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Day 19 - Favorite Kiss : Goong

Day 19 of the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge
Favorite Kiss
Chae Young and Prince Shin from Goong

Okay, so I'm going to try to resume where I left off with the 31 Day Kdrama Challenge. You've got to finish what you start, right? I can guarantee I won't be posting these every day, but I will when I can. So today I'll resumer with my Favorite Kdrama Kiss. When you first start watching Kdramas, one of the first things you notice is the kissing or lack thereof.  For the most part, Kdrama kisses are used sparingly and when they do occur they often are little more than two pair of lips gently touching. However, the way they build the chemistry between those two characters and the way they create the tension makes even two lips barely touching seem like the most romantic thing in the world. So how much more romantic is it when a Kdrama delivers a genuine real passionate kiss? Infinitely! While these types of kisses are the four-leaf clovers of Kdrama kisses, when you find them it makes them all the more memorable.  So how to choose a favorite?  The kiss I chose as my favorite kiss I chose because I remember being completely shocked by it and having to rewatch it multiple times because I thought it was so great. The kiss I chose is the first (real) kiss we see between Chae Young and Prince Shin on Goong portrayed by Yoon Eun Hye and Ju Ji Hoon respectively.

Let me just start by saying that in my opinion Eun Hye is the queen of Kdrama kisses. Many of the best Kdrama kisses come from her including the infamous cola kiss from Lie To Me and the great kisses from Coffee Prince.  If you haven't seen the cola kiss from Lie To Me you should go watch it on Youtube right away or just watch the drama because it's a pretty good one. The cola kiss came in as a close second for me, but ultimately I chose the one from Goong because of some plot elements in Lie to Me that occur after the kiss that affected my emotions and the fact that the Goong kiss is just so unexpected.

So for a little bit of context to what's going on in the drama before the kiss. Chae Young and Shin were part of an arranged marriage. Yes in the fictional realm of this drama forced child marriages are fine and dandy. Well okay they're high schoolers and they both agree to it, but it's still a bit sketchy in my book. Chae Young does it so that her family doesn't have to financially struggle any longer and Shin does it because he's trying to be a dutiful son, although he doesn't have any intention of treating Chae Young like an actual wife. Chae Young is full of spunk and goes in with a good attitude. She brings a lot of smiles and laughter to a dried up palace and eventually develops feelings for the prince. He treats her relatively coldly, especially considering that she knows he's still in love with another woman and he still meets with the bimbo. 

You begin to wonder if Chae Young will spend her whole life as a lonely, scorned wife. Even though it's clear that Shin has begun to develop feelings for her as well, he still has his cool exterior. Then all of a sudden, Chae Young is talking to him and goes to walk away. He grabs her arm and pulls her into what becomes an equally sweet and passionate kiss.  It's not just a peck, neither shies away. Even though they're young, their deep feelings for one another are immediately obvious and a kiss with some heat behind it is perfectly appropriate considering they're already married.  This is a kiss you root for because if their relationship didn't work out, it wasn't as simple as breaking up. They were married, their families were invested, their country was invested, and I was invested darnnit! So in this drama a kiss like this, that really sealed their passion for one another, was much needed and much appreciated by me.

Who else loved this kiss? Any other great kisses that you had to rewind and watch again?


  1. What i like about this is the confession that leads to the "kiss". i ship this couple so hard, my all time favourite OTP :)

    1. Yes, they have fantastic chemistry! I love this OTP as well-it's such a great drama all around.

  2. Came here for the CA4K meme you made.. Then saw this... Kya! Going is my all time favorite... Like I think every year I'm reaching it over over again... Hahaha like your memes BTW :) thanks for allowing me to save and post it to my heart's content. Hahaha

    1. It is soooo good. I've actually never a manga, but I just found the Goong Mangas on Amazon a few days ago and ordered the first two volumes. I'm so anxious for them to arrive!

      Thank you! And thanks for liking my memes :) Haha. Yes, please, save and post and use them however you like really. Sharing is caring. Lol


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