Tuesday, November 22, 2016

19 Thoughts I had While Rewatching the First Episode of Boys over Flowers

Like so many of my fellow Kdrama lovers, I was introduced to the Kdrama world through Boys Over Flowers via Netflix(whose selection of Kdramas lately is looking rather dim, I must say). It has a bit of a strange place in my heart as I'm equal parts embarrassed for how the drama affected me and thankful for finding it and bringing me into the Kdrama world. Recently, I have had a lot of requests to meme Boys over Flowers and so I decided to rewatch it, if at just the first episode and record some of my thoughts. It has been over 5 years since I first watched this drama, so I thought time might provide a fun perspective. Without further ado...

1) Oh boy, Kdrama quality has really improved since 2009. I feel like I"m watching a high-quality YouTube video from 5 years ago or a soap opera.

2) I think the problem with this school is that the majority of the students are jerks and they are just using the F4 as an excuse to bully. They'd still bullies even if the F4 didn't have them do their bidding.

3) I always loved how Jan Di is wearing Doc Marten boots. She's got great taste in footwear for a scholarship kid.

4) Jan Di is kinda judgmental. I mean she hates the F4 before she even meets them. Can't she tell that the rest of the students are just as bad?

5) Jun Pyo's evil mom is actually SUPER pretty. I guess I always envisioned her as ugly because her personality is so ugly.

6) I would go insane living with Jan Di's family. They're so annoying-but at least they love her.

7) I think Jan Di has some anger issues.

8) One thing that's sticking out as far as beauty changes in Kdramas since then is that everyone looks a lot tanner than they do these days and also they are wearing a lot more makeup-blush especially. I think that in a Kdrama today, a character like Jan Di wouldn't wear any make-up.

9) Jan Di, how did you end up in the middle of the woods while looking for the swimming pool? It's an indoor pool, girl!

10) I understand that fashion trends change over time, but I will never understand Ji Hoo's butt ugly haircut in the first episode.

11) Why does Ji Hoo even stay friends with Jun Pyo? He is so clearly over all the petty crap and pranks and bullying and he just stands there rolling his eyes the whole time.

12) If the school has so much money, why don't the colors in their blazers and skirts match? Or even coordinate? That's really bothering me.

13) Kim Bum's smile is one of the most perfect things on the planet.

14) They keep hinting at the song 'Almost Paradise' with little riffs here and there and I don't appreciate the teasing. That's practically my favorite part of Boys over Flowers.

15) I never realized it before, but it seems almost like Ji Hoo wants Jan Di to put a stop to all Jun Pyo's foolishness. It's clear he's sick of it himself, but I guess he doesn't think he has what it takes to stop Jun Pyo unlike Jan Di.

16) I'm sorry, but Jan Di is not the brightest. She chased a text book on a string all the way out into the hallway. I mean, 5th graders don't even fall for that.

17) Yi Jung and Woo Bin have no problem laughing at Jun Pyo which shows they have less maliciousness than him. They just think everything is a game and they probably think of Jun Pyo as a spoiled baby.

18) There's no way Jan Di is a real swimmer. She has immense difficulty getting out of the pool on her own...and we all know what happens to her later (more than once I might add).

19) Uh-oh, I think I might have to rewatch the whole drama now

Well, there you have it friends- my genuine, honest, non-manufactured thoughts while re-watching the first episode of this classic.Let me know what you thought and what your reactions were while watching these scenes or what they are looking back on them now. Maybe my comments helped spark some of the thoughts you first had when you watched. Either way, I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving holiday (for my U.S. friends, that is) and embrace the Kdrama, friends!

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The Legend of the Blue Sea First Feels

Because I initially was not planning on watching The Legend of the Blue Sea, I thought this might be a good drama to write a review for. I like to choose dramas that I'm not already positively biased toward when I start watching. This drama has been highly anticipated because it features Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun and involves mermaids. What more could you ask for, right? Well since I'm not particularly partial to either of them (I don't hate them either so don't get me wrong) I decided I'd make time for other dramas but because I try to keep an open mind and got sooo many requests to meme it I decided to watch at least the first two episodes. 

