Chingus In Dramaland

Chingus in Dramaland is special collaboration between myself and two of my favorite drama chingus Tiara (Aja Villa Blog) and June (The June Guide). We met while participating in drama clubs for DramaFever. We have so much fun talking about Kdramas together and have so many things to talk about and that's how the idea was formed for Chingus in Dramaland- an independent blog that would give us the opportunity to talk about whatever dramas we wanted in whatever format we wanted to and be able to share it with our followers and other Kdrama lovers. 

Episodes 1-6: Goblins, Grim Reapers, and Lost Souls, Oh My
Episodes 7-10: Life just got a whole lot more complicated 
Episodes 11-13: Embrace the Emotions 
Episodes 14-16: The Beginning of Goblin Withdrawal

Relive the Drama
Boys over Flowers
Episodes 1-2: Welcome to K-dramas
Episodes 3-4: Friends, Foes, and F4 
Episodes 5-6: Don't Break the Guy Code!
Episodes 7-8: The F4 Olympics

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