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Doctor Crush Episode 2 Recap

Hello again so soon friends. Episode 2 of Doctor Crush is out and wouldn't you like to know what happened? Well let me recap it for you.

When we left off it appeared as though Ji Hong may hit Hye Jung as that's what she requested for her punishment. He doesn't. He tells her he doesn't even like her, so he's not going to do something he hates (violence) for her sake. It was a good move on his part.  As Hye Jung is leaving, the principal's daughter, whose name is actually Soon Hee, comes up to her and clings to her again. She tells Hye Jung that she just really likes her and eventually Hye Jung wears down and agrees that Soon Hee is cute (in a completely platonic way).

Hye Jung is leaving school when outside waiting for her is Soo Chul, the hottie who rescued her from the club and she tells him to leave her alone. Soon Hee tells Hye Jung that she can help her find a uniform. Meanwhile Grandma finds out that Ji Hong is Hye Jung's teacher and asks him to take care of her and disregard her past as a teacher.

Soon Hee buys a new uniform for herself and gives Hye Jung her old one.  Hye Jung seems to have warmed up to Soon Hee and even starts to laugh and smile.  It's a nice change to see on her.

On her way home, Hye Jung crosses paths with Ji Hong and suddenly a pregnant woman collapses to the ground. They both rush to the woman and her young son. Hye Jung comforts the boy, while Ji Hong breaks out the medical training that Hye Jung didn't know he had. He gives her first aid while the paramedics are on their way and nearly has to give her surgery. You can tell that he's nervous about it. He obviously had a bad experience in the past.

The paramedics show up and they both go to the hospital where Hye Jung stays with the boy until the father arrives and Ji Hong watches through a window as she goes through surgery and both baby and mommy come out safe. The father tells Hye Jung how great she is and that he wants to name his own daughter after her- someone who helps others.

Hye Jung is grinning ear to ear on the way back to their town and Ji Hong seems a bit exhausted. Hye Jung seems to have made up her mind to becoming a better person after going through that experience. She starts by going back to the record store to pay for the CD she stole, but it seems Ji Hong already went back and did that on her behalf.

She goes to see Ji Hong and asks how she can become a better person. Since he's a teacher, he tells her the answer is obvious and she realizes that means studying. She asks Soon Hee who the best student in the school is, who in turn asks Seo Woo to help Hye Jung study. 

Seo Woo seems hesitant at first until Soo CHul and some of his thug friend show up. Soo Chul's trying to flirt with Hye Jung, but his friends start harassing Seo Woo.  Hye Jung stands up for her and when the guys chase after her, they run away together. 

 Soo Chul leads the guys off the trail to try and protect Hye Jung and after that it seems like Hye Jung, Soo Chul, and Seo Woo have become the three best friends that anyone ever had and Seo Woo agrees to help her study.

Seo Woo finds Ji Hong and confesses that she likes him and tells him that's why she's helping Hye Jung study, because he likes warm people. He tells her not to live her life doing what she thinks other people want her to.

Seo Woo helps Hye Jung with just the basics of learning how to study, but from there Hye Jung kicks it into gear. She studies nonstop and Ji Hong can't help but notice her dedication and begin to admire her for it. 

When exam time comes, Seo Woo acts encouraging toward Hye Jung, until it turns out that Hye Jung has scored the highest score in class.  Now Seo Woo sees her as competition and seems to immediately loathe her. Everyone else though is super proud including Soon Hee, Grandma, and of course dear Ji Hong. He and Hye Jung have begun to get closer and spend more time together.  Seo Woo notices and begins to get jealous.

It's only when Hye Jung tries to bring Seo Woo back her study tools does she realize that Seo Woo has come to hate her.  Other students begin to notice the closeness between Ji Hong and Hye Jung as well and start to whisper.  Seo Woo confronts Ji Hong about it who tells her to stop spreading rumors.

But that apparently makes her very, very angry and she writes a post online about the supposed affair going on between Hye Jung and Ji Hong. Hye Jung tells Seo Woo she will do anything if she takes the post back, but Seo Woo won't even talk to her.

With Soon Hee's help, Hye Jung meets up with Seo Woo at an old warehouse to talk about it. But Seo Woo is just angry at her for stealing Ji Hong's attention. After all, she liked him first, but he seems to like Hye Jung better. Hye Jung isn't trying to make the argument with Seo Woo physical, but it seems Seo Woo is leaning that way. She's physically antagonizing Seo Woo who tries to push her away, but Seo Woo falls and hits her head. Meanwhile Soon Hee had tried to start a fire for them to stay warm, but the fire spread and now the warehouse is on fire around them with Seo Woo passed out.

And that's where our episode ends.

