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Missing Nine Episodes 1-4 Recap

Hey friends! So I know that I posted the memes already for episodes 1&2 of Missing Nine, but it didn't feel right to recap episodes 3&4 but not 1&2 so I'm going to try for a quick recap of all four. We'll see how well I do on the quick part. The story is told going back and forth between the past and reality, so I may switch up the plot a bit just to make it easier to recap. As always you can follow along with all my Missing Nine posts here on the homepage.

Episode 1
Okay, so Missing Nine starts out by introducing us to a girl washed up on shore. We find out that she's the only found survivor so far from a plane crash carrying a group of celebrities. Meet Bong Hee. It was the first day of her first real job on her first overseas trip. She got hired as a stylist to a temperamental Joon Oh, a has-been celebrity who has hit the bottom after causing his group to split up after a number of public outbursts.  He isn't exactly kind to Bong Hee at first as he throws a fit because his agency has booked him to do a show catching octopuses in the mud, which he really doesn't want to do. He's going to fire Bong Hee, but thinks twice and takes compassion on her when he realizes how devastated she is.

So Joon Oh, Bong Hee, and Joon Oh's manager, Ki Jung board the plane along with several other important figure from the entertainment company including: the CEO & his secretary; Tae Ho- a former member of Joon Oh's band who is now the most successful and has a grudge against Joon Ho; Ji Ah- a sexy and provocative actress who is secretly dating Tae Ho; Yeol- another member of Joon Oh's band who is innocent and kind-hearted; and So-Hee a cold singer/actress who loathes Joon Oh from a past incident. There are other people aboard the plane but our story focuses on these nine.

During the flight they encounter horrible turbulence and end up crashing somewhere over the ocean. As they crash, the celebrities from the entertainment agency have flashbacks to an incident in the past where Jae Hyun, a songwriter they were all friends with, expressed he was having a difficult time and that he wanted to do. Joon Ah told him that to die then and later her jumped off a building and landed on a car in front of all of them. Most of them still blame Joon Oh for his death, but that event is the last thing most of them are thinking about before they crash.

Episode 2

We already know that Bong Hee survives this ordeal as we're seeing her remember in flashbacks in the future. An investigation team is formed to try to figure out what happened to everyone else. Bong Hee doesn't remember only that she feels strong emotions towards it and the public is dying to know what's gong on.

After the plane crashes, Bong Hee emerges in the water and also sees Joon Oh underwater, who she pulls to shore. The two don't see anyone else around. Bong Hee sets to work trying to see where they are only to find out they are on a deserted island. At first it's just the two of them as she tries to convince the temperamental Joon Oh to conserve resources and to work on getting the two of them rescued. Bong Hee catches fish, builds a lean-to, and does pretty much everything. She has hopes of being rescued as they see signs that people have been on the island before, but found no corpses. For a week they continue like this until they think they hear something in the woods one night.

There they find Yeol who has a broken arm and is in a lot of pain. They bring them back to their camp and help him get food and water. When he comes to he shares his hopelessness at the fact that he did find the corpse of the person who had wound up at the island first and thought he was completely alone. This dampens Bong Hee's spirits a bit. But while they're talking they see a light in the distance and go to find the source. While running, Bong Hee falls in a mud pit and starts to sink. Joon Oh comes to her rescue and fishes her out.

At the source of the light, they find Ji Ah who is hysterical. Ji Ah isn't alone, but has been with So Hee who has been hysterical since the crash and has already tried to kill herself. In present day, we find out that there is a prosecutor who has been investigating the crash and trying to figure out what happen. He's lead to a body that was found from among the missing nine and it turns out to be So Hee's body- his sister's. What's more is that we find out that they think that So Hee was murdered. Someone on the island killed her. He's more determined than ever to find out what happened. Also, while doing a check up on Bong Hee in the present, the doctor announces that there is no medical reason why Bong Hee shouldn't remember and it's suggested that she's just pretending not to know what happened.

