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  1. Hi there Logan...
    I am Shiny and I was introduced to Kdrama world by my college mate last feb ... and the whole year turned out to be a hell of a rollercoster !! Sugar coating or to say, k Drama coating things to the extant that I have lost track of the reality.
    I tend to relate everything and anything to Kdrama.
    But my roots to fantasy and dramas ages back to anime... I was hardly a 3rd grader... when my friends watched Miffy and Friends.. I watched like Detectives, Science fics , and so on...
    (Okay so where am I heading with my ranting ???)
    Lets get back !!
    SO basically I have lost the game of life to K drama !!
    I recently completed Scarlet heart !! I am heart broken, with the Capital H !!! I Dont know why? I seriously wasnt prepared for it....It was the first with the sad ending..(Signal cant come under sad ending right?)
    I usually watch One drama at a time and only the completed ones...

    But then I could hardly wait for The legend of the blue sea to end... I was a huge My love from another star and Jun Ji Hyun fan I couldnt wait any longer for legend of the blue sea to become a completed drama... ( I have to blame my little brother... he started watching it and threatened to leak the story to me ...I am totally against knowing anything regarding a drama before watching it.... I dont even see the casting (Except for the leads.. :-P)) So in order to save humanity and my sanity I started to watch it with its last week airing ( promising myself with one epi per day). But then the very first day i ended up watching 4 epis... So... I went on doing my "what will i do if i finished it too fast and have to wait for the last epis and they dont give the dubs ?" (Dramafever isnt available for my region) ...
    So I decided to watch another drama for the time being ... And unfortunately It was Scarlet heart !!!
    Man was it a bad decision? I was left with a running nose and a bleeding heart !!!
    And when i went back to Legend of the blue sea... I had forgotten its charm.... So pissed of two sided !!!
    OH my... Its my first interaction with u and its sooo big !!
    Yes.. yes... I almost forgot .. So heartbroken me... browsing for memes and thus I ended up in such a wonderful blog !! The Scarlet heart memes are spot on !!! LOved it !!
    Read ur watching Legend of the blue sea too.. I am currently only in the 14th epi.. ( was sick for a week.. and heartbroken remember? " I dont know why did i ever think I would have to wait for the last epi" ) ....

    And I am slowly getting a hang of Kpop... EXO is my fav.. I love monster... then BTS just one day .. blood and sweat.
    And ya I am SOOO IN LOVE WITH Dalvichi Forgetting you and Epick High's Can u hear my voice... These two OST's made me cry more !!! Heartbreaking ....
    Okay so let me stop now !! hope u dont run away !!!
    I am there in tumblr....with the name.. Chinchakoreanfan !!

    Would love to interact further...


  2. Hi Shiny,
    It's hard not to relate everything back to Kdramas once you discover how wonderful they are. Scarlet Heart was super heart-breaking. I did start Legend of the Blue Sea, but only got about 4 episodes in because of all the other dramas I've been watching and everything else going on in my life. I'll catch up eventually :)

    I love EXO too and Epik High. My other favorites are BIGBANG (ultimate favorite), IKON, Zion.t, EXID, and Blackpink just to name a few.

    I'll follow you on Tumblr, although I warn you I'm not on it as much as my Instagram. But feel free to message me or chat with me whenever you like :)


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