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Doctor Crush Episodes 11 & 12 Recap

Hi friends! How are things this week? I haven't been busy per say, but I also haven't had a lot of free time. For that reason, I'm going to condense this week's episodes into one post instead of two. I plan on going back to individual posts next week. Let's get this baby started with episode 11

Episode 11:
Episode 10 ended on kind of a weird note between Hye Jung and Ji Hong as she called him out.  Ji Hong sees that his father seems well after his surgery is grateful.  Meanwhile, Seo Woo's dad asks her why she reported Hye Jung for bribery. When he sees she doesn't have a good answer, dismisses the case and tells Seo Woo to be more like Hye Jung- ouch!

A ghost of girlfriends past shows up in the form of In Joo who will be working in the general surgery department. Her and Hye Jung are not unfriendly, but things are a bit awkward since their last encounter 13 years ago. A new patient is admitted in the form of a woman who was injured from a fall. After surgery she is paralyzed, but is conscious and can see/hear everything going on around her. Her "husband" is quite attentive to her, but also is quite creepy. It is implied when the doctors aren't watching that he was the one that did this to her.

In Joo admits to Ji Hong that she said some mean things to Hye Jung 13 years ago. Ji Hong tries to bring them up with Hye Jung, but she says she'll take care of it and instead focuses on their relationship. She points out that it's unequal. That he doesn't share any of his burdens with her but is willing to do anything for her.  She tells him that she doesn't want a relationship like that where she might end up becoming useless and that he needs to change.

Yoon Do, meanwhile, has decided that although Hye Jung made it clear she doesn't like him, he's not going to stop liking her and he's going to wait for his opportunity. Seo Woo's grandpa is sure that his best friend, Director Hong, has a copy of the evidence against his son and after searching his office he finds it.  He then goes to confront Director Hong and gets angry saying if he won't leave his son alone, then he's going to bother Ji Hong.

This upsets Director Hong and he attempts to chase after Seo Woo's grandpa, but collapses. The team of Yoon Do and Hye Jung are at his bedside when Ji Hong and the Section Chief arrive. His pulse stops and even though he was clear to not resuscitate him, Ji Hong tries to no avail. Director Hong dies. It's really quite sad.

Episode 12
It's been 3 weeks since Director Hong's death and Hye Jung and Ji Hong have been out of touch since then. He had to go to America to sort things out and now that he's back, things are awkward between then. She didn't know how to react, how to comfort him and although she expected his call he never called, because he expected her to call. Seo Woo's grandpa has taken the position of Director Hong and by extension her dad has taken her grandpa's position. Basically these two have free reign to do whatever they want now.

Creepy stalker violent man is still in the hospital with his victims and the doctors and nurses still only think of him as an attentive husband. No one has caught on yet because the victim herself can't yet talk. Seo Woo's mom comes to Yoon Do and asks him to reconsider Seo Woo. Ugh, how embarrassing but Yoon Do pretty much tells her to mind her own business and let how the relationship ends up be between him and Seo Woo.

The assistant from Grandma's surgery back in the day comes to see Seo Woo's dad asking for a position at the main hospital and revealing that he still has the anesthesiology reports, as an attempt at persuading him. Seo Woo's dad won't buy it and dismisses him, but as he's leaving he sees Ji Hong who says his memory might be rekindled with some kindness to which Ji Hong responds that he is a kind person.

Hye Jung has still be unsuccessful in talking with Ji Hong, things are awkward. But she does run into In Joo who wants to have a drink with her. In Joo apologizes about what she said thirteen years earlier and Hye Jung accepts. They drink together, but In Joo overdoes it and Hye Jung has to bring her home. At least she tries, but In Joo leads her outside of Ji Hong's home which is also where Yoon Do lives and currently he, his uncle Pa Ran, and Ji Hong were hanging out and drinking themselves.

They come out to get In Joo and Ji Hong and Hye Jung talk as the guys carry In Joo inside.  Hye Jung gets frustrated when he's just going to leave. They go into his apartment to talk. She apologizes for not contacting him, admitting she doesn't know how to console someone. He admitted he missed her and for the first time in his life it made him think he shouldn't do everything alone. She apologizes for asking him to change and tells him she wants to just be by his side the way he is if that's okay with him which of course he says it is.

She's about to leave, but first he shows her the claw machine he has set up in his apartment. He leads her hand to teach her how to play and with the close contact, things get a bit heated up. She turns around to sit on the machine and puts her arm around his neck as she strokes his hair. Slowly, hesitantly, he goes in for the kiss which becomes the most heated kiss I've ever seen out of Park Shin Hye.