Episode 3

At the beach camp we now have Bong Hee, Joon Oh, Yeol, Ji Ah, and So Hee. However, elsewhere on the island Manager Ki Joon, the CEO, and his secretary have all survived together. They are trying to decide whether it's worth trying to find the others when they happen upon Tae Ho who has also survived.

So Hee's mental state is still pretty bad. We found out that she saw someone being murdered in the woods, although we don't really know the full details yet. She tries to drown herself in the ocean and everyone jumps into the water to rescue her. Unfortunately, Ji Ah's leg gets cut and won't stop bleeding. Joon Oh reveals she's sick and it's not going to start bleeding on its own. Yeol remembers a plant his grandma once used to stop a cut that he had and so he, Bong Hee, and Joon off go to find this plant to save Ji Ah and leave So Hee to watch after her.

Manger Ki Jung realizes that he has Ji Ah's medicine and set off to try to find her, believing that she's alive and knowing she'll need her medicine if she is. The CEO, secretary, and Tae Ho also go in search of the others somewhat reluctantly. Trouble seems to strike everywhere at once. It starts to rain and storm heavily. They split up an Yeol falls into a bit and is unconscious. Joon Oh steps on a landmine and has Bong Hee go off without him. The CEO's secretary gets bit by what they think is a poisonous snake.  Bong Hee encounters both the secretary and CEO right after she has found the plant she was looking for. Together, they go back to the camp.

Things look bad at the beach. So Hee took some supplies and took off and the lean to is about to collapse on Ji Ah. Ki Joon happens upon Joon Oh while wandering through the woods. He starts to help him with the landmine fiasco and tells him it's an old mine and there's a 70% chance it won't explode, but when Joon Oh realizes he has Ji Ah's medicines, tells him to go find her on the beach. The lean to starts to collapse, but then Soon Hee is there to stop it in the knick of time. The CEO, his secretary, and Bong Hee show up just then. Bong Hee applies the plant to Ji Ah's wound and by this time they've realized the snake that bit the secretary was not poisonous. Ki Joon shows up and gives Ji Ah her medicine and takes over nursing her.

Episode 4

Bong Hee feels horrible about leaving Joon Ah in the woods and immediately goes to find him, but in doing so startles him and he falls of the landmine. Luckily it does not detonate. She cries, feeling guilty for leaving him and he hugs her to comfort her. In the distance, they hear the shouting of Yeol who awakened and is stuck in the pit. They help him out and go back to camp.

Once they're all rested and recover, they have a debate about what to do next. Joon Oh wants to go into the woods believing that since they've seen evidence of human life in the past, there's likely shelter. Tae Oh believes they should stay on the beach as it's their best chance of getting rescued. Ultimately they take a vote and opt for the woods. We also learn that it was Tae Ho that So Hee witnessed killing a man in the woods so she's especially weary of him.

There they find an old shelter that has half deteriorated and make it a kind of home. Bong Hee finds a suitcase on the beach and some floating in the water nearby. Her and Joon Oh go and fetch them all so they now how clothes to wear and some other essential belongings-even some ramen. They awake however, to find that some of the supplies have been taken. There's someone watching them.

Tae Ho and Bong Hee take the first watch over the supplies that night. And they hear someone breaking into their supply area.  Tae Ho chases after and catches the man who reveals that he knows of a lifeboat and way off the island. They just need to have four people total and that's why he's watching them. Not everyone can be saved, but some of them can. Tae Ho is intrigued by this and says he'll find the two other people to leave with.

Back in the present day, Bong Hee underwent hypnosis to try to find out who killed So Hee and she reveals a shocking fact- she did. We see a glimpse of the two of them having an argument on top of a cliff and So Hee falling. The investigative leader finds out and has to make a decision whether So Hee will be a hero or villain and that's where we're left at the end of Episode 4.

 Pretty intense so far, right? Hope you'll keep watching with me.

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