sees her as competition and seems to immediately loathe her. Everyone else though is super proud including Soon Hee, Grandma, and of course dear Ji Hong. He and Hye Jung have begun to get closer and spend more time together.  Seo Woo notices and begins to get jealous.

It's only when Hye Jung tries to bring Seo Woo back her study tools does she realize that Seo Woo has come to hate her.  Other students begin to notice the closeness between Ji Hong and Hye Jung as well and start to whisper.  Seo Woo confronts Ji Hong about it who tells her to stop spreading rumors.

But that apparently makes her very, very angry and she writes a post online about the supposed affair going on between Hye Jung and Ji Hong. Hye Jung tells Seo Woo she will do anything if she takes the post back, but Seo Woo won't even talk to her.

With Soon Hee's help, Hye Jung meets up with Seo Woo at an old warehouse to talk about it. But Seo Woo is just angry at her for stealing Ji Hong's attention. After all, she liked him first, but he seems to like Hye Jung better. Hye Jung isn't trying to make the argument with Seo Woo physical, but it seems Seo Woo is leaning that way. She's physically antagonizing Seo Woo who tries to push her away, but Seo Woo falls and hits her head. Meanwhile Soon Hee had tried to start a fire for them to stay warm, but the fire spread and now the warehouse is on fire around them with Seo Woo passed out.

And that's where our episode ends.

So here are my thoughts on this episode's happenings:

-So glad Ji Hong didn't hit Hye Jung. Now I can continue to look at him as a good guy.

-Both Ji Hong and Hye Jung saw their parent(s) die when they were younger.  I wonder if that will end up bringing them closer together or if it's just a coincidence.

-I swear to God, drama, if you kill Grandma just to spite me I'm going to be really upset.

-Soo Chul is a bit creepy, yes, but I just can't bring myself to hate him. Maybe it's just because I love Ji Soo's face so much. Do you know what I mean?

-I was so happy when Hye Jung warmed up to Soon Hee. I didn't think she ever would, but it was adorable seeing them as friends. Especially adorable for the brief period when all three were friends.

-I love that the scene where Ji Hong gives the pregnant woman CPR is not at all sexy because it's not supposed to be remotely sexy.  The fact that her mouth if full of vomit and he's actually trying to save her life is the way it should look.

-Just a little bit of affection, made a really big impact on Hye Jung's behavior. That is crazy, but completely believable.  It makes you re-examine how you treat people.

-I hate Seo Woo. I want to find her and rip a very large chunk out of her hair. Okay, I take that back. I'll take a page from Hye Jung and only get physical when it's to defend myself. But I do want Seo Woo to take it down like 92 notches.

-Hye Jung seems to be the first person, to help or stick up for someone else. What a great character trait! 

Well that concludes my recap and thoughts on tonight's episode. What did y'all think? Is it going to be hard waiting a whole week before learning more? It is for me.  In the meantime follow along with all things Doctor Crush on my Doctor Crush Homepage here

Embrace the (k)drama, friends, embrace it!

Doctor Crush Episode 1 Recap

Good evening friends and future friends! The long awaited comeback of Park Shin Hye was finally here yesterday in the form of Doctor Crush (aka Doctors) and let me tell you friends, it may have just been one episode but already I have a crush on this drama.  Even though Park Shin Hye is probably my female acting bias, I was a little skeptical when I heard that her character used to be a thug. In all of Shin Hye’s acting so far, I’ve never seen anything remotely thuggish. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see how adeptly she pulled it off. Her acting in this drama is the best I’ve ever seen from her. 

As a special blog, I’ll be doing an extensive recap and review of episode 1. While I’d love to do this with every episode, I’ll probably be slipping back into brief weekly recaps and memes.  If you’ve already seen the episode and/or don’t want to read the recap you can skip to the bottom for my comments. Now without further ado, let me recap episode 1 for you.