Back at the hospital the next day, Ji Hong finally catches on that the patient is scared of the man that's supposed to be her husband. He gets her isolated and develops a blinking system for her to answer his question and they determine that the man claiming to be her husband is her assailant. They call the police, but he escapes before they can get him. They find out that her parents reported her missing and they come to the hospital to tend for her.  Later that night the man comes back and tries to strange the woman. He runs away as the doctors are coming, but Hye Jung catches him in her typical gangster fashion.

She and Ji Hong have to perform a small surgery on her after some damage is done during her attack. Afterward Ji Hong walks her home and as he goes to leave, our episode ends sweetly as she runs up behind him and gives him a back hug.

Sorry to keep it short this week guys. I also won't make any comments here, but I make lots on our Drama Club post on DramaFever which you'll be able to find here on my main page as soon as it's posted.

Until next week, embrace the Kdrama.

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Doctor Crush Episode 10 Recap

 Hi friends! I'm sorry it took me so long to get episode 10 up. For some reason I thought I had already posted it but in reality I had not. Let me break it down for you as Episode 11 is about to air tonight.

Although episode 9 ends as it seems Director Hong's surgery has already taken place, that's not really the case.  The surgery has yet to happen.

The surgery is delayed when the initial tests are done on Director Hong and it turns out his blood sugar is too high. They decide to watch him for a few days first. Meanwhile, Seo Woo's dad and grandpa are getting suspicious as to where Director Hong is as his car is still at the hospital. At the same time, Ji Hong and his director decide not to keep the surgery a secret any longer.  When everyone knows that Director Hong is going in for surgery, it means higher stakes and more pressure for Yoon Do.

Meanwhile, Seo Woo finds out from cutie doctor Kang Soo that he crashed the car gifted to Hye Jung by mob boss.  She is immediately upset by this, saying accepting gifts is against the hospital policy and reports it to an internal audit committee.

Seo Woo's grandpa comes to visit Director Hong when he finds out that he's in the hospital because even though he punched him in the face, they've still been friends for 30 years.  He urges Director Hong to retire and says if he does, then he'll support putting Ji Hong in charge. That seems like a lie, but okay, whatever.

Yoon Do has been urging Hye Jung to have a meal with him and finally she agrees.  She knows that he likes and being as open and honest as he is, Yoon Do doesn't beat around the bush with his feelings whenever asked.  Hye Jung doesn't feel right leading him on and she tells him that she doesn't think she's capable of love, but that if she ever was it would be with Ji Hong and Ji Hong only.  Yoon Do is understandably a little crushed, but he rebounds and doesn't want things to be awkward between them.

Director Hong's levels are finally down to a safe level for surgery. Ji Hong decides not to watch and instead bide his time in the waiting room where the other patients' family members have to wait. However, his director, takes his seat above the surgery room and watches anxiously. As the surgery starts, he starts to give instructions to Yoon Do via the intercom.

Yoon Do only tolerates it for a minute before stopping the surgery and telling his director that he needs to stop. To the director's credit, he realizes Yoon Do is right and shuts up.  Yoon Do and Hye Jung continues the surgery and come out the other side with a success. Ji Hong and the director express their gratefulness to both doctors.

Soon Hee has asked Hye Jung to get the tall, lazy doctor Young Kook to come by her shop. Hye Jung sheepishly asks him and Joong Dae the bumbling doctor (since he was in the room), to stop by Soon Hee's shop often as a favor to her. Hye Jung gets call in front of the auditor about the car incident and explains that she's been trying to find a way to get in touch with the mob boss, but hasn't been able to yet. She then proceeds to show him a picture of her own sweet ride and tells him she has no need or want for the Mob Boss' gift. He leaves her with a positive impression that it shouldn't be that big of a deal.

It turns out the car thing is a big deal, as Hye Jung is to be brought in front of the disciplinary committee.  Her director tells her that even though he believes she did nothing wrong, not everyone is going to feel that way. That she could get a pay cut, suspension, or possibly fired.  She takes the news rather well. When Ji Hong finds out, you can tell he doesn't take it as well. He reassures her everything will be find. She's suspicious of the fact that he always is okay with anything that she does. Hye Jung explains to Ji Hong that's not realistic, it's a fantasy. You can't make your partner flawless like that. Yoon Do is equally, maybe even more so, upset to hear about the fact that Hye Jung could be punished.

