Monday, October 30, 2017

The Package, 20th Century Boy and Girl, and While You Were Sleeping Memes

Hi friends - as I predicted with all the new dramas out, I have not been able to keep up with them. I'm behind on pretty much every one. Which sadly means I'm also behind on memes. It also doesn't help that my computer left this world. I had to get a new one and transfer everything over which gave me some issues and delayed my meme-making abilities. I'm kinda sad because my old computer was the one that I started making memes on. So in some ways it's the end of an era. But anyway, I'm back to about 90% capacity and have a new round of memes. I wasn't able to make as many memes for each drama as I typically am able to because my screen shot quality was suffering. But I at least made a few. It won't be as long before I'm back with more memes next time! So here are some random memes from 20th Century Boy and Girl, The Package, and While You Were Sleeping. By the way, I started Black and it is actually my favorite drama at the minute. I chose not to do memes because it's not available on any of the major sites so I knew many would not be able to watch it. But if you have the abillity - I reccomend that you absolutely do.

20th Century Boy and Girl

While You Were Sleeping

 The Package


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