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All of my reviews, recaps, and posts that focus on a specific drama can be found here and are broken down specific to the drama. Some dramas I've juts done one or two posts and other I've done a series of posts on. The ones where I recap every episode have been denoted *Recaps* and each episode can be found under the link.

Regarding the memes I create and post on the blog, please feel free to share them. I only ask that you leave any tag in tact. I love to sharing these with you and would love to continue to do so.

Memes and More
While You Were Sleeping *Memes*
Strongest Deliveryman *Memes* & Reviews
School 2017 *Memes* & Drama Diagnosis
The Best Hit *Memes*
Suspicious Partner (Love in Trouble): *Memes* & Drama Diagnosis
My Secret Romance * Memes*
Strong Woman Do Bong Soon *Memes
Missing Nine *Recaps w/ Memes*
Goblin *Recaps w/ Memes*
Cinderella and Four Knights *Memes*
Scarlet Heart *Memes*
Doctor Crush *Recaps w/ Memes*
Entertainer *Recaps w/ Memes*
Moorim School *Recap w/ Memes*  
Cheer Up *Recaps w/ Memes*
She Was Pretty *Recaps w/ Memes*
The Time That I Loved You, 7000 Days *Recaps w/ Memes*
My Unfortunate Boyfriend *Recaps w/ Memes*
Producer *Recaps w/ Memes*
Boys Over Flowers *Memes* & Reviews

Thoughts & Reviews
Sensory Couple:
First Feels
Drama Diagnosis

Jeju Island Gatsby:
First Feels
Drama Diagnosis

Orange Marmalade:
First Feels
Drama Diagnosis

The Scholar Who Walks The Night:
First Feels 
Drama Diagnosis

Shopping King Louie
First Feels

Legend of the Blue Sea
First Feels

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