So here are my thoughts on this episode's happenings:

-So glad Ji Hong didn't hit Hye Jung. Now I can continue to look at him as a good guy.

-Both Ji Hong and Hye Jung saw their parent(s) die when they were younger.  I wonder if that will end up bringing them closer together or if it's just a coincidence.

-I swear to God, drama, if you kill Grandma just to spite me I'm going to be really upset.

-Soo Chul is a bit creepy, yes, but I just can't bring myself to hate him. Maybe it's just because I love Ji Soo's face so much. Do you know what I mean?

-I was so happy when Hye Jung warmed up to Soon Hee. I didn't think she ever would, but it was adorable seeing them as friends. Especially adorable for the brief period when all three were friends.

-I love that the scene where Ji Hong gives the pregnant woman CPR is not at all sexy because it's not supposed to be remotely sexy.  The fact that her mouth if full of vomit and he's actually trying to save her life is the way it should look.

-Just a little bit of affection, made a really big impact on Hye Jung's behavior. That is crazy, but completely believable.  It makes you re-examine how you treat people.

-I hate Seo Woo. I want to find her and rip a very large chunk out of her hair. Okay, I take that back. I'll take a page from Hye Jung and only get physical when it's to defend myself. But I do want Seo Woo to take it down like 92 notches.

-Hye Jung seems to be the first person, to help or stick up for someone else. What a great character trait! 

Well that concludes my recap and thoughts on tonight's episode. What did y'all think? Is it going to be hard waiting a whole week before learning more? It is for me.  In the meantime follow along with all things Doctor Crush on my Doctor Crush Homepage here

Embrace the (k)drama, friends, embrace it!


  1. I was also happy about Ji Hong's treatment of Hye Jung (that he didn't hit her), though I kind of expected it because I don't think they could ever be close if he had. Sure, her grandma hit her during their fight, but she apologized AND (more importantly) she's family that cares and admits mistakes.

    Though we obviously know her future from episode 1, I couldn't help but freak out at that cliffhanger. I see three paths:
    1. Seo Woo dies/becomes seriously injured and Hye Jung has to deal with that.
    2. They all survive somehow but Seo Woo forever resents Hye Jung for it, making the latter's life more difficult.
    3. They all survive somehow and their friendship is mended. HA. (Seo Woo would never get over the fact that Ji Hong and Hye Jung live together, even if Hye Jung denied feelings/gave up).

    I don't understand how this isn't going to be an epic disaster. But I do appreciate the girl drama (oddly enough) because even though Seo Woo is doing this all because of a man, Hye Jung is trying to fix it not just because she respects Ji Hong, but also because Seo Woo was at one point a friend and mentor as well. The relationship between Hye Jung and Soon Hee is so adorable (I sort of ship it, so I'm glad the anti-gay sentiment was kinda kept to a minimum with the lesbian conversation) and I enjoy it just as much as the Hye Jung -- Ji Hong dynamic, if not more, because I don't have to worry about the inevitable student-teacher drama. My biggest fear for the oncoming episode is that Soon Hee leaves Hye Jung alone.

    1. I agree. It was just as powerful that Grandma hit Hye Jung and then realized she was wrong by doing so, that it was the opposite of what would help Hye jung.

      I doubt Seo Woo and Hye Jung are going to recover from this fight, because it seems very obvious to me that Seo Woo is incredibly insecure and petty and she has a lot of stuff to work out before she's ready for a real friendship. I'm anticipating that we're going to get a lot of character development from the end of the show.

      I like Soon Hee, too, but I'm not yet convinced that she is actually a lesbian. She seemed kind of confused by what Hye Jung was asking her and just really naive overall. If she is, then it will definitely make this show even more ground-breaking. I hope that she sticks by Hye Jung's side regardless because she could use a real friend right now.

  2. That's a very nice way of putting it. I would have just called Seo Woo an entitled, self-centered brat. The true test of character development in this show is probably what the writers do with Seo Woo's journey to adulthood. I am a little surprised that they went through this subplot (I thought she was going to blackmail him) though; it hints at more of an ensemble cast feel and character development for all. (Though really, should I get my hopes up?)
    I guess I should be clear: I don't actually think that Soon Hee is a lesbian. I've watched enough kdrama to know that 99.9% of the time, treatment of gay/non-straight people is cringeworthy at best. If she is (and remains an important person to Hye Jung), then awesome. In the likely case that she isn't, I'll just have to enjoy the moments they have together.

    1. Haha. She is pretty self-centered. I love the dramas where there's a great ensemble, so hopefully all the characters can become strong ones. I agree, the treatment of gay characters is pretty cringy. The only one I remember where the character had a decent reaction was Personal Taste.

      But Soon Hee continues to be adorable, especially in the next two episodes that just aired (2 & 3). This drama is not disappointing so far.


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