Saturday, December 9, 2017

I Am Not a Robot Episodes 1-4 Memes

I personally am not watching I Am Not a Robot . For some reason I've never clicked with robot stories, but Tiara says it's fantastic so far so if you like robots check out the drama :)

Black Episodes 11-14 Memes

Black is easily one of my favorite dramas this year, but it's also very dark. One of the darkest I've seen. If you don't mind dark dramas, though, I would highly recommend it.

Untouchable Episodes 1-4 Memes

Untouchable is a crime drama featuring a star-studded cast and an intriguing plot. Really enjoying it so far!

Announcing 611 - Drama Unnies

Hi friends!

I've had this news brewing for awhile. Sorry that it's taken me a minute to post about it and that I've been awful at keeping my memes up to date here.  But here is the exciting announcement I promised you last month:

Once upon a time in Dramaland in the month of June in the year of 2011, two unnies (who were then just strangers) both discovered the wonders of Kdramas on two different sides of the same country. They took different paths to lead them to their Kdrama obsessions, but before long they both found themselves ardent connoisseurs of the genre. This passion led them to look for ways to express their love for Kdramas on a broader scale. They each began slaving away over a hot keyboard blogging and making memes to share with all their fellow Kdrama lovers. One day the surpreme dramaland ruler, DramaFever, introduced the two bloggers and asked them to do a blog together. They had so much fun and worked together so well that an instant friendship was formed. Over the years the bloggers continued to blog together occasionally and cheer each other on from a distance until one day they had a brilliant idea – what if they combined their forces and created memes together? Thus a beautiful alliance and partnership blossomed. Living in LoganLand and AjaVillaBlog joined together to become 611 – named after the month and year when they both found their greatest love, Kdramas.    
So this is our fun and silly way of announcing that rather than create memes independently under our own blog names anymore we’re combining our forces and making memes together as “611”. This will help us cover more dramas and allow us to create fresher memes by challenging each other creatively and encouraging each other when we are not motivated. This will also mean more memes in general and on a regular basis. If you are familiar with both of our memes, you will know that we already have a similar style and have worked a lot together in the past so this should be a very natural partnership. We are looking forward to this new project and will hope you guys support our memes just as you did when we were making them by ourselves!

Sunday, November 12, 2017

20th Century Boy and Girl Episodes 9-10 Memes

I know I've been all over the board with my memes lately, but it's either that or don't do any at all and I'd like to at least keep some new content coming out. It was a very bad idea to try to watch so many dramas at once. I've learned my lesson. So here, randomly, are memes from episodes 9-10 of 20th Century Boy and Girl and a random black meme at the bottom. Also, if you haven't already, check out my last post about my new upcoming collaboration with Tiara.

20th Century Boy and Girl


Twice the Meme Power - New Collaboration Coming Soon

Hi guys, so you know that lately I've been struggling to keep up with my dramas and making memes. I've been creating memes for a few years now. It's my hobby, something that I love doing for fun, but I don't get paid to do it and I do have a full-time job, family/friends, and other obligations. So I was starting to get a little burnt out. What keeps me going is those of you who are so kind and give me positive feedback. If I can make someone smile even for one second, it's not worthless. My good friend (and Chingus in Dramaland partner in crime) Tiara - aka AjavillaBlog -was also feeling the same way. She's been creating memes for even longer than I have and was feeling a little burnt out. So we decided to combine our forces to give each other support and to share the responsibility instead of both of us bearing it separately.

To accomplish that, we will be combining our meme-making forces and teaming up to create and release memes together under a new name (to be announced soon). This will allow us to put out more content without getting burnt out - because making memes can be a lot of work if you're doing it by yourself. She and I have a very similar meme-making style and have been blogging together for a few years now so I'm excited - it's going to be great!All of our content will still be posted here. There will now just be more variety and regularity.

For now I'll keep posting everything the same as I have been - but look forward to seeing lots of great new stuff coming soon!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Package Episodes 5 & 6 Memes

Hey, look at this. I'm starting to get remotely caught up on memes. Lol. Okay, so just the Package, but it's a start right. Anyway, here are a few memes from this week of this delightfully hilarious drama.

Monday, October 30, 2017

The Package, 20th Century Boy and Girl, and While You Were Sleeping Memes

Hi friends - as I predicted with all the new dramas out, I have not been able to keep up with them. I'm behind on pretty much every one. Which sadly means I'm also behind on memes. It also doesn't help that my computer left this world. I had to get a new one and transfer everything over which gave me some issues and delayed my meme-making abilities. I'm kinda sad because my old computer was the one that I started making memes on. So in some ways it's the end of an era. But anyway, I'm back to about 90% capacity and have a new round of memes. I wasn't able to make as many memes for each drama as I typically am able to because my screen shot quality was suffering. But I at least made a few. It won't be as long before I'm back with more memes next time! So here are some random memes from 20th Century Boy and Girl, The Package, and While You Were Sleeping. By the way, I started Black and it is actually my favorite drama at the minute. I chose not to do memes because it's not available on any of the major sites so I knew many would not be able to watch it. But if you have the abillity - I reccomend that you absolutely do.

20th Century Boy and Girl

While You Were Sleeping

 The Package


Sunday, October 15, 2017

Revolutionary Love, The Package, and 20th Century Boy and Girl: Episodes 1-2: Memes

Hi guys, since I'm not sure which dramas I'm going to continue to meme, I've memed the first two episodes for all 4 dramas up for meming (While You Were Sleeping is the 4th). Please feel free if you have any requests for which two I continue with. Note, I won't be choosing outside of these four as I already have enough dramas on my plate right now. Anyhoo, without further ado, here are all the memes I've created from the first couple of episodes of these promising dramas. You can find a comparison I did of all four here as well.

20th Century Boy and Girl

The Package

 Revolutionary Love

New Blog - Where to Find New Memes - 611 Drama Unnies

Hi Friends! Since it's no longer just me who is creating the memes and since Tiara and I are working  together on collaborations across...