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Goblin Episodes 5-6 Recap

Hi friends! Goblin is my life right now. Seriously, it's so good. If you haven't been watching it, I think you really should. I'll recap this week's episodes in just a minute, but first I just want to remind you to keep an eye out for the collaboration between myself and two of my Kdrama friends for our first Chingus in Dramaland post which should be coming at you next week. Until then you can catch all my Goblin recaps on my Goblin homepage here. Without further ado, let's talk Goblin.

Episode 5

Episode 5 starts off right as the Goblin comes to realize that he's falling for Eun Tak. You can just tell that he gets a sense it's going to be trouble for him. Meanwhile, the grim reaper has re-encountered Sunny on the bridge where they met. She's irritated that he still hasn't called her, but he explains that he still does not have a phone. She suggests that they go get coffee. He agrees to this, but they have a difficult time finding conversation. But it's when Sunny asks him his name and he realizes he doesn't have one to tell her that he leaves, leaving her both confused and frustrated. Both supernatural beings, the Goblin and Grim Reaper, are dealing with human love issues that they never thought they'd have to.

The Goblin decides to have Eun Tak move into his house as she is the Goblin's bride after all. During the course of him bringing her to his home, she finally asks his name after 5 episodes and we learn that he was born Kim Shin although he's inevitably taken on many aliases over the years. The Grim Reaper is welcoming of Eun Tak moving in because he knows that she'll help the Goblin die. As she doesn't have a bed yet, she stays in Kim Shin's room and he bunks with the Grim Reaper for the night who although doesn't want to ends up putting up with it. They seriously have the best bromance.

In the morning they make her breakfast and she sets down a few rules about dealing with humans-mainly to stop threatening her with their powers and to stop appearing out of thin air and instead call her. Because neither has a phone this is challenging so they get Duk Hwa to bring and introduce them to cell phones. As neither has had one a little hilarity ensues as they try to learn how to use them.  The Grim Reaper is relieved he now has a way to contact Sunny, but the problem remains that he does not have a name to give her.

Eun Tak comes home to find that Kim Shin has had her room decorated while she was gone. She now has her own little piece of home inside of his home which is handy because she needs to start getting ready for exams as she's a high school Senior. Kim Shin keeps sending her snacks while she's studying, but along with the request that she pull his blade out now. She tells him that she has no intention to do that at present as she's got a lot on her plate with the exams. Also, she's worried that he won't want her around once the blade's out, still not knowing he's going to die once it is.

Since they're now roommates Eun Tak and the Grim Reaper try to be friendly and get to know one another. He enlists her help with trying to find a name and they try to have a conversation, but Kim Shin gets jealous. They start arguing and she brings up how he's not yet given her a boyfriend like he promised, when he blurts out that he's her boyfriend. They both are shocked at what came out of his mouth and both run away out of embarrassment.

Meanwhile Kim Shin and Duk Hwa find out about the Grim Reaper's dilemma with calling Sunny and help him take the plunge by dialing her number on his phone.  Kim Shin and Eun Tak run into each other and are both still embarrassed and it acknowledge it to each other and decide to move past it together. Kim Shin brings them to Canada again for a meal and sees a flashback of Eun Tak in 9 years time at the same place alone, getting ready to meet a man and he sheds a tear as he realizes that means he really will be dead and no longer a part of her life at that point. That's where episode 5 ends.

Episode 6

The episode starts off as the Goblin pleads with Eun Tak to take out the sword. She jokingly wonders about what he did earlier in his life to deserve getting the sword stuck into him and asks if he betrayed a king. He reveals that pretty much he did, that he was selfish and because of it a lot of people died and that's why he's been punished. But the fact that he reveals this to Eun Tak makes her feel bad for him, for the fact that she thinks he's lived his life hating himself and tells him she won't take the sword out yet.

Meanwhile, Sunny has set up a double date with the Grim Reaper and her friend. The Grim Reaper brings Duk Hwa along and both ladies are delighted by cutie Chaebol. But The Grim Reaper gets jealous and uses his powers of persuasion to send both Duk Hwa and Sunny's friend away but not before revealing the name that he chose for himself, Kim Woo Bin. It turns out Sunny was only intrigued by Duk Hwa because she knows he's her landlord. She's still very much interested in the Grim Reaper and he in her.

Once again, the Goblin and Grim Reaper bond as they mope over their girl troubles. The Goblin decides he's going to have to withdraw from Eun Tak again as he can tell she likes him and he likes her and it just makes the whole thing even harder. Eun Tak sets her sights on helping another one of her ghosts friends. This time a grandma who wants to give the winning lottery number to her children. Eun Tak helps her out via the Goblin and then finds out that once the ghosts fulfill their destinies, they pass on.

While the Grim Reaper is talking to her about her intentions to remove the blade from the Goblin, he realizes that she still doesn't know that the Goblin will really die once she does. Eun Tak tells the Goblin that she'll remove the sword for him, but now he's not ready again and keeps putting it off. We find out from the Grim Reaper, although he doesn't tell Eun Tak this, that she will have another visit from the Grim Reaper when she's 29 just like she did when she was 9 and 19.

The Goblin gives Eun Tak a few final gifts before he's ready to have the sword removed and then takes Eun Tak to the field where he was revived and given his immortal status to pull out the sword. Originally he was not going to wait until the first snow but then he makes it snow so that he has one last beautiful memory. She gets ready remove the sword, still not knowing what will happen, but whens he goes to pull the sword out, she's not able to grasp it. It slips right through her fingers. They both are confused as to why it's happening, and thinking on her feet Eun Tak determines the way to fix it is through a kiss. So without thinking she reaches onto her toes and kisses him.

That's where our episode ends. Until next week! But before then keep an eye out for our first Chingus in Dramaland post. We're excited and hope you'll tune in.

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