Monday, June 26, 2017

Suspicious Partner (Love in Trouble) Episodes 21-24 Memes

 Loving this drama so much right now! The kdrama gods are shining upon us all! Find all my Suspicious Partner related memes here.

The Best Hit Episodes 13-16 Memes

This drama is messing with my mind and heart...but I don't mind it so much because I'm really enjoying it at the same time. Here are my memes for the week. You can find all The Best Hit posts here.


The Best Hit Episode 9-12 Memes

 Sorry, I'm a little behind in posting these. I won't be doing any more QuickCaps since I've already given you a taste of the dramas, but as always I'll keep posting memes. Find all The Best Hit posts here.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Best Hit Episodes 5-8 Quick Cap

With a second week of The Best Hit under our belts I decided to do another quick cap just to briefly give a little more insight into this drama. I'll try to keep it mostly spoiler-free but that gets harder and harder as the weeks go on.

Plot rundown:
This week, Hyun Jae managed to weasel his way into living with Ji Hoon, Woo Seung, and Drill by faking amnesia.  They didn't want to get in trouble for hitting them with their car so they're letting him stay until he gets his memories back.

 Ji Hoon and Drill have a big audition at their company, Woo Seung takes her civil servant examination and Hyun Jae tries to figure out what happened to him. None of them receive the best results. The same goes for Bo Hee, Hyun Jae's old girlfriend/ Ji Hoon's mom. She's trying to resurrect her career but is failing at it.

Meanwhile, Hyun Jae's old CEO, his old partner, Bo Hee, and his old manager all manage to catch glimpses of him and are pretty much all convinced that they have seen a literal ghost or are going insane - hilarity ensues.

 Hyun Jae finds out that the songs he wrote in the 90s were stolen and are being released by a current artist, MJ. He's not happy.

  • There are so many hilarious scenes that I can't even remember them all.

  • We get to see an amazing rap performance by Ji Hoon. 
  • Unique plot 

  • Foreboding romantic lovelines - heartbreak is certain

  • Humor is borderline over the top/variety-showesque. But so far, the hilarity of most of the scenes outweighs the outlandishness. 

Have you been watching? What do you think so far?

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Suspicious Partner(Love in Trouble) Episodes 17- 20 Memes

  We're about halfway through this drama and man am I loving it. The characters have such great chemistry, the story is fun, and the side characters are hilarious and build up the drama so much. If you're not watching it, you might want to consider. In the meantime - MEMES!


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