Kang Soo and the nurse feel guilty that Hye Jung is punished over the car incident, when they're the ones that drove and crashed it.  It also turns out that Kang Soo has started a web comic based around Hye Jung and the concept of her as a thug doctor. It's starting to take off on the internet and people really love it.

Ji Hong finds out that Hye Jung went to visit the director of the satellite hospital where her grandma had surgery and that she didn't find out much. He calls the man up and asks to speak with him as well. At this point that director starts to get suspicious.  When Hye Jung visits again, he says as much to Hye Jung and accuses her of trying to intimidate him by getting Ji Hong involved.  After she leaves, the director lets Seo Woo's dad know that Ji Hong is involved into looking Grandma's case.

Hye Jung goes to confront Ji Hong about the issue and asks why he got involved and didn't tell her. He accuses her of not sharing the burden with him, but she turns it around and points out how he's the one who's been keeping everything to himself. That she found out about the doctor's illness for someone else as well as the tax investigation.

He defends himself saying he's never relied on anyone else before so it's a habit, but it's not personal. Hye Jung wisely points out that a relationship between a man and a woman can't be like that. That if they're to be romantically involved, they become burdens to one another if they think like that and she refuses to be in that kind of relationship.'

And that's where episode 10 ends.

My Thoughts:
-I swear I tried not to get second lead syndrome but Yoon Do just has the greatest character as far as I can see and each episode he shows something more that I like. I love honesty, so he gets me there. But then he also is so open and sets healthy boundaries in all his relationship. He takes rejection well and is respectful of other people. I was more than a little disappointed when Hye Jung rejected him. I really think the relationship with him would be a lot more healthy. But you can't decide who you love, can you?

-Is Kang Soo going to say something about how he was the one that drove the vehicle? It wasn't his bribe, so I don't' think he'd get in trouble. Plus he really likes Hye Jung, why wouldn't he want to be able to help her out in whatever way he can?

-Eternally petty Seo Woo, what can I say about her? I guess there's the old adage, if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. If I followed that advice I might remain silent on the issue, but as is it I'll choose to talk a little smack about her. How is it in 13 years that she hasn't matured one bit? Is she on drugs? I mean that honestly, because drug use stunt your emotionally maturity and that's the only explanation I have for her at this time. Did she really think Hye Jung was trying to be shady by keeping the car? No, she didn't. No matter what she says, she doesn't truly believe that and therefore, she's just a lowly human being.

-Hye Jung makes some pretty valid points to Ji Hong about what's wrong with their relationship. Firstly, that he seems to be living in some sort of fantasy land. I've expressed similar thoughts that their relationship didn't seem rooted in reality. And also that he wants to be in a relationship and be into all her business, without ever sharing any of his.  It's an unfair expectation.  It seems like she'd be open to sharing things with him, if he only gave her the same courtesy.

My thoughts this week are a bit concise, but that being said this drama is definitely keeping my attention. You can keep up to date with all my Doctor Crush related posts here on my main page. Until Episode 11, don't be a stranger, be a friend!

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Doctor Crush Episode 9 Recap

Hello Hello, friends! Hope everything is spectacular with you. Also hope you're ready to talk about Doctor Crush, because I sure am.

Episode 9 starts with Ji Hong and Hye Jung still on the soccer field. They lay in the grass to look at the stars. Ji Hong offer her his arm and she falls asleep like that, by his side, as he admires her. 

Ji Hong runs into Yoon Do that night as they live in the same building.  Yoon Do admirably tells Ji Hong that he likes Hye Jung and he intends to pursue her. He knows they have a special relationship, but as they're not married he believes that it's fair. Ji Hong appreciates Yoon Do's openness, but appears to not feel threatened at all and tells Yoon Do he believes it will strengthen his relationship with Hye Jung.

The next morning Hye Jung goes to the hospital where her grandma had the surgery to try to get the anesthesia records, but is told they're destroyed after 10 years. The director of this satellite hospital, also was there during her Grandma's surgery and he's the one who filled out the report. Hye Jung barges into his office, hands him her Grandma's report, and asks him to remember. Which he clearly does but lies and says he doesn't and that it's too late to do anything about it because the statue of limits has passed. She ominously tells him that the law is not the only form of punishment.

Ji Hong meets Hye Jung for a date of sorts, but he takes her with him to go fishing with his father. Director Hong seems to be delighted with Hye Jung even telling her that she didn't have to know how to cook, she could just sit and relax. Ji Hong is embarrassed when the Director asks Hye Jung what she likes about him, but they all have a relaxing time together. That is until the hospital is in chaos as the tax bureau shows up and starts taking records from the hospital, trying to accuse Director Hong of fraud because of Seo Woo's evil dad and grandpa.  Ji Hong sends Hye Jong home and then he and his father go to face the mess at the hospital.

