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Doctor Crush Episode 7 Recap

Hello friends and future friends! Hope you all had a fantastic week. Isn't it wonderful that Doctor Crush episodes air right at the beginning of the week? There's no better way to start the week in my opinion. Sorry that I'm posting this a day later than normal, but here it is without further ado. Episode 7 reveals all sorts of chaos going on. Let's recap.

When episode 6 ended, Ji Hong and Hye Jung had just shared an impossible awkward kiss.  Well, that may have something to do with the fact that Hye Jung reveals in an soliloquy that she intended to turn away, to run away from the kiss. So Hye Jung is a little startled after the kiss, but Ji Hong tells her that she doesn't have to do anything. He changed his mind, he'll come to her. She doesn't outright encourage him, but she doesn't seem to hate it either.

Back at the hospital, Yoon Do knows that he's not in any position to comfort Seo Woo after the death of the restaurant ahjumma, especially considering she was his patient too. Before he leaves, Seo Woo asks him not to like anyone else for 6 months if he can't like her. He tells her it's too late and she immediately knows he's talking about Hye Jung, to which he admits. She asks why he likes her and he responds by telling her you don't get to decide who you like.

Young Kook, Seo Woo's doctor friend, comes to take over comforting. They got to Soon Hee's cafe for drinks. It turns out Soo Chul is still delivering there, but still hasn't acknowledged that he knows Soon Hee. Well, Seo Woo is a few drinks in so she approaches him and asks if he remembers who she is. She tells him Hye Jung is a doctor now. He thinks she's looking down on him for being a delivery guy and gets angry and leaves.

In response to finding out that he's agreed to do her step-mom's surgery, Hye Jung texts Yoon Do a simple 'thank you', which does not satisfy him. He approaches her and she tells him that while she is grateful, she's not that grateful because the reason she wanted him to take over the surgery was that she doesn't care if her step-mom gets better, which was a low point for her as a doctor. While they're talking someone rushes by them in the hallway and Hye Jung pulls Yoon Do out of the way, in the fashion in which a guy typically does that for a girl in a Kdrama. He's a bit flabbergastered.

Hye Jung, Ji Hong, and Yoon Do's flirty uncle all meet to go over Grandma's case file which contains little to no information.  Everything is basic facts, which have been written so there is no detection of whether there was an error or not. They realize the only way to find out if something went wrong is from the anesthesia results, which are only going to be located at the satellite hospital where the surgery took place.  Ji Hong offers to get them for Hye Jung, but she tells him that from there she will take over and get the files.

Yoon Do meets with Hye Jung's step-mom and in his typical fashion is cold to her, but she finds out that she'll be able to get the surgery done in a couple days though it usually takes 6 months to get accomplished. Hye Jung's sister asks cutie doctor, Kang Soo, for Hye Jung's phone number because their dad wants to meet with her.

Ji Hong is going to be doing an important surgery and Hye Jung is excited to be part of it. But then Seo Woo finds out and is jealous. Ji Hong, Yoon Do, Seo Woo, and Hye Jung all have a meeting where they discuss the pairings. Seo Woo and Yoon Do both say they want to switch, but Hye Jung and Ji Hong want to leave things the way they are. ultimately they decide that they can switch back and forth on a case by case basis but both Seo woo and Hye Jung will assist on the important surgery.

Later Soo Chul shows up again at Soon Hee's again and reveals he got fired because he got really drunk after seeing everybody and getting upset at how well they were doing. He says he really didn't recognize Soon Hee at first because she had gotten so pretty.

Soo Chul shows up at the hospital and Young Kook sees that he's looking for Hye Jung and decides to try to shield her from him, but because he's acting weird she tells him to move. When she see Soo Chul she immediately smiles and he smiles at winks at her *Sigh*.  They greet each other with a secret handshake that shows, while they make not have worked out romantically they ended on good terms.  Both Ji Hong and Yoon Do see this reaction and are jealous.They talk for a bit where he reveals that he's about to move. He was married and had a son, but got divorced. He's about to move to be closer to his son. Hye Jung reminisces about how cool he looked on his motorcycle.

