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Goblin: Episodes 1-2 Recap

Hey friends! It's been awhile since I've done consistent posts, hasn't it? Well good news is that I'm bringing back recaps and this time it'll be for Goblin which premiered it's first episode yesterday and second today. I'll do a quick recap for you as well as some memes and you can let me know what you think so far if you've seen it. You can keep up to date with all the Goblin related items I'll be posting on my Goblin homepage here.

Episode 1

In the beginning of the drama, there is is a lot of time jumping so it's a bit hard to follow. We start briefly 19 years ago and introduced to a bright young woman. We then hop back to 1968 in Paris where we meet a mysterious supernatural with the power to help humans played by Gong Yoo. Then we go way way back to the Goryeo period (We've been there recently, haven't we ;) ) where we learn his backstory. He was a fierce and respected warrior that was considered a god by other soldiers, but who earned the envy of a jealous king. Although he killed many enemies for the kingdom, the king ended up killing many of his loved ones and innocent people before making him die himself.  Because there were so many people who adored and respected him, the gods decided to bring him back but because he had also killed so many people on the battlefield, his punishment was that he would come back as a Goblin and would have to live until he met the one woman, the Goblin's bride, who could see the sword that had pierced (and killed) him and remove it.

We now move forward in time again to 1998 and are introduced to another supernatural, a grim reaper/god of death played by Lee Dong Wook. The Goblin has also returned to Korea after a stint away where he meets up with the ancestors of his loyalest followers from the Goryeo period. Their family has maintained their relationship with him and assisted him all this time.

The Goblin is sitting outside enjoying a beer when he hears the cries of a woman who has been the victim of a hit and run and is lying in the snow dying. She is pregnant and she begs anyone to save her. He shows up and she begs him to save the baby that she is carrying. It looks as though she has died, but the Goblin revives her. Minutes later the Grim Reaper shows up, but she's already gone and now he has unfinished business as he was supposed to collect both the mother and the unnamed child.

9 years later and both the mother and the child, now named Eun Tak and played by Kim Go Eun, seem to be living happily although the child sees spirits. It's her birthday and she goes home to blow out the candles on her cake with her mom but then she realizes the mom that is there and that she's talking to is really her mom's spirit and that her mom died. We get the sense that her mom knew it was coming. Likely the Grim Reaper caught up with her. He also finds Eun Tak and seems to want to take her, but the strange old neighbor lady shows up and tells him to leave...and then he does.

One more time jump now to where our story takes place. Eun Tak is now a high school Senior and it's her 19th birthday. She lives with her aunt and cousins who of course pretty much hate her. She sneaks off with a birthday cake to celebrate her birthday by herself. Although she swore she'd never make a wish on her birthay candles again, because they never come true, she is desperate this year and wishes for a job, that her family would leave her alone, and for a boyfriend.  Just then the Goblin shows up and asks her why she summoned him. She says she didn't and believe him to be a ghost.

They part ways and meanwhile, it looks like the Goblin will have to move on again as he can't stay in one country too long without being notice since he's immortal. His follower's descendant Duk Wa, played by Yook Sung Jae, who considers the Goblin an uncle, ending up renting out the Goblin's house to no one other than the Grim Reaper, to try to earn him money. Because Duk Wa signed a contract with the Grim Reaper, the Goblin can't kick him out because he knows something bad will happen to Duk Wa if he does. So now the Grim Reaper and the Goblin are unwilling roommates.

Eun Tak ends up summoning the Goblin again and using her deductive reasoning figures out that he is a goblin although he denies it. She tells him that she is the Goblin's bride, or at least that's what ghosts have been telling her all his life and shows him an odd-shaped birthmark on her shoulder as evidence. He seems like he believes what she's saying could be true, but realizes it's not when she doesn't have the ability to see the sword. He goes to leave and uses his powers to make the door into a portal to Canada. Eun Tak follows through the door after him and ends up in Canada as well. He's shocked as shes shouldn't have been able to follow through with him.

Episode 2

She's obvioulsy excited to be in Canada. He lets her do a little exploring with him and then tells her to wait as he goes to visit the graves of his follower's descendants that are buried there that he lost over the years. He sits there and mourns, making it obviously how painful it's been for him to lose so many people that he loves. They go back home and she ends up figuring out how she summoned him- by blowing out a candle/match and summons him a few more times. The Goblin realizes not even the Grim Reaper can follow him through portals so there really is something special about Eun Tak. He gets curious about her and ends up going to her without being summoned. She's mad because she still hasn't gotten a job or boyfriend like her promised but he tells her she has to keep putting in effort.

The next day she walks into a chicken shop run by a eccentric and pretty woman played by Yoo In Na and gets a job. Eun Tak laminates a leaf that she brought back from Canada and is planning on giving it as a gift to the Goblin. She summons him and at the same time the Grim Reaper shows up. He has been looking for her for 10 years and wants to take her, but then the Goblin shows up and stops and also reveals at the time that he is in fact a Goblin. She gets mad when he tells her again she's not he Goblin's bride and feels rejected. He ends up feeling bad and wants to go see her.

When he goes to her aunt's house the Grim Reaper is there looking for her as well. Eun Tak knew she had to move now that the Grim Reaper knows where she lives so she spends the night at the chicken shop. She learns that night from some ghosts that the Goblin saved her mom and her before she was born and that she owes her life to the Goblin. 

The next day her aunt comes looking for her at the chicken shop, but the shop owner threatens her to make her leave.  One her way home loan sharks come looking for her. She has promised them Eun Tak's mom's insurance money-which she has been put in charge of as Eun Tak's guardian. She hasn't been able to find the balance book for the checking account and believes Eun Tak has it and so that is what she tells the thugs. They show up at Eun Tak's school and kidnap her.

Eun Tak is struggling and tries to blow out one of the thugs' lighter to summon the Goblin but is unsuccessful.  The other thug is threatening her and then the birthmark on her back lights up and strange things happen. The driver stops the car because all the street lights on the back country road that they're on go out. Slowly, the shadows of two figures approach the car and as they come into the light you can see it's the Goblin and the Grim Reaper.

 I'll throw a few personal thoughts in here since the drama just started and some of you might be looking for my opinion. Personally I'm loving it so far. The beginning had a lot of story to tell so I was worried it might get a little stuck, but it didn't really even though a good chunk of the first episode took place in Goryeo.  I haven't seen Cheese In The Trap, so I didn't know what to expect from Kim Go Eun, but I love the way she portrays Eun Tak. She has just the right balance of savy and vulnerabillity. My favorite things so far is probably the Goblin/Grim Reaper Bromance.  It's hilarious and amazing and I love every second of it. I have a hard time believing the Grim Reaper as the "bad guy" I think he'll turn to Eun Tak's side before long and it'll be the three of them against the higher ups pretty soon. 

What are y'all thinking of this drama so far?

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