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Goblin Episodes 14-16 Recap

Thanks so much for being patient with me friends. It's been crazy, but GOT7 was amazing and my first Kpop concert was most definitely a success.  Let me try to refresh my memory and recap the last 3 episodes of Goblin and you can find all my Goblin related posts here on my Goblin homepage. For the last three episodes I"ll be summarizing them all together rather than breaking them up by episodes just because honestly I don't remember where one episode ends and the next starts.

When we last left off the Goblin had turned into ash and drifted into the wind, but we didn't think that was the last of him, did we? As he leaves he's erased from the memories of everyone that knew him and then we meet our characters again nine years in the future. Eun Tak is now a radio producer, just like she dreamed of becoming but suffers deeply with depression and doesn't understand why. The Goblin has spent all this time wandering a place between heaven and earth alone trying to find a way back to Eun Tak. She ends up still being friends with Sunny as well as the class president from high school. All three girls get together and talk about single life and even though there are ghosts who hang around Eun Tak she can't see them anymore.

She's on the roof of work on day when she blows out a candle and there appears the Goblin, in his full Goryeo getup. She doesn't remember him, but seeing him strikes something in her emotions and she allows him to embrace her before coming to reality and realizing that she doesn't know him. She leaves and the Goblin then comes across Duk Hwa and the new CEO, neither of whom remember him. However, Duk Hwa does know that he has a secret uncle and the CEO does know that if one day a man named Kim Shin comes to see him, he's to give him everything according to the previous CEO's will.

The Goblin goes to see the Grim Reaper, who it turns out does remember him along with everything else. He's been living his life by himself continuing on with his work and his lonely existence. He doesn't know why he didn't forget his memories too, but it turns out the ultimate supreme god thought it'd be too lonely for Shin if no one remembered him. The Goblin gets cleaned up and intentionally runs into Eun Tak a couple of times. She's getting creeped out but also can't deny that he's familiar to her. Finally he reveals his existence to Duk Hwa and CEO Kim and although they still don't remember him, they follow the previous CEO's instruction and the Goblin's previous life of unbelievable wealth is restored to him.

Eun Tak is finally impressed with the Goblin's efforts when he's able to get her radio show an endorsement from his company and she finds out he's the president. In fated timing, the postcard that Eun Tak sent herself from Canada 9 years ago arrives at the building Duk Hwa owns, that used to be occupied by SUnny's chicken cafe where Eun Tak was working at the time. The Goblin asks the reaper to bring it to Sunny to be delivered to Eun Tak.  He visits Sunny's cafe and keeps missing her an on his last attempt they pass each other in passing as he's leaving and while his look is clearly pained because he misses her, her look is inquisitive too.

Sunny delivers the postcard to Eun Tak, who is utterly confused because she doesn't have a passport and to the best of her knowledge has never been to Canada so she plans a trip there. When she gets there she encounters the Goblin who she's a little creeped out by, but she's still intrigued by him. He guides her around and they goes to dinner with him- at the restaurant where they ate at 9 years ago. The Goblin is tickled to see that the man he saw Eun Tak meeting with when he saw a glimpse of her future was actually him. Eun Tak later gets upset as she finds him at the cemetery near a grave with his picture along with the fact that he seems to know a lot about her. She asks him if he's Kim Shin, the name that she wrote down in her book that she must never forget and when she realizes he is she's even more confused.

Meanwhile, Sunny has tracked down the reaper's number from Duk Hwa, after finding his footage on her store's security system and saying she wanted to meet him because he's handsome. She acts as though she just wanted to meet him once out of curiosity but as she leaves we learn a tragic truth- Sunny never forgot her memories. She's remembered him and Eun Tak and the Goblin all along. It turns out the little boy that Eun Tak protected/defended near her store was either the supreme god or was possessed by him and nine years ago Sunny had told the little boy that she didn't want God messing with her life and that it was cruel to erase people's memories and so whether it was as a punishment or if he was just giving her what she asked for, he allowed her to keep her memories.

She had carried the burden and felt the loneliness the whole time. Eun Tak showed up to rent the apartment above hers a few years after the Goblin disappeared and Sunny was given the opportunity to become part of her life again, but carried the burden of memories alone as Eun Tak didn't remember their relationship or anything else. So even though both Sunny and the Grim Reaper remembered their relationship, they still couldn't be together because in this lifetime Sunny just couldn't forgive their past.