We’re first introduced to Hye Jung in what we assume is present day. A mob boss comes in injured with all his minions flanking him and causing chaos in the waiting room. Hye Jung immediately takes leadership and tells them to keep it under control. When the mob boss states that he will not be attended to by a woman, the minions try to remove her from her own hospital and she will have NONE of it.  A VERY physical fight ensures and she kicks all of their butts. After many of the minions lying on the floor, Hye Jung makes it clear that she will let nothing interfere with her duties as a doctor and that she’s one hell of a fighter.

The next time we see Hye Jung we’re 10 years in the past. She’s a high school student who has just been kicked out of her school for who knows what, but it’s clear the teachers hate her and one even repeatedly hits her.  Her dad picks her up and it seems as though he doesn’t think much more highly of her than the teachers do. She blames her dad for killing her mom somehow and he treats Hye Jung like she’s worthless.  He drops her off at her grandma’s house with the statement that their relationship is over. He has abandoned her. Hye Jung cries as he drives off as she states that she knew that this was coming from him eventually. 

Her grandma, who runs a restaurant, ushers her inside where she proceeds to immediately feed her.  Hye Jung seems to have adopted the attitude that she’ll eventually be kicked out of her grandma’s as well, but her grandma tells Hye Jung that no matter what she does, she’s not going to kick her out.  You can see the ache in Grandma’s heart as she looks at Hye Jung. In true grandma fashion, she sees her grandchild as precious although maybe no one else in the world does. The next day Grandma urges Hye Jung to go enroll to school. Hye Jung gets money from Grandma for a uniform and is off.

Meanwhile at school we’re introduced to the charismatic, dead poet society-esque teacher Hong Ji Hong (love the name).  He is young and fun and most of his students seem to love and respect him.  He likes to give the class president, Jin Seo Woo , trouble. Probably because no one else in the world would dare with her father as the head of a hospital. 

Hye Jung doesn’t go to school at all, but goes shopping. Later, she and Ji Hong end up at the same cd store, where she gets accused of stealing a CD, which she absolutely did but vehemently denies. She also denies that she’s a student and feigns complete innocence and indignation the whole time. Well, the indignation may not be feigned, but either way she’s certainly guilty. Ki Hong comes to her defense and she escapes but when they’re outside he confronts. He knows that she’s a student and that she stole the CD and he gets her to admit to both, but not before she give him a kick to the head when he tried to search her bag.

She acts like she will go with him to apologize to the store owner, but instead runs on to a nearby bus and makes her getaway. Hye Jung continues going around shopping when she comes across a shirt that she likes at a store. Also there are three gangster girls from Ki Hong's class and the principal’s daughter. When Hye Jung goes into the bathroom, she finds the gangster girls bullying the principal’s daughter. We don’t know if it’s more out of chivalry or annoyance, but she tells the gangster girls to get out. When they don’t comply and try to get physical, she lets them have it and easily beats them up.  The principal’s daughter, Yoo Na, is so grateful that she tries to give Hye Jung all of her money but Hye Jung is creeped out by the girl’s clinginess and ditches her. 

Ji Hong is on his way home, and it turns out he lives with Grandma, but his would be girlfriend and colleague from when they were apparently in school  shows up and tells him that his dad is about to have surgery. They go back to Seoul together where he gets to the hospital after his dad has had surgery. It turns out his dad is the head of the hospital along with another doctor.  Ji Hong was adopted and the other doctor thinks that his own son, who also happens to be Seo Woo's dad, is more suitable for taking the hospital over some day.  Ji Hong is more interested in seeing that his father is okay. They have a happy and loving relationship and his dad didn’t want to worry him with a minor surgery.  They’re both happy to see each other. 

It turns out that’s not the end of Hye Jung and the gangster girls’ fate.  They all end up at the same nightclub, where  a girl gang that Hye Jung used to associate with is also there. They’re looking for Hye Jung, angry because she didn’t leave the gang in the proper way. The gangster girl from Ji Hong's class realizes her boyfriend/guy she wants to be her boyfriend is absent and his friend says he’s found a new girl. We find this guy, Soo Chul,  played by the effervescent Jisoo, cornering Hye Jung and asking her to be his girl.  She is annoyed. She tries to hit him and he stops her and finds it more charming than anything.  He doesn’t get angry or try to get physical back so while he may be acting kind of creepy it shows he’s not all bad.