Hye Jung gets to the hospital to find that Seo Woo is dressed in small shorts and wearing a good deal of make-up, not the most appropriate doctor attire.  Seo Woo seems to think they need to hash things out. Hye Jung admit to her, that Seo Woo is a bad memory to her too because she really liked Seo Woo.  However, Seo Woo still believes that Hye Jung has come to the hospital just to take her revenge on her and when Hye Jung says it's not but refuses to reveal the real reason she came, they pretty much seal their fate as enemies.

The mob boss is released from the hospital and as he leaves expresses his gratitude to Hye Jung. She asks him not to go after and harm the man that tried to kill him, stating he's been through enough pain. He agrees by pretending to not even know who she's talk about. After he's gone he expresses his gratitude even further by leaving her with a very expensive sports car.

Hye Jung wants to return it but the phone numbers left on file, not surprisingly, aren't real numbers. Would a mob boss leave any trace of himself? The young doctors and nurses are almost as excited for Hye Jung as if they had been gifted the car themselves. She doesn't drive the car, as she intends to return it but she does let Kang Soo who of course reveals he doesn't' have a license and the car doesn't have insurance. He only drives around the parking lot, but of course gets in an accident. Hye Jung doesn't get mad, but she tells him that he'd better get the car fixed. 

Seo Woo is furious with Yoon Do at this point. She calls him out to talk to him and slaps him repeatedly. He's pretty much done with her crap and seems more annoyed than anything. She yells at him stating he may have told her to leave, but his eyes always told her to stay. Surprisingly, he reveals he was attracted for her for a little bit but not anymore and he states that he wasn't always the only object of her attention so her accusations are completely unfair. He said he felt a little bad towards her, but now they're even.

Chaos is still going on at the hospital during a board meeting. While everyone expects Director Hong to resign, he says that he will not until he clears up the mess because he knows someone is behind it.  Seo Woo's grandpa, his best friend, tries to convince him it'd be the selfless thing to do to retire. Then he says that if he's staying on for Ji Hong's benefit, he shouldn't bother because Ji Hong isn't even his real son.

This sends Director Hong over the end and he straight up punches his "friend" in the face. Good for him! He stands up for his son and himself and storms out of the room, knocking over a chair on the way.  Ji Hong follows him out as he's leaving and notices his balance is a little off before Director Hong falls over completely. Being a doctor, Ji Hong has noticed that his symptoms are off and worries even more when he realizes his dad has not had follow up appointments since his surgery 13 years ago. He convinces him to have tests done while he's at the hospital.

The news is grim as it looks like Director Hong's condition comes back.  I had a difficult time following the medical jargon, but I believe he has a brain tumor.  Both Ji Hong and his immediate director are distraught. Ji Hong knows that he wouldn't be able to do the surgery. The director doesn't want to do it either, but more than that believes that Yoon Do would do the best as his hands are younger, steadier and his surgeries have been going incredibly well.

The director calls in Yoon Do and Hye Jung and asks them to do the surgery and to keep it between them as he doesn't want the word getting around At first Yoon Do doesn't want to do the surgery either as there's a lot of pressure, but agrees to do it if he can take the method that he thinks is best.  He gets offended when both the director and Ji Hong tell him to be careful, as if they're questioning his skill.

When they get into surgery Hye Jung tells him that they're just scared and she can tell Yoon Do is scared to. If something goes wrong, he'll be blamed and he's scared that responsibility. She tells him not be scared, because she's there with him. After the surgery Ji Hong tells Yoon Do that he trusts him as a doctor, but not as a guardian. In Hye Jung's closing monologue she muses about how when doctors become the guardians waiting to see how the surgeries on their loved one turns out, they become just as senseless and worried as everyone.

My Thoughts:
-Man, Director Hong is a bad@$$!  We hardly ever get to see a good punch in a Kdrama except when it's a brawl over a woman and usually it's uncalled for at that time. But this was a totally justified and completely unexpected punch coming from an ailing old man. It was everything that I didn't know I needed. I love his attitude and the way he sticks up for himself and his son. We get so used to so many passive characters in Kdramas, watching helplessly as bad things happen to them, that it was so nice to see someone who wasn't going down without a fight. I love him.