After watching the first couple of episodes it feels like I should...give it a chance, but prepare for some tears.

A quick summary for those who haven't watched it or are unfamiliar with the plot. Jun Ji Hyun plays a mermaid whose name we don't yet. She and Lee Min Ho have some sort of human/mermaid encounter in the past during the Joseon era where he saves her, but we don't know much about that yet. What we do know is that she's literally a fish out of water when she washes up ashore in Spain and suddenly has legs. There she encounters Lee Min Ho's modern-day character, Joon Jae, who is con man and initially tries to take a very valuable Joseon-era bracelet from her after realizing she's a bit "special" and cannot speak. But after spending more time with her, and realizing that not only can she speak but she's also very resourceful, begins to grow affection for her.

Thoughts: I was bored the first episode and thought that my instinct not to watch the drama was spot on, but due to my devotion and after some encouragement from some Kdrama friends (which is always the best motivator), I watched the second episode and was pleasantly surprised that the pace picked up. I was highly amused by how the mermaid loved Kdramas-I mean who can't relate to that. It is a bit cheesy and Jun Ji Hyun's physical humor is a bit over the top for my tastes, but at this point it isn't annoying enough to stop me from watching it. Both of them look fantastic, I must say and I believe this is the oldest actress I've ever seen play the leading mermaid- so kudos to Ji Hyun for that. The drama leaves us with some hints that there is some tragedy in store for our leads. Similar, to My Love From Another Star there is something very melancholy about the drama's vibe.

I hope this drama continues to build on the plot that it has going and that it doesn't lose the fantastic pacing it has now set. I'm watching it tenaciously, unsure of how I'll feel about it as it continues but I'm only hoping for good things from here on out.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The K2 Episodes 15-16 Memes

I'm working up on finishing those few shows that I only have a handful of episodes left in time for Goblin to start in a couple weeks. I just finished the K2 and here are my final memes. A few final thoughts on this drama for those that didn't watch it and are considering. I think it's definitely worth your time. There's a lot of intrigue and action going on. It starts off strong, slows down a little in the middle, and picks up again at the end. I was never bored and I usually am with action. There are some cute moments, but in my opinion it wasn't heavy romance-based. It questions your ideas of "good" and "evil" and even has you feeling sympathy for the bad guys and trying to figure out whose side you really are on. There's not a super happy ending, but I wasn't disappointed in the way it ended either and it definitely had me feeling the whole range of dramas. In case you've missed my other memes from the K2, you can find them all here.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Jealousy Incarnate, Shopping King Louie, and Flower Boy Next Door Memes

Hi friends, I've been trying to give a little more variety in my memes lately so what has occurred is a hodgepodge of memes from different dramas. I'm posting some now. I should get back to doing a drama regularly when Goblin comes out at the beginning of next month. I've watched the first episode of Legend of the Blue Sea and I'll watch the first few and keep doing that one if I end up liking it too. Anywhere, here are the memes I've created lately :)

Jealousy Incarnate

Shopping King Louie


Flower Boy Next Door

Monday, November 7, 2016

The K2 Episodes 5-14 Memes

Hello friends! I've been busy catching up on my dramas this weekend and finally caught up on K2. It's a hard drama to meme because it's so serious, but here were all the memes I managed to create from episodes 5-14. You can check out all my K2 memes on the drama mainpage here.  I plan to be coming at you with a fresh new drama to simulcast as soon as Goblin is out in a couple weeks. Hope you'll follow along and watch it with me.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Scarlet Heart Finale Memes (Episodes 19-20)

 Hi friends! Scarlet Heart is over and although it tore me up inside I'm going to miss it. Here's my final meme post for this drama, but don't worry I'll be back with more memes soon. You can catch up with all my Scarlet Hearts here.

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