 When both sets of gangster girls see Hye Jung they confront her.  Hye Jung dismisses them, saying she never even was in their gang, the girl just used her as muscle.  At this point they all want a piece of Hye Jung and a fight ensues. It’s Hye Jung against everyone and she holds her own pretty darn well getting in many more hits than she takes.  But then the cops shop up and start booking girls, but Soo Chul shows up, grabs Hye Jung’s hand and takes her out of there just and time and they ride off together on his motorcycle. Hot!

Meanwhile,  Ji Hong gets called into the policy station to bail the girls in his class out after they got in trouble for fighting. He takes them out for noodles and tells them not to get caught fighting and to come to class. He doesn’t ask them not to fight or to study, because he knows they won’t, but he takes a more realistic approach and wants them to at least keep their noses clean.

He gets home to Grandma’s, who is waiting outside for Hye Jung. Just then Hye Jung comes riding in on the back of Soo Chul's motorcycle and when Grandma introduces Hye Jung to the man that would be her teacher, she acts as if they just met. Ji Hong on the other hand, tells on Hye Jung to grandma that she stole and didn’t go to school at all. 

While Grandma likely knows that Ji Hong is telling the truth, she comes to Hye Jung’s defense and says that she wouldn’t have done this. Hye Jung only looks a little guilty. Inside Hye Jung and Grandma have an argument about Hye Jung going to school.  Grandma reveals that it wasn’t Hye Jung’s dad’s idea to abandon her, but Grandma wanted Hye Jung to come live with her.  She knows that she hasn’t been cared for and loved the way she should have been growing up and Grandma wants to remedy that.  My cold heart is just warmed by Grandma saying that. Hye Jung tells Grandma that she’ll make money the same way she did, by selling alcohol and her body. Grandma gets angry and hits her.  Hye Jung’s not happy about it, but very clearly used to be being hit.

She storms out and runs into Ji Hong in the yard and they both kind of snarl at each other, making it clear that if they have to live with each other and things continue to go the way they have, it won’t end well.  As Hye Jung is sleeping that night, Grandma regrets the fact that she hits her. She’s trying to adjust her personality, to become the parent that Hye Jung needs, that she never had. Hye Jung acts like she’s asleep, though she’s not. After Grandma lays back down you can see tears on her face. She recognizes her Grandma’s sincerity.

The next morning Grandma takes a new approach in helping Hye Jung. She tells her that if she’s not going to school, she’s going to work with her. They go to the market to get fresh produce and meat for the restaurant and Grandma makes Hye Jung carry everything. Eventually, Hye Jung seems fed up and asks Grandma if she wants her to go to school, if that would make her happy. Grandma says she does, that it would so Hye Jung puts all the groceries down in the middle of the road and heads to school.

When she gets there, it seems none of the teachers want her in the class and while Ji Hong doesn’t want her in his class and tells the administrator that, she still ends up in his class. When she gets there, the gangster girls are furious to see her while Yoo Na is ecstatic.  Ji Hong is taking the gangster girls out to about the fight they got in because the school found out and they have to be punished. But they say it’s not fair that Hye Jung doesn’t have to go, so he makes her come with them as well.

She says it’s ridiculous that she should have to write an apology letter along with the rest of the girls because she didn’t get caught, it was on her own time, and she wasn’t even a student of the school when it happened. All valid points in my opinion. She says she’d rather just get hit and get it over with.  Ji Hong dismisses the other girls and seems like he’s going to call her bluff. He has her get ready to get hit, as they somewhat barbarically do in Korea, and winds up like he’s going to hit her and that’s where the episode end.