-It makes sense that the mob boss would do something really nice for Hye Jung.  She taught him a lot and saved his life on a couple of occasions. But she already has a nice car. I wonder what she'll do with it and how it might become a factor in the plot? Maybe XXX XXX trying to get the car fixed will involve into a bigger drama.

-I was quite surprised that Yoon Do revealed he did like Seo Woo at one point. It made me feel a little apologetic towards her as I accused her of completely imagining his interest. I still hate her, though, because she has absolutely no right to be acting the way she as. We don't get to make a claim on people who have made no promises to us.

-I love how the director of the small hospital is intimidated by Hye Jung. Her confidence and sense of justice is pretty intimidating. Not to mention the fact that she threatened him. It's nice to see a heroine that is more intimidating than the villains.

-I like the parallel when Yoon Do tells Ji Hong that he likes Hye Jung and Ji Hong asks if Hye Jung knows. Yoon Do's response is "Of course. Why would I tell you before the person I like?" Personally I agree with this sentiment compared with when Ji Hong told Seo Woo he liked Hye Jung before he told Hye Jung.  I can't say for sure whether Ji Hong or Yoon Do is the better fit for Hye Jung once everything's said and don, but I can say that from what I've seen so far, I like Yoon Do's character better and this is just one of the many reasons.

 -The sweet side of Hye Jung emerges in her interactions with Yoon Do during surgery when she calmly explains that everyone is nervous and tells him not to be nervous because she's helping him.  She's such a complex character in that she is tough but also that she has such a big heart and despite all appearances, is quite warm to those around her once they get to know her. 

So those are my thoughts on episode 9. I have finished episode 10, but it may be a couple days until I get it out in all honestly. I'll try to hurry, though :) Until then, you can catch up with all my recaps so far here. See you soon friends and until then, embrace the Kdrama.

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Doctor Crush Episode 8 Recap

See? I kept my promise. It didn't take so long for me to release this one, did it? Let's jump right into the recap.

Episode 8 resumes where Episode 7 left off, with Soo Chul having just been hit by a car. Hye Jung jumps out of her car and runs to his side, yelling at the people nearby to call an ambulance. She delicately opens his helmet and he's conscious as she checks to see the extent of the damage. He can't move his arms and legs, but he can move his fingers. She's understandably shaken up to see her beloved friend in this state. Ji Hong shows up after hearing her scream while they were on the phone and takes over Soo Chul's first aid.

They get to the hospital and assess that he will need both neurosurgery (on his neck vertebrae, I believe) and general surgery, where Yoon Do's uncle will come in. Originally Hye Jung says that she doesn't want to be in the room during his surgery and Ji Hong says that's understandable but Soo Chul tells her he wants her in there because he's scared. But with her he knows that she can do anything and so he'll feel confident if she's doing the surgery. This causes Yoon Do to change her mind and assist Ji Hong with the surgery.

Meanwhile, Yoon Do has completed the surgery on Hye Jung's step-mom and because of if it she no longer has the facial tic. He's pretty much like "Yeah, I know I'm a great surgeon, can you go now?" haha. Not really, but he kind of just has that attitude and he can actually pull it off. Ji Hong and Hye Jung start surgery on Soo Chul and things are pretty tense. Hye Jung's dad is so grateful for his wife's successful surgery that he brings soup from his rice soup shop to share with the doctors. Seo Woo tells Yoon Do that her father and grandfather want him to come to dinner with them, which bums him out because the neurosurgery department has a party planned that night at Soon Hee's cafe.

During Soo Chul's surgery things look scary for a moment as blood starts to squirt all over, but Ji Hong is indeed a talented doctor and the surgery is completed successful. Afterward, his surgery with Yoon Do's uncle is just as successful. They were worried there would be some complications with a broken artery, but it's the non-dominant one. It looks as though Soo Chul will be able to recover.

Hye Jung check on Soo Chul and has a talk with him about recovery. she says the surgeries were successful and now it's time for him to do his part. He's going to need to do physical therapy, it's clear, but his future is not bleak. He takes on the challenge and wants to show what a cool guy he is as he's always been.

They barely get done with Soo Chul's surgery and then they have to go into Ji Hong's special surgery  which requires the patient to be awake during the surgery. Both Seo Woo and Hye Jung are assisting. Anyway, the surgery is on an Olympic archer who has a tremor. They start the surgery and then she starts to go blind while Ji Hong is operating, which means there's blood in the brain. Seo Woo says they should stop and wait, but Hye Jung tells Ji Hong to keep going.  Hye Jung tries to reassure the patient and Ji Hong takes care of the problem. She regains her vision and the tremor is gone. She's on her way back to the Olympics.