Hye Jung gets a call from her father and meets up with him at his request. He gives the location where Grandma is now located as he moved her to someplace nicer when their contract at the old place expired. He seems to want to reconcile with Hye Jung, but she's having none of it.  And honestly, I don't blame her. Do you remember how awfully he treated her in the first episode?

Yoon Do asks Hye Jung out to eat, but she tells him she doesn't think they're that close. Seo Woo laughs at him for getting rejected, but he seems undeterred. Hye Jung's younger sister approaches her saying she's really glad she has a sister, but Hye Jung essentially tells her she doesn't want anything to do with their family. Harsh.

The next day Soo Chul and Hye Jung meet up to eat together one last time before he moves and he brings his motorcycle. They head toward her work to eat in her cafeteria, he on his motorcycle and she in her car behind him. They're driving and she's enjoying looking at her friend that she loves and his playfulness when Ji Hong calls her.  She's on the phone with him when she sees Soo Chul get hit by a car and his body goes flying through the air. She freezes up and starts crying as we hear her thoughts about everyone that she love dying.

And that, unfortunately, is where our episode ends.

My thoughts on the matter:
- After information provided by Hye Jung on her thoughts previous to the kiss, I'm going to completely defend this kiss from Park Shin Hye's perspective. Hye Jung's had no experience with boys by her admission and so in all fairness, I believe Park Shin Hye was correct to play that kiss scene that way. Why would she be a good kisser? Why wouldn't she look surprised? If anything, Ji Hong's character should have been better at kissing. Why aren't male actors ever criticized on their kissing skills?

-I can't adequately express my frustration at the fact that Seo Woo had the nerve to tell Yoon Do he couldn't like anyone else for 6 months. To start with he never ever lead her on or gave her any impression that he liked her at all. She has been having this one-sided romance in her mind with him and the fact that she would even think she had a right to say that to him is disgusting to me.

-Conversely, I love that Yoon Do is quick to admit his feelings about Hye Jung. I love how open he is. At first he seemed cold, but really he's not cold at all. A person who is cold cannot admit they were wrong and be completely open about their thoughts and feelings like he is. I am truly growing to admire him a great deal.

-I think Hye Jung should have showed Yoon Do a little more gratitude for doing her step-mom's surgery. Regardless of whether she cares if the step-mom gets better (after all, she has a right to hate the woman), Yoon Do was doing the surgery because she didn't want to do it. He was doing it for her. Based on that fact alone, she should have been grateful and it was a tad bit petty of her to treat him indifferently regarding the matter.

-The scene where Hye Jung sees Soo Chul and smiles and then he winks at her and smiles back- I almost lost it.  It was so unbelievably adorable that you can truly feel how much these two care for each other and love each other as friends. I'm not even disappointed that a line seems to be drawn that takes him out of the running for romantic interest, because their friendship is so perfect. It makes me wish we had gotten to see some glimpses of the way their friendship developed because it feels so real that I wouldn't be surprised if they were best friends in real life.

-I'm liking that we're seeing more of Young Kook. At first I was disinterested in him, but he actually seems like he's very fair in his opinions of people. Even though he's Seo Woo's friend, he doesn't outright believe Hye Jung is evil and even tries to shield her when he thinks Soo Chul might be a threat.

-Seriously, Hye Jung's dad must have some memory issues. Did he forget how truly he treated Hye Jung? That he told her their relationship was over and that he didn't want to see her again? Then he acts like the reverse happened. He abandoned her and now that she's made herself into a successful, happy person he wants back into her life. For real?

-Regarding Hye Jung's sister, she was too harsh. The way things went down between Hye Jung and her parents isn't her fault.  Why couldn't Hye Jung have a relationship with just her. I feel bad for the poor girl. She clearly wants to be involved in her older sister's life, but Hye Jung is having none of it.

-When I saw Soo Chul on his motorcycle in the final scene, it just felt so ominous. I sat there cringing, waiting for him to get hit and then he did :(  I was surprised at how heartbroken Hye Jung was, although I shouldn't have been. You could completely empathize with her pain because you felt how close they were. Ugh, I'm reliving those feels right now.

Well that wraps up my thoughts for Episode 7. Stay tuned for my episode 8 recap to be out pretty quickly. If you haven't been following along, you can catch up with all my Doctor Crush related posts here on my Doctor Crush homepage. Until next time, embrace the Kdrama, friends!

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