So here are my thoughts on the episode:

-Hye Jung gets hit a lot. She never initiates the violence. If someone tries to fight her, or she feels physically threatened, she’ll react. But it’s an important distinction that she never initiates the violence.

-Also, it’s really sad that she’s gotten so used to being hit. She is the textbook case of a child who was neglected and abused and lashed out. We don’t know the extent of her issues yet, but it seems pretty clear that she’s a product of how she was raised.

-As always there  are going to be those that say they hate her character because she’s a “brat”, but it’s the first episode leave some room for character development. And I don’t hate her at all. I feel for her so much because I look at her and all I see is inner turmoil and pain.

-Grandma is such an important character here. She’s the first one to believe in Hye Jung and show her unconditional love. Probably the first one to really care for her.  It’s sad she didn’t take a bigger role in Hye Jung’s life earlier on.

-I’ll be really disappointed if Ji Hong does hit her, even if it’s just to prove a point. Why? She’s been hit enough. Violence isn’t going to teach her anything. It’s just going to perpetuate the cycle that she’s in. I really hope he’s not actually going to hit her and instead teach her a (non-physical) lesson.

-I love Hye Jung’s concept of being completely open with her life because people look down on you no matter what, so you mine as well be open and not let your tormentors discover your faults on their own.

-So Jisoo’s character is a tad aggressive, but he also is one of the few characters who didn’t respond to Hye Jung physically when she acted up. I like that about him. And how he said hi to her grandma. But let’s be honest, I might just love any character he portrays.

-Lee Ki Woo's cameo as the mob boss who so much fun. He’s so good-looking and charismatic that even in a cameo role, he pops.

-Honestly, I haven’t seen any other drama of Kim Sae Ron’s except Attic Cat, which for the record was a very strange drama. So I wasn’t unsure of how I’d like him. But so far he’s really suited well for this role and the scenes between him and Shin Hye are well acted and full of chemistry. The only problem right now is that she’s a high school student, but once we’re back to present day that problem is eradicated so I’m looking forward to seeing their loveline play out.

-Hye Jung may have been a difficult daughter, and there’s probably more that we don’t know but either way I say that her dad is an awful human being. Dropping her off in the cold manor he did and saying their relationship is over is a horribly inhumane thing for a father to do. He’s on my list.

So that’s episode one of Doctor Crush AKA Doctors for you, friends.  You can keep up to date with all my thoughts related to Doctor Crush here on my Doctor Crush homepage.  A new episode of Doctor Crush is about to be released tonight, so what are you doing? Go watch it!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Entertainer Episodes 17 & 18 Recap

Oh friends, it's so nice to talk to you. How have you been? I hope wonderful! Don't forget Father's Day is on Sunday for my American friends.  Anyway, Entertainer is over.  Should we talk about it.

Episode 17

The weeks starts with Suk Ho going to see Jin Woo and the two of them agreeing to give the song they stole back to the original songwriter, even though it means they both are going to have to pay the consequences. It's about friggin' time honestly. Why did it take Suk Ho 17 episodes to see this? But at least he saw it in the end. Suk Ho makes plans for the Entertainer Band to join Wild Entertainment, a big agency that will boost the band's fame, while he goes to jail.

He meets up with the band and tells them this as well as the fact that he stole someone's song who then committed suicide. They're shocked, but not angry at him. They talk about it and realize how much he did for all of them and where they'd be if it weren't for him. Suk Ho turns himself into the cops and the dead songwriter's brother has to come to the police station. But the brother is weary and sad and doesn't want to press charges. Suk Ho is almost angry. He wants the punishment he thinks he deserves, but the brother says he doesn't want to bring up the painful memory and as he's leaving tells Suk Ho that he liked the Entertainer band's song. In a weird way he was indicating that getting Ha Neul's brother's song back made up for it.

Even though Suk Ho is legally off the hook, he still wants Entertainer to go to Wild Entertainment and he sets up a meeting with their CEO, but the band refuses to go. When Suk Ho shows up to scold them, it's Kyle who tells him that they're family and they don't want to be abandoned and no matter how long it takes them, they want to do it together.