After the surgery Seo Woo complains to Hye Jung about arguing and Hye Jung fires back and points out that Seo Woo was making the patient, who was awake and scared, nervous. That she shouldn't have been squabbling or questioning Ji Hong while they're operating.  Ji Hong feels the same way as he calls Seo Woo in to talk to her about it. She gets defensive and says he's doing this because of his feelings for Hye Jung. Ji Hong tells Seo Woo that it's obvious that she won't listen to anything he's going to say which shows her ineptitude as a doctor and tells her he won't ever talk to her again since she doesn't listen.

When checking on Soo Chul, Ji Hong is happy to learn that Soo Chul was married, as to him it takes Soo Chul out of the competition. Soo Chul is surprised to find out that Ji Hong and Hye Jung are not dating, although he warned Hye Jung earlier not to date 'old men'.

Hye Jung's dad sees her being nice and friendly with the other patients and takes her aside to ask her why she's being so cold to him. He asks what he did. Uhm, how about telling her you never want to see her again? Is it crazy that she'd believe you after you abandoned her? Anyway, she tells him they've never been close and they don't have any reason to be now.

Yoon Do finds Hye Jung to tell her that the surgery was a success. He also tells her that he has an upcoming surgery he wants her to assist on. When she tries to argue, he shuts her down and reminds her that they agreed that they'd go on a case by case basis with her and Seo Woo for who assists with which surgery. He also tells her that they are going to eat a meal in the cafeteria together and that he thinks of her as a woman. He doesn't give her the opportunity to say no as he says all of this very confidently and then walks away. As he walks away, he gives a little fist thrust as a sign of his success. And even cuter, she tries to hide a shy smile as he walks away.

The party starts at Soon Hee's and all the doctors are having a good time with karaoke and drinking. Meanwhile Yoon Do is absolutely miserable as he shows up for dinner with Seo Woo. Her dad and grandpa obviously look at him as her future husband. His dad is a successful businessman and so they see the union of the two of them as a match made in heaven. But Yoon Do has made his feelings about Seo Woo very clear and so he leaves the dinner before they even order, leaving Seo Woo in an awkward position as well.

Yoon Do goes to the party and starts off by impressing everyone by taking a couple shots right off the bat.  Hye Jung, as well shows off her drinking skills. When it comes to Ji Hong though, he bombs his drinking challenge and Hye Jung has to step in as his dark rose (a girl who takes on a drinking challenge on behalf of a guy who can't drink or drink well).  Ji Hong motions to Hye Jung to sneak off and they both leave early from the party together. Yoon Do sees them leaving together and you can see his heart break a little. I'll admit mine broke a little too just watching him.

So Hye Jung and Ji Hong go off to the arcade and have fun together playing games and having some innocent fun. Eventually, they end up in a soccer field where they have a race.  On the way back across the field, Hye Jung takes an emboldened step and holds Ji Hong's hand. They smile and laugh together and it's pretty cute. Ji Hong is touched by this as it's the first time a woman has held his hand first.

Oddly enough that's where our episode ends. No giant cliffhanger this time.

My thoughts:
-So glad that Soo Chul survived. It's going to be hard watching him go through therapy, but I think I'll be okay seeing that knee-weakening smile of his.  It's really hard not to be team Soo Chul, but with an ex-wife and kid and the fact that he was moving, it kind of disqualifies him according to the unofficial kdrama rules.

-Just as rare as a female friendship in a Kdrama is, a good real friendship between a guy and a girl in a Kdrama is almost equally as rare. So the friendship between Hye Jung and Soo Chul is incredibly moving. The love that they have for each other and the way they've cared for each other all these years is truly beautiful.

-Some of the surgery scenes gross me out. Do they really want to show us a brain being dissected, because I don't have any innate desire to see it.

-Hye Jung's dad is irritating me all over again. It'd be one thing if he sincerely apologized for how he treated her. Or if he had looked for her earlier in life. But the fact that he wants to be part of her life now that she's successful and wants to pretend that he never treated her awfully, is really upsetting.

-So after this episode, I have to say my ship is Yoon Do- Hye Jung. Although I honestly believe that in the end she will end up with Ji Hong. I feel like her relationship with Ji Hong seems almost manic. They're either super serious or super goofy with no touch to realty.  It seems like a good recipe for disaster. I can't ignore the fact that they both really like each other which tells me they'll end up together, I feel like Yoon Do is just a better fit for Hye Jung. I think his honesty and upright way of doing things combined with the fact that he can be humorous as well is a good fit for the fact that she's a little rough around the edges. I can't quite put my finger on it completely, but they just feel right for one another. Oh well, what can I do? I'm not a Kdrama writer.

