31 Day Kdrama Challenge

 Hi friends! I saw this challenge going around and I decided to take it myself. Each day I'll post a meme corresponding to each challenge and link it to this page. Feel free to join me!

Day 1: First kdrama
Day 2: Favorite kdrama
Day 3: A kdrama you recently finished
Day 4: Best female lead
Day 5: Best male lead
Day 6: Best female villain/antagonist
Day 7: Best male villain/antagonist
Day 8: Favorite secondary character
Day 9: Favorite minor character
Day 10: Favorite sismance
Day 11: Favorite bromance
Day 12: Best mom/female parental figure
Day 13: Best dad/male parental figure
Day 14: Worst parental figure(s)
Day 15: Favorite lead couple
Day 16: Favorite secondary couple
Day 17: Favorite love triangle
Day 18: Favorite love confession/proposal
Day 19: Favorite kiss
Day 20: Favorite WHAM moment
Day 21: Favorite “…did that seriously just happen?” moment
Day 22: Character death you still can’t get over
Day 23: Favorite argument
Day 24: An actress you’ve become a fan of recently
Day 25: An actor you’ve become a fan of recently
Day 26: A character trope/archetype that you love
Day 27: A character trope/archetype that you hate
Day 28: A plot device that you love
Day 29: A plot device that you hate
Day 30: A drama that exceeded your expectations
Day 31: A drama that failed to live up to its potential

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