Friday, June 10, 2016

Entertainer Episodes 15 & 16 Recap

Hi friends! Have you been enjoying Entertainer? Have you been crying as much as I have?  Who knew this drama would be so emotional! But I don't regret a single minute of it honestly. Let's talk about what went down this week.

So episode 15 opens up with Suk Hoo hunting Joon Suk down and giving him a much deserved beat down. Multiple punches to the face, that he definitely deserves, but it does beg the question: didn't Suk Ho do the same thing to the songwriter whose song he stole from Jackson? Shouldn't he be also punching himself in the face?

Anyway, moving on, Suk Ho gets really sick from the shock of finding out about Sung Hyun. Everyone's really worried about him, but only Smiley knows the truth. But after he takes a couple days he gathers the whole band together and tells them everything at once: that it's okay to cry is Sung Hyung's song, that Joon Suk stole it, and that he didn't have a heart attack, he committed suicide. Everyone is shocked, but obviously Ha Neul is quite shaken up by this revelation.

After Ha Neul gets over his initial shock, he goes to Ktop and promises Joon Suk that he will make him suffer. Without Ha Neul, the band decides they won't play It's Okay To Cry.  They think of Ha Neul like family and they would never allow themselves to do that. But Ha Neul shows up and insists he's going to play the song.  He goes to find Suk Ho, who he's been avoiding up to this point and tells him that they should both agree to not feel sorry for one another or talk about what ifs. He asks Suk Ho to help him get his brother's song back.

Suk Ho sets out searching for the singer who Ktop had claim to write the song, Joon Ha.  It turns out Ktop is looking for him as well and Joo Han has a lead. Luckily, his loyalties have changed since Ha Neul spared him and he tells Suk Ho where he was last seen. It turns out Joon Ha hasn't been able to forget about Sung Hyun for the past 11 years. Unfortunately Joon Suk finds Joon Ha first and tells him to keep his mouth shut. Suk Ho gets a touching letter to Joon Ha and waits for him. Just as you think he's not going to show, he shows up at the restaurant at the end of the episode.

We enter Episode 16 as Suk Ho please with Joon Ha to reveal he didn't write the song. While Joon Ha feels guilty and knows what he did was wrong, he can't bring himself to reveal the truth because it'll ruin what everyone thinks of him. He gives Suk Ho a check for Ha Neul with all the royalties he ever received for the song. He never spent a cent.

Back at the band house, the bandmates are saddened that Ha Neul went to see his brother without him. They remind him that they're all family and they're going to see his brother whether he likes it or not. Suk Ho and the other "adults" are trying to figure out how to compel Joon Ha to help them out. Smiley reveals that he has video recording of Sung Hyun singing the song before it was ever released.  They don't want to follow that resort, though, as Suk Ho doesn't want to ruin Sung Hyun's reputation.

Suk Ho passes on the royalty check to Geu Rin to give to Ha Neul. He's understandably angry and fired up by Joon Ha trying to give him money to clear his conscience. Suk Ho gets to take a look at the video footage of Sung Hyun and breaks down at the sight of his old friend. He finds Joon Ha at the airport as he's leaving to Australia hands him a USB drive with the footage of Sung Hyun. Ha Neul shows up and please with Joon Ha to do the right thing. He tells him he'll be going on stage no matter what and hopes that by the time he goes on the stage the song will be his brother's again. He also refuses to take the royalty check.

Afterward, it seems as though Suk Ho gives a small thought to the own sins he committed against the songwriter in the first episode and asks Jin Woo to reveal he didn't write the song, but Jin Woo is not ready and so Suk Ho doesn't push. Joon Ha makes a decision to reveal the truth and Suk Ho works with a reporter to make a thoughtful release of the information.

Ha Neul is having difficulty singing the song and so Suk Ho sends him the footage of his brother's performance to watch with the rest of the band, Geu Rin, and Min Joo.  He sobs as he watches it and they all cry as well as their hearts break for him. Suk Ho tells Ha Neul that he's the only person in the world that can sing this song for his brother.

Joon Ha begins to think he's made a bad decision as he reads the comments people left about him on the internet, until he speaks to his own wife and son who are proud of him and the man he is. He asks Suk Ho for a favor.  Suk Ho in turns finds the band and informs them they're turning the song into a duet. Before the performance, the entire band visits Sung Hyun's urn and introduces themselves.

The show begins with Joon Ha getting on stage and apologizing to his fans as well as announcing his retirement.  The duet is between Joon Ha and the old performance footage of Sung Hyun. They project it onto the stage so it appears as though a hologram of Sung Hyun is right there with Ha Neul and together they sing the beautiful song. Everyone and I mean everyone is moved to tears and that's where our episodes this week end.

Next week is our finale, so get ready friends and in the meantime you can catch up with all my recaps so far on my Entertainer homepage. Until next time friends, Embrace the (K)drama.

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