-Seo Woo is so basic. She's petty and boring so much so that I really don't even like talking about her.

So I actually don't have any other thoughts on this episode but I'll be back next week with lost more thoughts to come. Until then check out my Doctor Crush homepage here. And don't be a stranger, be a friend!

Doctor Crush Episode 7 Recap

Hello friends and future friends! Hope you all had a fantastic week. Isn't it wonderful that Doctor Crush episodes air right at the beginning of the week? There's no better way to start the week in my opinion. Sorry that I'm posting this a day later than normal, but here it is without further ado. Episode 7 reveals all sorts of chaos going on. Let's recap.

When episode 6 ended, Ji Hong and Hye Jung had just shared an impossible awkward kiss.  Well, that may have something to do with the fact that Hye Jung reveals in an soliloquy that she intended to turn away, to run away from the kiss. So Hye Jung is a little startled after the kiss, but Ji Hong tells her that she doesn't have to do anything. He changed his mind, he'll come to her. She doesn't outright encourage him, but she doesn't seem to hate it either.

Back at the hospital, Yoon Do knows that he's not in any position to comfort Seo Woo after the death of the restaurant ahjumma, especially considering she was his patient too. Before he leaves, Seo Woo asks him not to like anyone else for 6 months if he can't like her. He tells her it's too late and she immediately knows he's talking about Hye Jung, to which he admits. She asks why he likes her and he responds by telling her you don't get to decide who you like.

Young Kook, Seo Woo's doctor friend, comes to take over comforting. They got to Soon Hee's cafe for drinks. It turns out Soo Chul is still delivering there, but still hasn't acknowledged that he knows Soon Hee. Well, Seo Woo is a few drinks in so she approaches him and asks if he remembers who she is. She tells him Hye Jung is a doctor now. He thinks she's looking down on him for being a delivery guy and gets angry and leaves.

In response to finding out that he's agreed to do her step-mom's surgery, Hye Jung texts Yoon Do a simple 'thank you', which does not satisfy him. He approaches her and she tells him that while she is grateful, she's not that grateful because the reason she wanted him to take over the surgery was that she doesn't care if her step-mom gets better, which was a low point for her as a doctor. While they're talking someone rushes by them in the hallway and Hye Jung pulls Yoon Do out of the way, in the fashion in which a guy typically does that for a girl in a Kdrama. He's a bit flabbergastered.

Hye Jung, Ji Hong, and Yoon Do's flirty uncle all meet to go over Grandma's case file which contains little to no information.  Everything is basic facts, which have been written so there is no detection of whether there was an error or not. They realize the only way to find out if something went wrong is from the anesthesia results, which are only going to be located at the satellite hospital where the surgery took place.  Ji Hong offers to get them for Hye Jung, but she tells him that from there she will take over and get the files.

Yoon Do meets with Hye Jung's step-mom and in his typical fashion is cold to her, but she finds out that she'll be able to get the surgery done in a couple days though it usually takes 6 months to get accomplished. Hye Jung's sister asks cutie doctor, Kang Soo, for Hye Jung's phone number because their dad wants to meet with her.

Ji Hong is going to be doing an important surgery and Hye Jung is excited to be part of it. But then Seo Woo finds out and is jealous. Ji Hong, Yoon Do, Seo Woo, and Hye Jung all have a meeting where they discuss the pairings. Seo Woo and Yoon Do both say they want to switch, but Hye Jung and Ji Hong want to leave things the way they are. ultimately they decide that they can switch back and forth on a case by case basis but both Seo woo and Hye Jung will assist on the important surgery.

Later Soo Chul shows up again at Soon Hee's again and reveals he got fired because he got really drunk after seeing everybody and getting upset at how well they were doing. He says he really didn't recognize Soon Hee at first because she had gotten so pretty.

Soo Chul shows up at the hospital and Young Kook sees that he's looking for Hye Jung and decides to try to shield her from him, but because he's acting weird she tells him to move. When she see Soo Chul she immediately smiles and he smiles at winks at her *Sigh*.  They greet each other with a secret handshake that shows, while they make not have worked out romantically they ended on good terms.  Both Ji Hong and Yoon Do see this reaction and are jealous.They talk for a bit where he reveals that he's about to move. He was married and had a son, but got divorced. He's about to move to be closer to his son. Hye Jung reminisces about how cool he looked on his motorcycle.