But take heart, back in Canada Eun Tak's memories have come flooding back to her. She frantically goes and searches for the Goblin. They find each other in front of the store they visited together in Canada all those years ago and share a steamy kiss. Saying they're happy to be reunited is an understatement and Eun Tak can't stop touching the Goblin, just to make sure he's real. They go back to Korea and once reunited resume their romance from nine years ago but times have changed, Eun Tak is older, and their relationship is more steamy than ever.

The Grim Reaper is happy to be reunited with Eun Tak as well and then realizes that the Grim Reaper that she was supposed to meet when she was 29 turns out to be him again and is a bit relieved. Duk Hwa once again finds out that Kim Shin is a Goblin and Wang Yeo is a Grim Reaper and once again is not surprised since they're both so bad at hiding it around him. Eun Tak is happy to see Sunny again, now that she's regained her memories and is grateful that they were able to have a relationship despite her memory loss. Although Sunny pretends to not know why Eun Tak is acting that way. As a side note, Eun Tak begins to see ghosts again.

Kim Shin and Eun Tak decide to make their relationship as official as they can- they're getting married. But before they have the opportunity, Sunny writes a farewell letter to Eun Tak and disappears telling her to be happy. Eun Tak realizes that she remembered everything and the Goblin explains it's because she couldn't forgive Wang Yeo that she decides to not see him again in this lifetime. The Grim Reaper and Sunny meet up on their bridge one last time to say goodbye. I can't really say much about it other than the fact that it's really sad.

The Grim Reaper meets up with the female reaper who in their past life had been feeding him the poison. He tells her to forgive herself and that the reason that they were punished and made into Grim Reapers was because they took their own life. God gave had them become grim reapers mostly so they could see how valuable life is and why it was wrong of them to take their own.

Eun Tak's aunt has been visiting her, but it turns out that she's just a ghost and Eun Tak's ghost eonni who has been hanging out since the beginning take her aunt with her and she leaves the world for good finally. Eun Tak asks the Grim Reaper if she's still in danger of being taken, but he tells her that her fate has changed and give her a beautiful bouquet for her wedding.

She and the Goblin get married in a ceremony with just the two of them in the buckwheat field where they went nine years before. They come home and celebrate with their loved ones - CEO Kim, Duk Hwa, and of course the Grim Reaper.

The next day and Grim Reaper and another reaper are sad to see that they are going to have to collect a schoolbus full of children. As they're waiting, Eun Tak drives by and waves at the reaper. Their death cards suddenly change and the one reaper is trying to figure out why. The Grim Reaper starts explaining that people's fates can change when suddenly he realizes what's going to happen. A human sacrifice is the one thing that even God can't account for since it's the human's choice to make and he instinctively knows it's going to be Eun Tak who sacrifices herself.

Sure enough, Eun Tak sees a truck rolling down a hill that's about to barrel into a bus full of school children, she realizes that if she pulls her car forward it'll hit her and save them. She's on the phone with the Goblin at the time. She's terrified, but she does it and the Goblin has to listen as it happens. The Grim Reaper arrives just after she's sacrificed herself and watches on tearfully. He greets her and brings her back to his tea house. The Goblin shows up at the tea shop and they share a horrible and tearful goodbye. The Grim Reaper has told her it's her first life, so tells the Goblin she'll come find him in her next life and to wait and she turns down the tea that will wipe her memory.

30 years have passed and the Grim Reaper has his final assignment before being allowed to pass on. It turns out to be no other than Sunny. Though she would an old woman, she appears in the Tea House young again. They both hope that they can meet up again in another life. The Goblins shows up outside the window and waves to them and then together Sunny and the Grim Reaper climb the stairs toward heaven together. The Grim Reaper is once again all alone.

Flash forward another 30 years in the future and both the Sunny and The Grim Reaper have been reincarnated and retained their old faces. She's an actress and he's a detective consulting on a movie she's filming and they start bickering, but the sparks are still there and they're in love once more. He kisses her and it's their "first official day together" after all this time.

The Goblin has moved himself back to Canada and as he's there strolling, he encounters a once again high-school aged Eun Tak at his cemetery. She speaks a simple "found you" as they stare at each other longingly and that's where our drama ends for good.

What a crazy ride Goblin has been friends. I'm glad you took this journey with  me!

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