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The Bride of the Water God: First Feels

It's been awhile since I've done a First Feels. For those who may be new to my blog or my first feels posts, a first feels post is where I stop to give my opinion on a drama after watching the first couple of episodes. This way I don't have the entire context of the drama to spoil it, but at the same time I'm far enough into the drama to get a feel for it.

The reason I chose to do a First Feels for The Bride of the Water God was because I knew I couldn't commit to watching the whole drama if it isn't good, (especially when there are several other dramas that I am juggling right now) but I know many others will be watching and asking me if I'm doing the same. To be honest, the trailers and promotions for this drama haven't really pulled me in. But to say that I gave it a shot and to give my insight, I watched the first two episodes which aired yesterday and tonight and give you my opinion on the drama so far.

After watching the first two episodes it feels like I should...Put it on the far back burner

A quick summary for those who don't know the plot. Habaek is a water god who's pretty important and up to be king. He has to go to earth to arrange some sort of deal with these godly stones, but something goes wrong and when he arrives he finds that he no longer has his powers. So he's unable to use his powers to inform the woman who's supposed to be his servant, So Ah, of her nature and obligations. As a psychiatrist at a clinic that's about to go under financially, So Ah, has problems of her own to deal with and if dealing with mentally ill people at work wasn't enough she now has a man following her around claiming that she's his servant and he's a water god. But maybe he isn't all bad. And maybe she can be of some help to him after all.

Spoiler-Free Thoughts: I hate to say it, but I was bored a lot of the time during the first two episodes. And when I wasn't bored I was often rolling my eyes or cringing. The scenes that took place in the land of the gods were so cheesy that it seemed like I was watching old school Power Rangers. The dialogue was not as fresh as I'd hope and parts of it felt very forced. It was like they were trying to make the drama epic and hilarious when it really isn't - at least not yet. And neither of those things can be forced. Now, there were a few funny scenes, I will admit that. Also, I just did not feel any chemistry between the leads. Another complaint is that a few of the dramatic scenes, I felt no emotion from. I didn't buy them one bit and that just left me feeling awkward about the characters interactions in those moments.

This drama could turn it around and I hope for the sake of all the money invested and the fantastic cast that something happens to change the tone of the drama right around. I never truly give up on a drama until the 3rd episode, but I'm not sure I'll be able to make myself get that far if I'm being honest. All the comparisons this drama has had to Goblin and one thing I can say is that out of the gate, this is no Goblin. If you have seen the first two episodes and want to know more about the whys I liked it and some of the parts I did like, you can see below for my Spoiler-laden thoughts. Warning, these are pretty much the uncensored thoughts I had while watching these episodes in the order I had them.

***Spoiler-Filled Thoughts***
-If this drama is going to be about gods, you've got to compare it to Goblin and when it comes to OSTs, so far Goblin wins by a landslide.

-The cameo by YDG was unexpected and made me very happy to see.

-Whales are my least favorite thing on this planet. But flying whales - straight up traumatizing.

-Nam Joo Hyuk is just so pretty, though, isn't he?

-Why does he have to have a mullet? Is that really necessary? Is that really what the kids are considering fashion these days. It's so painful for me to see that.

-The fact that  Soo Ri finds him a blow-up castle as a house. That's so amazing. I really want one.

-I love the line about if money is what you need because money is happiness, then what you really need is happiness. That's actually pretty deep.

-Why on earth would you let a mentally ill stranger kiss you like that? And let's be real, she kissed back. It doesn't matter how pretty you are, if someone that crazy tried to kiss me, I would have none of it.

-Of course she's got a trauma with water since he's a water god. This is a kdrama after all, isn't it? Lol.

-I was really touched when So Ah slowed down to walk with the grandpa across the street but act like that wasn't what she was doing. I thought it was an awesome scene, until they made it weird by having both Habaek and the CEO try to hold it against her as evidence of her character. It was a cool thing to do, but not such an amazing thing that it warranted being brought up twice in the plot as proof she was pretty much saint-like.

-The CEO seems genuinely kind-hearted and I like Lim Ju Hwan as an actor, but I'm just not buying him as a CEO for some reason.

-The ending scene of episode 2 where So Ah has a breakdown after seeing her patient jump in the water - that was cringe city for me. I don't know if it was the writing, acting, directing or what but it was over the top and not believable at all to me. Especially when it's this super dramatic scene and there is Habaek holding a friggin' drumstick and then asking her to hold it. Um...really?

So there you have it. I hope that some of you have enjoyed the drama, even if I was just a teensy bit bored. Lol. Let me know what you think. Anything that you noticed about the first two episodes that is worth mentioning to those that haven't watched that I didn't mention?


  1. Hi! I have watched the two episodes and here is my opinion, with no spoiler alerts. I feel that the lead, playing the Water God, and his servant, are comfortable in their roles. The rest are not. And not even sure at this point why they HAVE a CEO and what that has to do with the actual story line at this time....I guess they are still building the background? Also the girl and her fear of water, was more believable than the rest of her role thus far.......she seems either rushed or nervous most of the time?? Is that how she is supposed to be? I guess just gotta let it take its course, but hopefully the mainstory line, about him seeking and finding.....will all work out? Just a few of my thoughts on it....

    1. I think you make a good point that Habaek and Soo Ri's scenes seem to have most continuity. They actually feel like they're starring in the same drama. Lol. The rest of the characters kind of seem like a hodge-podge of characters all from different dramas that have been dropped into the same one. The same goes for the CEO. But I agree, I hope things work out for this drama. I mean, no one wants a drama to be boring.


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