Monday, February 27, 2017

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Episodes 1 & 2 Memes

So I just watched the first two episodes of Strong Woman Do Bong Soon and I'm already obsessed. This is the type of drama that I've been waiting for for awhile. It has great leads, a wonderful perfect second male lead (okay, we already know I'm so biased towards Jisoo), a supernatural element, mystery, comedy, and a creepy kinda serial killer- the perfect combination for a captivating drama. Seriously, it's perfect to me so far but the drama is young. Anyway, I intent to see and meme this one through. Here are some memes that I created for the first week of this rookie drama. You can follow along and find all my Strong Woman memes and other related posts on my my Strong Woman homepage here.

Boys over Flowers Episodes 5-6 Memes

 Swinging into our third week of the Boys over Flower rewatch. This week we see the love triangle get really sticky as Jun Pyo makes his feelings more clear than ever, Jan Di might be starting to develop them as well but she's also got leftover feelings for Ji Hoo who makes his return and has decided that he's now interested in Jan Di. Oh boy, are things messy this week.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hwarang Episodes 17-20 Memes

Hwarang is now over. It didn't hit those same deep feels that Scarlet Heart did, not even close if I'm being honest but it was a light, fun drama to watch with some great chemistry and fun characters. Here are the last of my memes, bringing us through the finale of the drama.s

Monday, February 20, 2017

Boys Over Flowers Episodes 1-4 Memes

If you haven't heard, Chingus in Dramaland is rewatching Boys Over Flowers and celebrating with a special Drama Club on DramaFever devoted to it (which you can find here).  And of course, I've created way more memes than we use in the posts. Here all all the memes I've made so far, dealing with just the first four episodes. Follow along on DramaFever and stay tuned for more memes to come following the whole series.

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