Hye Jung gets a call from her father and meets up with him at his request. He gives the location where Grandma is now located as he moved her to someplace nicer when their contract at the old place expired. He seems to want to reconcile with Hye Jung, but she's having none of it.  And honestly, I don't blame her. Do you remember how awfully he treated her in the first episode?

Yoon Do asks Hye Jung out to eat, but she tells him she doesn't think they're that close. Seo Woo laughs at him for getting rejected, but he seems undeterred. Hye Jung's younger sister approaches her saying she's really glad she has a sister, but Hye Jung essentially tells her she doesn't want anything to do with their family. Harsh.

The next day Soo Chul and Hye Jung meet up to eat together one last time before he moves and he brings his motorcycle. They head toward her work to eat in her cafeteria, he on his motorcycle and she in her car behind him. They're driving and she's enjoying looking at her friend that she loves and his playfulness when Ji Hong calls her.  She's on the phone with him when she sees Soo Chul get hit by a car and his body goes flying through the air. She freezes up and starts crying as we hear her thoughts about everyone that she love dying.

And that, unfortunately, is where our episode ends.

My thoughts on the matter:
- After information provided by Hye Jung on her thoughts previous to the kiss, I'm going to completely defend this kiss from Park Shin Hye's perspective. Hye Jung's had no experience with boys by her admission and so in all fairness, I believe Park Shin Hye was correct to play that kiss scene that way. Why would she be a good kisser? Why wouldn't she look surprised? If anything, Ji Hong's character should have been better at kissing. Why aren't male actors ever criticized on their kissing skills?

-I can't adequately express my frustration at the fact that Seo Woo had the nerve to tell Yoon Do he couldn't like anyone else for 6 months. To start with he never ever lead her on or gave her any impression that he liked her at all. She has been having this one-sided romance in her mind with him and the fact that she would even think she had a right to say that to him is disgusting to me.

-Conversely, I love that Yoon Do is quick to admit his feelings about Hye Jung. I love how open he is. At first he seemed cold, but really he's not cold at all. A person who is cold cannot admit they were wrong and be completely open about their thoughts and feelings like he is. I am truly growing to admire him a great deal.

-I think Hye Jung should have showed Yoon Do a little more gratitude for doing her step-mom's surgery. Regardless of whether she cares if the step-mom gets better (after all, she has a right to hate the woman), Yoon Do was doing the surgery because she didn't want to do it. He was doing it for her. Based on that fact alone, she should have been grateful and it was a tad bit petty of her to treat him indifferently regarding the matter.

-The scene where Hye Jung sees Soo Chul and smiles and then he winks at her and smiles back- I almost lost it.  It was so unbelievably adorable that you can truly feel how much these two care for each other and love each other as friends. I'm not even disappointed that a line seems to be drawn that takes him out of the running for romantic interest, because their friendship is so perfect. It makes me wish we had gotten to see some glimpses of the way their friendship developed because it feels so real that I wouldn't be surprised if they were best friends in real life.

-I'm liking that we're seeing more of Young Kook. At first I was disinterested in him, but he actually seems like he's very fair in his opinions of people. Even though he's Seo Woo's friend, he doesn't outright believe Hye Jung is evil and even tries to shield her when he thinks Soo Chul might be a threat.

-Seriously, Hye Jung's dad must have some memory issues. Did he forget how truly he treated Hye Jung? That he told her their relationship was over and that he didn't want to see her again? Then he acts like the reverse happened. He abandoned her and now that she's made herself into a successful, happy person he wants back into her life. For real?

-Regarding Hye Jung's sister, she was too harsh. The way things went down between Hye Jung and her parents isn't her fault.  Why couldn't Hye Jung have a relationship with just her. I feel bad for the poor girl. She clearly wants to be involved in her older sister's life, but Hye Jung is having none of it.

-When I saw Soo Chul on his motorcycle in the final scene, it just felt so ominous. I sat there cringing, waiting for him to get hit and then he did :(  I was surprised at how heartbroken Hye Jung was, although I shouldn't have been. You could completely empathize with her pain because you felt how close they were. Ugh, I'm reliving those feels right now.

Well that wraps up my thoughts for Episode 7. Stay tuned for my episode 8 recap to be out pretty quickly. If you haven't been following along, you can catch up with all my Doctor Crush related posts here on my Doctor Crush homepage. Until next time, embrace the Kdrama, friends!

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