Monday, January 16, 2017

Goblin Episode 13 Recap

Hello, hello, friends! It's a beautiful day in LoganLand - although not weather-wise because I pretty much live on the tundra. Other than that, the kdrama gods are shining upon us. Goblin has been a great journey, but it is wrapping up. But never fear, more exciting things are to come. I'm joined the DramaFever Drama Club for Missing Nine-so I'm excited to get back in the saddle. We hope to have a new Chingu post up soon and I'm happy to announce that we're working on a new project- a Kdrama rewatch we like to call Relive the Drama. We're aiming to start this on 1/29 and you can look for an announcement about what drama we'll be watching to come very soon. Maybe even later today.  In the meantime, let's recap Episode 13 of Goblin since we've only got one episode this week. For those curious, next week we'll see 3 episodes total. So get ready for an emotional weekend. You can catch up with all Goblin-related posts so far here on my Goblin homepage.

Our last episode left off with both the Grim Reaper and the Goblin coming to the realization that the Grim Reaper is actually Wang Yeo. Goblin shows up to confront the reaper. The two have very different reactions. The Goblin is infuriated with this news while the Grim Reaper is devastated. Eun Tak finds out about the confrontation and the Goblin takes her and together they go to stay at the passed Chairman/Duk Hwa's house. She opts to go stay with Sunny inside, knowing that she's having a hard time. They leave the house for the reaper since they know he has nowhere else to go.

Meanwhile Joong Heon has been pestering the female reaper, who it turns out played a hand in his evil workings back in the Goryeo period. He also has been lingering around Sunny and he makes it clear that he wants to kill her again in this time period

Things in the Grim Reaper's life only get more complicated as the higher ups at his "job" find out that he's been using his powers for things unrelated to being a reaper and has been sharing information that he shouldn't have. As punishment, they force him to relive all of the memories he opted to forget when he took on the punishment. He remembers his entire life as Wang Yeo from killing Shin and Sunny, to the fact that he loved and missed Sunny every second until he died, to the shocking fact that Joong Heon was poisoning Yeo and even though he knew the tonic was poison, Yeo opted to drink it eventually taking a large enough dose to end his life immediately.

The Goblin meets up with the reaper and seems like he wants to talk, but his anger is still too strong. At the same time Joong Heon shows up while Eun Tak and Sunny are together. Eun Tak steps in front of Sunny to protect her while Joong Heon lunges. Her birthmark lights up and she passes out, but it seems both women are unharmed.

The Grim Reaper meets up with one of his reaper buddies and asks him to put Joong Heon's name on the list of the dead, so that they'll have an easier time binding him. Because he's essentially living off the grid at the moment, he's been able to evade some of the rules of death, but this should make it so they can send him on permanently. He also has been watching out for Sunny and following her around. She calls him out on it finally and he is shocked to find that he remembers her. She points out that there was a flaw in her wording-he told her to only remember the happy times and she tells him that every moment she spent with him was happy - even the sad times. Sunny knows their relationship is too complicated and asks to break up for good.

Eun Tak and the Goblin take a little trip and spend some time together. They are happy, but the Goblin has come to the realization that the only way to kill Joong Heon is with the sword that is stuck in him. He tells Eun Tak to wait and summon him and goes to confront Joong Heon. Meanwhile, the most recent death notice that the Grim Reaper had for Eun Tak changes its time and date to match that moment. Goblin confront Joong Hyun briefly and then the ghost disappears.

Joong Heon reappears where Eun Tak is waiting for the Goblin on a rooftop. She can't see him anymore as the protective powers/ghost-seeing abillities of her birthmark have worn off.  Joong Heon knew that it would eventually and was waiting for his opportunity. The Goblin calls Eun Tak and tells her to summon him, just as Joong Heon has grabbed her by the throat and is holding her over the edge of the roof. But she's able to wriggle her lighter free and summon the Goblin.

He attacks Joong Heon and Eun Tak comes to the sudden realization of why Joong Heon has been targeting her - so that he can possess her and remove the Goblin's sword himself. She tries to kill herself on the Goblin's sword, but he makes it disappear. She asks the Goblin to kill her because she doesn't want to be used that way and she was already fated to die. Before either has time to do or say anything else Joong Heon does posess her and then begins to remove the sword from the Goblin.

The Grim Reaper shows up at that same moment and now that Joong Heon is on the list of the dead, he's able to call Joong Heon and force him to leave Eun Tak's body. Eun Tak passes out and shockingly, the Goblin uses her hand to pull out his sword. She comes to just as he's removed it and is horrified. He strikes down Joong Heon with his sword. Joong Heon is disappointed that's he's finished, but still satisfied that he has caused the Goblin's death. The Grim Reaper watches and beings to cry as the Goblin tells him he can finally report his death to him.  Eun Take runs and embraces the Goblin hysterically. They tell each other they love each other before he turns into embers and drifts off into the wind. And unfortunately, that is where our exceedingly sad episode of Goblin ends this week. 

Hopefully something will happen that will bring the Goblin back-but we can only hope right? Until next week!

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