The List

A Current List of Every K-Drama I've Seen

Maybe you're a fellow Kdrama enthusiastic and you're thinking "Hmm, I wonder if Logan has seen Coffee Prince?" Well you don't have to wonder any longer.  I got a little bored and decided for the purposes of connecting with my extended Kdrama family and to give credit to my Kdrama knowledge that I would compile a list of all the dramas I've seen in their entirety as well as the ones I'm currently watching (which I will continue to update).  So if you've just had a drama binge and you need someone to talk to about the show or you want to recommend a drama to me that you're not sure if I've seen you can check the list to find out if I've watched it or not. Any drama that I have reviewed or recapped (or am currently recapping) I have linked so you can click any linked title and get my thoughts on it. So without further ado here is the list in alphabetical order.

Here are the shows that I'm currently watching:
  • Chief Kim
  • King of High School Savy

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