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October Drama Premiere Showdown - While You Were Sleeping, 20th Century Boy and Girl, The Package, & Revolutionary Love

Hi friends - it's taken me a little longer to get my posts out this week, because I decided I wanted to watch several of the new releases that came out this week and see which are good. Instead of doing a separate first feels for "While You Were Sleeping" which is on its 3rd week, I'm going to include it in this rundown as well. There are actually several more dramas than this that are out, but they are a little harder to find and honestly the thought of watching any more was a little too daunting. Out of the four I've listed below I'll probably only continue to do memes for 2 even if I watch all four. Please let me know which two you'd like me to continue to do memes for - I will definitely take it into considerations. I've posted all the memes I've made for the new dramas here. Also, this blog is completely spoiler- free!

The four dramas I will be looking at are:
While You Were Sleeping - 20th Century Boy and Girl - The Package - Revolutionary Love

The Contenders (in order of premiere date):

While You Were Sleeping - Premiered 9/27

What's It About?
I've aleady talked a little about this drama and I think most are familiar. Suzy plays Nam Hong Joo who has long had her dreams come true and was never able to do anything to change them until she meets Jung Jae Chan played by Lee Jong Suk who suddenly starts to dream about her. Together, they realize that if they work together they have the ability to change the future and prevent the horrible things from their dreams from coming true.

What's Good About It?
It has an exceptionally unique plot. The drama is beautifully written and equally beautifully shot.

What I Don't Like.
This is just my personal preference -while the drama has some significant differences to the writer's previous dramas (Pinocchio, I Can Year Your Heart), there are a lot of similarities. A major one being Lee Jong Suk as the leading man. He's great, but it almost seems like the female leads and his chemistry with them are interchangeable. Also, the careers and certain plot elements are very similar. So even though it's unique, there is something about this drama that just makes me feel like I've already seen in.  

Where Can You Watch It?
This drama is currently on Viki and can be accessed without the Viki Plus Pass. 

20th Century Boy and Girl - Premiered 10/9

What's It About?
This was originally going to be called "No Sex & The City" playing off of the American "Sex & The City" - it focuses on 3 friends who are now in their mid-thirties and still single and the difficulties in their careers and love life. The main focal point though is on Sa Jin Jin played by Han Ye Seul and Gong Ji Won played by Kim Ji Suk. They were lovebirds when they were young and have been reunited again through a series of circumstances

What's Good About It?
I really like the back story between the two leads so far and their briefly showed chemistry. It's enough to make me want to keep watching it above everything else. I've long wanted to see Kim Ji Suk in as a male lead and so far he's playing it fantastically. He's sweet and someone you want to root for the female lead to be with.

What I Didn't Like.
It is a little slow-going. It completely has a "Sex & The City" - which at first felt a little too dated for my tastes. Also, they show a lot of backstory clips, which annoyed me a lot at first, but I grew to enjoy it by the end of Episode 2 because it gave me context for the characters and the relationships.

Where Can You Watch It?
This drama is currently on Viki, but you need Viki's Plus Pass to access the current episodes. 

The Package - Premiered 10/13

What's It About?
Welcome back Jung Yong Hwa to the drama scene with his first romantic lead role in awhile. He plays San Ma Ru, a naive but seemingly upright tourist who takes a trip to Paris alone (for reasons that become known shortly). He is introduced to tour guide Yoon So So, played by Lee Yeon Hee, who is struggling to follow her dreams of bigger things by working as a tour guide to Koreans in Paris to pay the bills. The story follows the tour group and the various characters in it.

What Good About It?
It's refreshing. It takes place in Paris so far so it's a nice change of scene from most kdramas. I like a lot of the actors who are part of the tour group and you can tell that they are going to play off of each other really well and become a family throughout this drama. Seeing Jung Yong Hwa playing a goofy, soft character is also a refreshing alternative to his cold, suave characters. It's not afraid to touch racy topics (sex shops, affairs, etc) and is really funny.

What I didn't like.
At this point - honestly nothing. The things I didn't like initially ironed themselves out for me by the end of the second episodes.

Where Can You Watch It?
You can watch The Package on DramaFever

 Revolutionary Love  - Premiered  10/14

What's It About?
Our dear Siwon is back from the military and rewards us for patiently waiting for him with his first lead role (in my kdrama lifetime anyway). He plays naive but spoiled chaebol Hyuk who comes across hard-working ambitious Joon played by Kang Sora. He sees how she works hard and what some would consider lowly jobs without sacrificing her pride. For him it's love at first sight. For her, she just sees another person who uses money instead of a conscience. 

What's Good About It?
Siwon continues to prove that he a walking meme king. His facial expressions are unparalleled and he is just hilarious. His character is really sweet and you can tell he, Kang Sora, and Gong Myung (the second male lead) are going to play off of each other really well. The plot isn't incredibly unique but this is a case where the cast chemistry and the comedy will make up for that.

What I Didn't Like.
Looking back the plot is a tiny bit cliche. It didn't bother me when I was watching it but now that I'm thinking I can't really point out anything unique about it.

Where Can You Watch It?
You can watch Revolutionary love on DramaFever.

My Rankings -Most to Least Enjoyable

#1 -The Package - I'll definitely keep watching! This is the one I'm most looking forward to seeing more episodes of. Glad I gave it a chance, because I almost decided to postpone it to when I finished this current drama cycle. It just felt really refreshing - in some ways it felt more like a movie but in all the best ways and none of the bad ones. 

#2- Revolutionary Love - Of course I'll keep watching! Although the plot isn't quite blowing my mind, I can't deny that I was laughing - hard - during most of this drama and that it is important. I just enjoy seeing Siwon's face so much and I know when he goes into character development mode, it's going to be irresistibly swoon-worthy.

#3 - While You Were Sleeping - How could I not keep watching? I know it's going to be an unpopular opinion not putting this at #1, but I acknowledge this one is my personal feelings. If you are interested in watching it, please don't be deterred - it really is an amazing drama. I really do enjoy, it just doesn't seem to amaze me in the same way it does others.

#4 -20th Century Boy & Girl - Will continue to give it a try. By no means does this mean I didn't like the drama. I'm actually looking forward to what the drama holds and what is going to happen to these characters, but I can also tell that this is a niche drama for me, like a comfort food - and I know this drama likely wouldn't do it for everyone. That's why I put it last. In reality it's probably closer to #2 or 3 for me personally. But if you don't mind a drama that is calm and story-driven, give it a shot.



  1. Revolutionary Love, is Premium access only, so unless its unlocked after the first three episodes, its for ones who have the premium service, or you can probably watch it on another kdrama site, or viki!

    1. Actually Revolutionary Love will not be on Viki while it is currently airing - DramaFever is the only site that has the license for it, although I'm sure others will stream it illegally.

  2. Hooray for THE PACKAGE! Glad you like it. I agree that it's like a movie. And Yonghwa is killing it with the comedy. More memes please!


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