Min Joo has finally resolved herself not to care about Suk Ho as she's realized what's happening between he and Geu Rin.  Yeon Soo consoles her as he realizes she liked Suk Ho.  They seem to continue to get closer.  He gets hired to film an apartment commercial for her father's company (through no connection to her) and she even seems a little flustered by him while watching him act.

As a celebration of everything good that's happening, the band and the "adults" take a trip and they all seem pretty darn happy and that's where episode 17 ends.

Episode 18

Episode 18 starts with Jin Woo writing a letter to his fans and revealing that he did not write the song written by the dead songwriting.  Suk Ho is both irritated and impressed by him. And surprisingly, his fans still support him for coming clean. Ha Neul is able to cooly confess to Geu Rin that he did/does like her, but because he sees the feelings she has for Suk Ho and because Suk Ho is such a cool guy he's able to let her go.  To her credit, she doesn't make things awkward and somehow despite everything they're able to maintain their sibling relationship unhindered and without any awkwardness. Thank the drama gods!

The next scene jumps forward a year. Suk Ho is now the successful president of Mango as Entertainer Band has been received quite well. Min Joo and Smiley are working together out of Mango Music on the distribution end. Ha Neul is getting cast in a drama dealing around an unrequited love and Kyle uses his fame to go clubbing.

Meanwhile, Geu Rin has quit being the manager and has gone back to college where she's studying veterinary sciences. But because she's older than most of the students, she has no friends. She meets with the band and asks them to shop up at her school once so she can show everyone she knows them and make some friends, but they all seem to be too busy for her. Rude! How can they forget everything she did for them?

Suk Ho calls the band to a band meeting where he reveals that Jae Hoon will be leaving the band. Let me just take a minute here to say WHAT THE HELL?!? Why would they split up the family when there are only 30 minutes left to the end of the series! I almost hate the writers for this. Why would they be so cruel? Anyway, he wants to get back to studying and bring his grades back up or some crap like that. The band is understandably sad, but they don't want to keep him from doing what he wants either.

Next, Suk Ho does something unexpected and helps Ji Young (the witch that framed Ha Neul) get a role in a movie, giving her a chance to redeem herself.   Meanwhile, Ha Neul shows up at Geu Rin's school to help her out and sees a pretty girl who gives him directions. When Geu Rin sees Ha Neul she loudly exclaims for everyone to overhear that he's her little brother.  He laughs at how outlandish she's being. I'm honestly disappointed that the rest of the band didn't show up.

Geu Rin goes with Ha Neul to the studio where the rest of the band is waiting to meet the new drummer. Everyone is shocked when in comes a pretty girl. Ha Neul is especially shocked because it's the same pretty girl he saw at Geu Rin's school and she seems to like him too.

Yeon Soo, who apparently has been mooning over Min Joo without expressing himself this whole time, finally confesses to her. She seems shocked, but doesn't give him a denial and he tells her to think about it and she seems to think on it favorably.

Our drama ends as the Entertainer band (in it's original form with Jae Hoon still the drummer) walks the red carpet decked out in their suits. Suk Ho is watching them from outside the red carpet when they all stop on the red carpet and refuse to go any further until he comes and joins them. Together, the five of them walk the red carpet and presumably onto a brilliant and beautiful future.

So that wraps up the last 9 weeks of my life, friends. Lol. Overall, Entertainer is definitely worth a watch. The ensemble and the friendships in this drama really move your heart. Even though the last two episodes were a bit *shrugs* the rest of the drama more than made up for it. What did you all think? You can catch up on my recaps for the entire series here

Until my next drama, friends. Which...SUPRISE... will be in just a few days as I've signed on for Doctor Crush, Park Shin Hye's new drama with the DramaFever Drama Club. I'm excited and I"ll see you then .Embrace the (k)drama, friends!

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