Sunday, November 20, 2016

The K2 Episodes 15-16 Memes

I'm working up on finishing those few shows that I only have a handful of episodes left in time for Goblin to start in a couple weeks. I just finished the K2 and here are my final memes. A few final thoughts on this drama for those that didn't watch it and are considering. I think it's definitely worth your time. There's a lot of intrigue and action going on. It starts off strong, slows down a little in the middle, and picks up again at the end. I was never bored and I usually am with action. There are some cute moments, but in my opinion it wasn't heavy romance-based. It questions your ideas of "good" and "evil" and even has you feeling sympathy for the bad guys and trying to figure out whose side you really are on. There's not a super happy ending, but I wasn't disappointed in the way it ended either and it definitely had me feeling the whole range of dramas. In case you've missed my other memes from the K2, you can find them all here.

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